Why Women Kill S02E04 Script (致命女人第二季第四集中英对照剧本台词):

标题:”Scene of the Crime”–犯罪现场

1–Previously on Why Women Kill… 《致命女人》前情提要

2–We tell the neighbors that Mrs. Yost went away. 我们可以告诉邻居约斯特太太出门了

3–Or better still, 更好的是…

4–we could arrange for some of them to see her leave. 我们可以安排其中一些人看到她离开

5–They’ll start to look for her, 他们会开始寻找她

6–miles and miles away from our front yard. 在远离我们家前院的地方

7–He put a codicil in his will他在遗嘱里加了一条

8–saying that if I would embarrass him说如果我找一个他不认可的对象

9–with any men he didn’t approve of, 再让他难堪的话

10–he would disinherit me. 他就剥夺我的继承权

11–She’d be disinherited if she was caught in a compromising position. 如果她被发现保持不洁关系 就会失去继承权

12–You’re asking me to screw her? 你是要我跟她上床

13— So, that’s her? – Well, you got your answer. -就是她吗 -你已经找到答案了

14— Now, let’s go. – Wait. -我们走吧 -等等

15–God, I am so stupid. 天呐 我太傻了

16–I’m his lover. 我是他的情人

17–You cheated on me with that? 你出轨的对象竟然是她吗

18–You deserve each other. 婊子配狗 天长地久

19–It’s over. 我们结束了

20–We have an opening for a new member. 我们有一个新成员的位置空缺

21–I nominate Alma Fillcot. 我提名艾尔玛·菲尔科特

22–She is very, very nice. 她人特别好

23–From the moment the phone rang,从电话响起的那一刻起

24–Alma Fillcot knew she was in trouble. 艾尔玛·菲尔科特就知道她有麻烦了

25–As every housewife knows,因为每个家庭主妇都深知

26–good news… 早上9点前打来的电话

27–never calls before 9:00. 绝不会有好消息

28— Hello? – Thank God you’re home. -喂 -谢天谢地你在家

29–It’s Grace. I… 我是格蕾丝 我…

30–I called you ten times yesterday. 我昨天给你打了好多次电话

31–I was out of town. 我出门了

32–What’s wrong? 怎么了

33–Oh, nothing much. 没什么

34–Except you’re about to be ambushed. 只是你即将遭遇伏击

35–Ambushed? 伏击

36–As you know, I have been campaigning for you如你所知 我一直在为你争取

37–to get the open spot in the Garden Club. But… 园艺俱乐部的空缺的席位 但是…

38–well, Rita Castillo is not convinced that you’ll be a, um… 丽塔·卡斯蒂罗认为你

39–a good fit. 不合适

40–Oh, she… she’s not? 她是这么想的吗

41–I begged her to give you a chance. 我求她给你一次机会

42–So, she’s decided to drop by your home所以她决定去你家

43–for a surprise inspection. 来一次突击检查

44–Rita is coming to my home? 丽塔要来我家

45–With the entire nominating committee. 提名委员会全体成员都会去

46–Today at 3:00. 今天3点

47–My house is a mess. 我家里一团糟

48–Well, then don’t spend another second talking to me. 那就别再跟我说话了

49–Grace, you-you are, you are a true pal. 格蕾丝 你真够朋友

50–Happy to help. 乐意帮忙

51–But if you tell Rita I warned you,但你要是告诉丽塔我提醒了你

52–I will denounce you as a liar. 我就说你是骗子

53–Oh, I understand completely. 我完全理解

54–I’m so glad. 那就好

55–Well, good luck. 祝好运

56–Alma raced into her living room,艾尔玛冲进了她的客厅

57–determined to clean like she’d never cleaned before. 决心拿出这辈子从未有过的干劲来打扫

58–But as she looked around at the worn sofa但当她看到那破旧的沙发

59–and chipped knickknacks that filled her modest home,以及自己寒酸的家里随处可见的破烂摆设

60–Alma realized hasty housework她意识到即便仓促打扫一番

61–wouldn’t be enough to impress the chic ladies也不足以取悦园艺俱乐部

62–of the Garden Club. 那些时髦的女士们

63–What she really needed was to fill her home她真正要做的是让家里充满

64–with lovely things. 精美的东西

65–And with no time to go shopping,由于已经没有时间去购物

66–Alma did the next best thing. 艾尔玛做出了次优选择

67–She went to a dead woman’s home,她去了一个死去的女人家里

68–and began borrowing. 开始”借”东西

69–{\an8}致命女人 第二季 第四集

70–While Alma was busy committing theft in Los Angeles,当艾尔玛在洛杉矶忙着偷窃时

71–her previous crime was being discovered几百英里之外 她之前犯下的罪行

72–hundreds of miles away. 即将败露

73–Who found it? 谁发现的

74–Well, some kid went fishing this morning hoping to catch a trout. 有个小孩今早去钓鱼 想钓条鳟鱼

75–Hooked a Dodge instead. 结果却钓上来一辆道奇

76–So, what do we think happened here? 你觉得是什么情况

77–Car’s registered to a Carol Yost in L. A. 车主是洛杉矶一个叫卡萝尔·约斯特的人

78–My guess? 我的想法

79–She was on a road trip, fell asleep at the wheel,她在自驾游 开车的时候睡着了

80–then drove into the lake. 然后开进了湖里

81–Any sign of a body? 有找到尸体吗

82–Not yet. 还没

83–Guys. 伙计们

84–Come here. 来这边

85–Look at this. 看这个

86–Looks like she had company. 看来她有同伴

87–Rocco, come– Hey! 洛克 过来

88–Rocco. 洛克

89–God. Not in Alma’s flowers. 天 别去艾尔玛的花丛里

90–She’ll lose her mind. 她会抓狂的

91–Alma? 艾尔玛

92–Rocco, come on. 洛克 过来

93–Alma. 艾尔玛

94–Lord. You scared me. 天 你吓我一跳

95— Is that Mrs. Yost’s lamp? – Yes. -那是约斯特夫人的灯吗 -对

96–But I don’t have time to explain. 但我没时间解释了

97–We’re under attack! 我们要被袭击了

98–What? By who? 什么 被谁袭击

99–Alma. 艾尔玛

100–Stop. 站住

101–I insist you tell me what’s going on. 你必须告诉我到底怎么回事

102–If you must know,你非得知道的话

103–the ladies from the Garden Club are coming over today. 园艺俱乐部的女士们今天要过来

104–To judge us. 来评判我们

105–Alma… 艾尔玛

106–What does that got to do with Mrs. Yost’s things? 那跟约斯特太太的东西有什么关系

107–Our house is drab. 我们的房子单调乏味

108–It’s filled to the rafters with shoddy bric-a-brac. 架子上放的都是劣质小摆设

109–But Mrs. Yost, on the other hand,但另一方面 约斯特太太

110–she had lovely things. 她有很多可爱的小玩意

111–She possessed the kind of taste她所具有的品味

112–that the Garden Club ladies will respect. 是园艺俱乐部那些女士会欣赏的

113–That’s your excuse to steal? 这就是你偷东西的理由吗

114–To impress a bunch of snobs? 为了取悦一群势利小人

115–Bertram. 伯特伦

116–If you will help me through this very trying day,如果你能帮我熬过这令人头痛的一天

117–I promise… 我保证

118–I will stop complaining about all those people you’ve killed. 我不会再抱怨你杀了那么多人

119–Think about it. 你想想

120–From this moment on,从这一刻开始

121–we’ll be even. 我们就扯平了

122–What a lovely vase. 这花瓶真漂亮

123–Okay. 好了

124–Hey. What’s going on? 怎么回事

125–N-No, stop. You can’t take my sofa. 不 住手 你们不能搬走我的沙发

126–It’s not your sofa. 这不是你的沙发

127–It’s mine, remember? 是我的 记得吗

128–I paid for everything in this apartment,这公寓里所有东西都是我买的

129–which you are leaving. Today. 你今天也得给我离开

130–Oh, you’re still mad, huh? 你还在生气 对吧

131–Just a skosh. 只有一点点气

132–Take these bottles to the truck. 把这些酒搬到卡车上

133–And, you, take the suits. 还有你 负责搬西装

134–You’re taking my suits? 你要拿走我的西装

135–Oh, come on, Rita. Have a heart. 别这样 丽塔 发发善心吧

136–I do have a heart. 我的确有心

137–It’s a shame you had to find out by breaking it. 可惜你非要让我心碎了才发现

138–Oh, wait, wait, wait. Now, I… 等等 等等

139–I know I messed up,我知道我搞砸了

140–but if you get rid of these guys,不过如果你打发这些工人走

141–then I’ll make it up to you. 我就肉偿你

142–You want to screw your way out of this jam? Fine. 你想靠上床来帮自己解决危机 行啊

143–But I’m not the one you need to seduce. 但你需要勾引的人不是我

144–You’re still trying to get me in bed with Carlo’s daughter? 你还没放弃把我送到卡洛女儿的床上吗

145–If you can pretend to be interested in a fat girl,如果你能假装对一个胖女孩有兴趣

146–you can fake a bit of passion for a middle-aged woman. 你也可以假装喜欢一个中年女人

147–I never faked it with you, baby. 我在你面前从来没假装过 宝贝

148–Oh, you meant Catherine. 原来你是指凯瑟琳

149–Leave nothing! 一样东西都别留下

150–No, wait. 不 等等

151–Rita, please. 丽塔 拜托

152–Don’t do this. 别这么做

153–Catherine is out to destroy me. 凯瑟琳想毁了我

154–And she’ll succeed, unless I get some leverage. 她会成功的 除非我掌握她的把柄

155–And you are the only one who can help me do that. 你是唯一能帮我做这事的人

156–But do I have to sleep with her? 但我非得跟她上床吗

157–A photo of Catherine in bed with a young buck一张凯瑟琳和小鲜肉在床上的照片

158–would disinherit her. 能让她失去继承资格

159–That’s how I’ll blackmail her out of my life. 这样我就能勒索她离开我的生活了

160–And you can have your suits back. 你也可以要回你的西装

161–What could be simpler? 还有比这更简单的事吗

162–But I’m an actor, not a whore. 但我是个演员 不是男妓

163–Scooter, I’ve seen your acting. 斯库特 我看过你演戏

164–I wouldn’t be so quick to rule out a more viable career. 你最好别这么急着排除一个更加可行的职业

165–Go to hell. 去死吧

166–I don’t need you. 我不需要你

167–We’ll see about that. 那我们走着瞧

168–And I paid for this, too. 这也是我买的

169–Hey, Mrs. Ayashi. 你好 爱子太太

170–Hello. 喂

171–Is this Vern Loomis? 你是维恩·卢米斯吗

172–Sure. Who’s this? 是我 你是谁

173–The guy whose life you ruined. 被你毁了一生的男人

174–You’ll have to be more specific. 你得再说得具体点

175–You think this is funny? 你觉得这很好笑吗

176–Sophie’s going to divorce me. 索菲要跟我离婚

177–This must be Mr. Hemple. 你肯定是亨普尔先生

178–And she told my boss. 她还告诉了我老板

179–Then he fired me because of you. 然后他炒了我 都怪你

180–No, Sid. 不 希德

181–He fired you because you were knocking boots with his secretary. 他炒了你是因为你在跟他的秘书翻云覆雨

182–You’re going to pay for what you did to me, Loomis. 你要为这事付出代价 卢米斯

183–Oh, so dearly. 巨大的代价

184–“Oh, so dearly”? “巨大的代价”

185–Who taught you how to make death threats? 谁教你对别人进行死亡威胁的

186–No? l Coward? 诺埃尔·科沃德吗[英国演员]

187–Hello? 喂

188–Sid? 希德

189–Scooter. 斯库特

190–What’s with the getup? 你这是什么打扮

191–Long story. 说来话长

192–Come on. 说吧

193–So, what do you want? 你想要什么

194–Rita threw me out of my apartment. 丽塔把我从公寓里赶出来了

195–Was it something I said? 是因为我说的话吗

196–That’s not funny. 这不好笑

197–Hey. You lied to me. 你骗了我

198–You can’t blame me for getting sore. 你不能怪我冷嘲热讽

199–Okay. 好吧

200–It’s all my fault. 都是我的错

201–So, what do you need? 那你要什么

202–Money. 钱

203–I’m down to my last 22 cents. 我只剩22美分了

204–Boy. 老天

205–You got some nerve. 你脸皮可真厚

206–I know. 我知道

207–But I’m desperate. 但我走投无路了

208–I could end up on the streets. 我可能要流落街头

209–That’s all I got. Take it. 这是我所有的钱 拿去吧

210–Thank you. 谢谢

211–Scooter, don’t. 斯库特 别这样

212–I never meant to upset you. 我没想让你难过

213–I just thought we were having fun. 我以为我们只是玩玩而已

214–You were having fun. 你是玩玩而已

215–I was falling in love. 我是爱上你了

216–I didn’t know. 我不知道

217–I’m sorry. 对不起

218–Maybe this turned out for the best. 也许这是最好的结局

219–There’s got to be someone out there以后一定会有

220–who’ll treat you better than I did. 比我对你更好的人

221–Yeah. You may be onto something. 是啊 也许你说得对

222–What on earth? 你究竟在干什么

223–Did you take another one of her dresses? 你又拿了她另一条裙子吗

224–Our house isn’t the only thing that needs to look good today. 今天需要看起来光鲜亮丽的不只是我们家

225–Such a difference in this room. 这间房子大变样了

226–Do you want me to take the rest of our things to the attic? 你想要我把家里剩下的东西拿去阁楼吗

227— Alma? – Yes. -艾尔玛 -对

228–Take it to the attic. 拿去阁楼吧

229–But… 不过

230–That should go, too. 把那个也拿走

231–The portrait of our family? 我们的全家福

232— Why? – The woman in that picture-为什么 -照片里的那个女人

233–is not Garden Club material. 可不是园艺俱乐部的料

234–Take it down. 取下来吧

235–It’s just for one night. 就一晚上

236–Fine. 好吧

237–It just seems ridiculous. 这太荒谬了

238–Oh, shoot. I forgot about that. 该死 我忘了这个

239–Too bad. 真可惜

240— Back it goes. – No, wait. -我挂回去 -不 等等

241–I’ve got a better idea. Come with me. 我有个更好的主意 跟我来

242–Now, this is a painting. 这才叫做画

243— I like our picture better. – How can you compare them? -我更喜欢我们的照片 -它们怎么能比

244–Well, our portrait says you value family. 我们的全家福表明你重视家庭

245–Uh, you have a loving husband and daughter. 你有爱你的丈夫和女儿

246–I doubt that’s going to impress the ladies of the Garden Club. 我不觉得那能打动园艺俱乐部的女士们

247–But this… 但这幅画

248–This will help convince them that we’re sophisticates,这幅画能让她们相信我们很有品位

249–that we’ve been to Paris. 相信我们去过巴黎

250–Why do you want to join a club you can only get into为什么你想加入一个

251–by pretending to be someone you’re not? 需要假扮成别人才能加入的俱乐部

252–This painting may not be who I am,这幅画代表的也许不是我

253–but it’s who I yearn to be. 但是代表了我渴望成为的人

254–Which is a healthier dream than some I could mention. 这个理想可比有些人的理想健康多了

255–You said you’d stop bringing that up. 你说过你不会再提这件事

256–If you helped me. 如果你帮助我的话

257–Will you take the painting down or not? 你到底要不要取下那幅画

258–Fine. I just hope it’s all worth it. 行吧 我只是希望这一切都值得

259–Yes, of course. 当然了

260–It’s the one touch the room needs. 整个房间就需要这点睛之笔

261–It was a stroke of genius to come back for it. 我们回来取它简直是天才之举

262–Oh, dear. 天啊

263–Good God. Why are the police here? 老天 警察怎么来了

264–I don’t know. 我不知道

265–But let’s not discuss it in front of the window. 咱们别在窗前讨论这个

266–Maybe they’re investigating Mrs. Yost’s disappearance. 他们可能在调查约斯特太太失踪一事

267–Of course. 当然

268–You’re right. This is good. 你说得对 这是好事

269–This is what we wanted to happen. 这正是我们想要发生的

270–Not while we’re robbing her house. 但不是在我们洗劫她家的时候

271–Right. 也是

272–LAPD! 洛杉矶警察局

273–You see anything? 有看到什么吗

274–Nope. 没有

275–Let’s head out the back, all right? 我们从后门出去 可以吗

276–Grab the painting first. 先把画拿上

277–You want me to steal it with the police literally on the doorstep? 你要我在警察就在门口的情况下去偷画

278–We’re not stealing it. We’re just borrowing it. 我们没偷 只是借而已

279–Yes, I’m sure they’ll understand the distinction. 是啊 他们肯定能理解区别

280–Regardless, I need it. 无论如何 我需要它

281–Okay. 好吧

282–Just give me two minutes. All right? 就给我两分钟 行吗

283–I’ll help you get out of here. 我帮你离开这里

284–What are you going to do? 你要做什么

285–Alma. 艾尔玛

286–Check that window. 你去看看那扇窗户

287–Officers. 警官们

288–Hello. 你们好

289–Yes. Hi. 你们好

290–Can I help you? 有什么需要帮助的

291–Maybe. Do you know the lady who lives here? 或许吧 你认识住在这里的太太吗

292–Which, this? Yes, this one. 哪家 这家吗 这家

293–Oh, yes. Mrs. Yost. Of course, yes. 当然了 约斯特太太 当然认识了

294–Why do you ask? 为什么问这个

295–Well, when was the last time you saw her? 你上一次见到她是什么时候

296–Um, two days ago. 两天前

297–She was leaving on a trip. 她出发去旅行

298–Somewhere up north, I think. 我想是在北边的什么地方

299–Was she traveling by herself? 她独自一人吗

300–Yes. Yes. 对 是的

301–My-my husband, um, saw her leave, actually. 我丈夫 看到她离开

302–And so did our neighbor across the street. 对面的邻居也都看见了

303–Is-is everything… 一切…

304–Is everything all right? 一切都还好吗

305–Well, we’re not sure. 我们不确定

306–Her car was found near San Luis Obispo, in a lake. 我们在圣路易斯-奥比斯波附近的湖里发现了她的车

307–A lake? ! Oh, the news… 湖里 怎么会

308–It’s just… 真是太

309–Terrible. Lakes are so… 糟糕了 湖可真是

310–deep, it’s– I’m okay. 太深了 我没事了

311— You-you sure? – Yes. -您确定吗 -是的

312–I’m so sorry. 非常抱歉

313–You seem pretty emotional. 您好像情绪波动比较大

314–Oh, yes. Well, I am… 是的 我

315–going through the change. You know? 进入更年期了

316–So, was Mrs. Yost planning to meet anyone up north? 那么 约斯特太太有没有说她要去北方见什么人

317–No. 没有

318–Why? Was she seen with someone? 怎么这么问 你们看到她跟别人在一起吗

319–Not that we know of. 那倒没听说过

320–No. But there were footprints on the riverbank. 没有 不过岸边有脚印

321–Two sets. 两个人的

322–Really? 真的吗

323–So, she might still be alive. 所以她有可能还活着

324–Don’t worry. We’ll keep looking for her. 别担心 我们会尽力寻找

325–Aren’t you dedicated? 你们可真是尽职尽责

326–If you gentlemen will excuse me,现在我要失陪一下了

327— I’m expecting guests shortly. – Of course. -我稍后有客人来访 -当然

328–Here’s my card. If you should hear from Mrs. Yost,这是我的名片 万一约斯特太太联系您

329— give me a call. – Of course. Thank you. -请给我打电话 -好的 谢谢你

330–And, uh, ma’am. 还有 女士

331–Don’t be embarrassed. 不必不好意思

332–Hey, my mom is going through the change. 我妈妈也在更年期

333–She sweats even more than you do. 她出的汗比您还多

334–How gallant of you. 你可真是绅士

335— Hello? – Hey. It’s me. -你好 -喂 是我

336— Got plans for lunch? – Yeah. -想好午餐吃什么了吗 -对

337–I thought I’d leave here at 1:00 and head over to your diner. 我想一点钟走 然后去你的餐厅

338–My shift ends at 12:30. 我十二点半交班

339–Well, that’s too bad. You know? 那就太遗憾了

340–I was looking forward to seeing you. 我还想见你呢

341–Well, I could always stay and have lunch with you. 我也可以留下和你共进午餐

342–I’d like that, very much. 乐意之至

343–It’s sort of romantic, when you think about it. 仔细想想 多浪漫啊

344–Having our first date at the place we met. 在我们第一次遇见的地方第一次约会

345–Hey, what now? 你说什么

346–See you at 1:00. 一点钟见

347–Did-did you say date? 你刚是说约会吗

348–Hello? 喂

349–You son of a bitch. 你这个混蛋

350–This day just keeps getting better and better. 今天真是越来越精彩了

351–You call yourself a detective? 还当侦探呢

352–You know who Scooter’s cleaning lady was? 你知道斯库特雇的清洁工是谁吗

353–She was a 20-year-old in a wig. 是个戴假发的二十岁女孩

354–You knew? 你早就知道

355–Why didn’t you tell me? 为什么不告诉我

356–I talked to the girl. 我和那女孩谈过了

357–Told her she could do better than a pretty boy告诉她她能找到更好的

358–who makes her dress up like Ma Kettle. 比那个让她打扮成凯特大妈的帅哥更好

359–She got the message and dumped him. 她听我的劝把他甩了

360–What’s her name? 她叫什么名字

361–Why do you want to know? 你为什么想知道

362–She humiliated me. 她羞辱了我

363–I want to see her punished. 我要让她难堪

364–She’s a good kid. 她是个好孩子

365–Leave her alone. 别招惹她

366–Mr. Loomis. 卢米斯先生

367–Tell me her name,告诉我她的名字

368–and I’ll make it worth your while. 我会酬谢你的

369–Nice try, but I can’t be bought. 想得美 我是不会被收买的

370–Please. 得了吧

371–Everyone has a price. 每个人都有价格

372–So how much did Mr. Castillo pay for you? 那卡斯蒂罗先生付你多少钱

373–I beg your pardon. 你说什么

374–It’s obvious, you never loved him. 很明显 你从没爱过他

375–You only married him你嫁给他只是因为

376–because you knew he’d buy you pretty things. 你知道他会给你买那些光鲜亮丽的东西

377–But that didn’t fill up that hole in your soul. 但这并不能填补你内心的空虚

378–So, you got yourself a gigolo. 所以你给自己找了个小白脸

379–Fooled yourself into thinking that he loved you. 愚弄自己 让自己以为他爱你

380–Now, you know he didn’t. 现在你知道他不爱你

381–And so, you’re starting to panic because you finally learned于是你开始害怕 因为你终于知道

382–that the real thing ain’t for sale. 真情是不能用钱买到的

383–And the guys who might have loved you back in the day而以前可能爱过你的那些男人

384–are now only interested in… 现在只对

385–fresher produce. 年轻姑娘感兴趣

386–You can’t speak to me that way. 你不能跟我这样说话

387–No one speaks to me that way. 没人能跟我这样说话

388–Well then, no one’s been telling you the truth. 那就没人告诉过你真相

389–What did the police say? 警察说什么了

390–They found Mrs. Yost’s car. 他们找到了约斯特太太的车

391–That’s all? 就这些

392–You were talking to them for a very long time. 你跟他们聊了很长时间

393–You looked upset. 你看着不开心

394–Of course I looked upset. 我当然看着不开心

395–I just found out that my neighbor is missing. 我刚发现我的邻居失踪了

396–Well, I mean, we almost left your purse in the car. 我们差点把你的包留在车上

397–I was wondering if we’d forgotten anything else. 我在想我们是不是还忘了别的东西

398–If they were onto us. 他们是否在怀疑我们

399–They’re not onto us. Just calm down. 他们没有怀疑我们 冷静

400–Sorry. Yes. 对不起 好的

401–I’ll just go and take the rest of our family up to the attic. 我去把我们家其他东西拿到阁楼上去

402–Bertie? 伯特

403–Yes, dear? 怎么了 亲爱的

404–I was right about the painting. 我把画拿过来是对的

405–It really does bring the whole room together. 它确实让我们家蓬荜生辉

406–Yes, dear. 是的 亲爱的

407–So I was thinking after this, we could go to a movie. 所以我想我们吃完饭可以去看电影

408–The new Abbott and Costello is playing down the street. 艾伯特与卡斯特罗的新电影正在上映

409–That sound good? 怎么样

410–Sure. 可以

411–Okay. What gives? 好吧 发生什么事了

412–What do you mean? 什么意思

413–Ever since you got here, I’ve been doing all the talking. 你来了之后 一直是我在说话

414–Where’s the sarcasm? 嘲讽呢

415–The snide banter? 挖苦呢

416–Guess I’m a… 也许是我

417–I’m a little nervous. 我有点紧张

418–On the phone, you said this was a date. 你在电话上说这是约会

419–Yeah. So? 是的 那又怎样

420–Yeah. So, it-it’s been a while for me. 我挺长时间没约会了

421–That doesn’t make sense. 这没道理啊

422–You’re such a nice guy. 你人这么好

423–There must be tons of girls wanting to snap you up. 肯定有很多姑娘追你

424–Yeah, well… 这个嘛

425–Surely, you must have had someone special. 你肯定有过特别的人

426–There was this one girl. 是有一个女孩

427–We were engaged. 我们订婚了

428–What happened? 发生什么事了

429–I went to war,我去参军打仗了

430–and she didn’t like the guy who came back. 她并不喜欢从战场归来的那个人

431–You must have seen a lot of death, huh? 你肯定见了很多死亡

432–Well, it was a war. 毕竟是战争

433–If there’s no death, it’s just guys in helmets on vacation. 如果没有阵亡 那就是带着盔甲度假了

434–There we go. 这就对了

435–There’s my snide banter. 这才是我记忆中的挖苦

436–Here you go, mister. 上菜了 先生

437–One chuck steak, very rare. 牛肩扒 3分熟

438–Thanks. 谢谢

439–Oh, and, miss? 小姐

440–Yeah? 怎么了

441— I’m gonna need a knife. – Sure. -我需要餐刀 -好的

442–Bertram, they’re here. 伯特伦 她们到了

443–Put the kettle on and get your jacket. 去烧上水 穿上外套

444–You weren’t this nervous when the police showed up. 警察来了你都没这么紧张

445–There’s not a cop alive who scares me没有任何一个警察

446–as much as Rita Castillo does. 能像丽塔·卡斯蒂罗一样让我害怕

447–What a shabby little house. 这房子还挺寒碜

448–Oh, but the garden’s lovely. Don’t you think? 但花园挺漂亮的 你不觉得吗

449–Daisies, ferns and poppies? 雏菊 蕨草 罂粟花

450–God. 天啊

451–Why doesn’t she just hang a sign saying,她不如直接挂个标识牌

452–“We’re middle class”? 我们是中产阶级

453–Someone’s in a mood. 某人心情不好啊

454–Sorry. It’s been one of those days. 抱歉 今天比较低落

455–Well, just don’t take it out on Alma. All right? 不要向艾尔玛撒气 好吗

456–It’s bad enough we’re showing up here unannounced. 我们不请自来已经够失礼了

457–Okay. 好了

458–Ladies. 女士们

459–Hello. 你好

460–What a surprise. 真是惊喜啊

461–I know you expected a formal interview我知道你本来是要和会员委员会

462–with the membership committee, but Rita decided… 进行正式的面试 但丽塔决定

463–We decided to just drop by. 我们决定上门拜访

464–Get a sense of your home, and how you live. 了解一下你的家 和你的生活方式

465–You know? See the real you. 就是了解真实的你

466–Well, here I am. 我就在这儿

467–Do come in. 请进

468–Please make yourselves comfortable. Hello. 大家请不要客气 你好

469–Right. Hello. 你好

470–Did we catch you at a bad time? 我们来得不是时候吗

471–Oh, no. I-I-I was… 没有 我 我刚刚

472–just cleaning. 在打扫卫生

473–In that? 穿着这身

474–Oh. Yes. 没错

475–I, uh, well, I’m stopping by my church later我 我等会要去趟教堂

476–with some homemade scones for their bake sale. 给他们的烤饼义卖送点烤饼

477–When they’re out of the oven, perhaps you’d like to try some. 等会出炉了你们也尝尝吧

478–And they’re done. 烤好了

479–What perfect timing. 时间正好

480–A little too perfect. 有点太正好了

481–Now that we have our beverages,大家都喝过茶了

482–can I offer you a tour in my garden? 我带各位去参观一下我的花园吧

483–No need. We saw it on our way in. 不用了 我们进来的时候看过了

484–Are you sure you saw the whole garden? 你确定整个花园都看过了吗

485–It’s not a large property. 也不是多大个地方

486–Alma. What a nice piano. 艾尔玛 好漂亮的钢琴

487–You know, I used to play. 我以前经常弹

488–But my manicurist told me to stop. 但是我的美甲师不让我弹了

489–I kept breaking my nails. 我老是弄坏指甲

490–Speaking of nails,说到指甲

491–how do you ladies keep your hands so lovely各位女士你们是怎么做到打理花园

492–and tend to your gardens? 还把手保护得这么精致的

493–Mine are just a fright from all the weeding and thorns. 我的手碰不得那些种子和小刺

494–Did I say something funny? 我说的话很好笑吗

495–They’re just amused她们觉得很好笑

496–because you think we do our own gardening. 因为你以为我们自己打理花园

497–I get it. 我懂了

498–I just, I just assumed我 我太想当然了

499–because you’re all so fond of flowers… 因为你们都喜欢花

500–I’m also fond of roast chickens. 我也喜欢烤鸡

501–Doesn’t mean I want to chop their heads off. 并不代表我想剁掉它们的头

502–Why not? You’d be so good at it. 为什么不呢 你肯定会很拿手

503–Alma, I love all of your knickknacks. 艾尔玛 我喜欢你这些小摆件

504–Especially that painting of Paris. 尤其是那幅巴黎的画

505–You know, it’s my favorite city. 巴黎是我最喜欢的城市

506–Have you ever been? 你去过吗

507–Oh, yes. Oh… 去过

508–Many times. 好多次

509–Many times? 好多次

510–Tell me, where do you like to stay when you’re in Paris? 那你说说 你去巴黎喜欢住在哪儿

511–Oh, we– Oh… 我们

512–Well, we always… 我们一般

513–Bertram, help me. 伯特伦 帮我想想

514–Where do we stay in Paris? 我们去巴黎一般住哪家酒店

515–Hotel? Pied-à-terre? 酒店 或者临时寓所

516–Oh, that’s it. Yes. 没错就是这个 没错

517–That’s the one. The Hotel Pied-à-Terre. 就叫这个 临时寓所酒店

518–It’s so charming. 那地方相当迷人

519–The “Hotel Pied-à-Terre. “”临时寓所酒店”

520–I think that’s the name. 我觉得是叫这个名字

521–More guests. 又有客人来了

522— Bertram. Shall we? – On my way. -伯特伦 我们去开门 -来了

523–You might have been more helpful back there. 刚刚你怎么不帮帮我

524–I don’t lie as nimbly as you. 我不像你一样谎话张口就来

525— Hello. – Joan. -你们好 -琼

526–I hope you don’t mind me bringing my Aunt Martha. 希望你们不介意我把我的姑姑玛莎也带来了

527–Her doctor’s appointment ran late,她的会诊延误了

528–and there wasn’t time to get her home first. 所以没来得及把她先送回家

529–I don’t have to come in. 我不一定要进去

530–I can wait in the car. 我可以在车里等你

531–Then complain all the way home I abandoned you? 然后听你在回家路上不停抱怨我把你抛下了吗

532–I’m not falling for that again. 我不会再犯同样的错误了

533–The more the merrier. So… 人多更热闹 那么

534–Please come in. 请进吧

535–This way. Yes. You, too. 这边请 没错 你也是

536–Welcome. Welcome. 欢迎 欢迎

537–Take the old woman to the dining room. 把那个老女人带去饭厅

538–She’s clearly in a foul mood. 她明显心情不好

539–I don’t want her ruining my party for the nice ladies. 我可不想让她毁了我为人美心善的夫人们准备的聚会

540–When do they arrive? 人美心善的夫人们在哪儿呢

541–Think, uh, think that’s enough tip? 你觉得小费给够了吗

542–Sure. I’ll take it over to Judy. 当然 我去拿给朱迪

543–We need to hurry if we’re going to make that movie. 我们得快点不然赶不上电影了

544–All right. 好吧

545–Sid Hemple. 希德·亨普尔

546–What’re you doing here? 你在这里干什么

547–What do you think, Mr. Loomis? 你认为呢 卢米斯先生

548–I think you’re following me. 我认为你在跟踪我

549–Doesn’t feel good, does it? 感觉并不好 对吗

550–Knowing you’re being watched. 知道你在被人监视着

551–Is there another way out of this place? 这里还有别的出口吗

552–Through the kitchen. Why? 可以从厨房走 怎么了

553–We got a situation. There’s no time to explain. 我们遇上了点麻烦 现在没时间解释了

554–Okay. Follow me. 好吧 跟我来

555–Vern, who is that creep? 维恩 那个变态是谁

556–The husband of one of my clients. 我一位客户的丈夫

557— He looks angry. – Yeah, well,-他看起来很生气 -没错

558–I know what she’ll be getting in alimony. 我知道她会得到多少赡养费

559–Trust me, he’s furious. 所以相信我 他气炸了

560–Where do you think you’re going, Loomis? 你想去哪儿 卢米斯

561–Look, just calm down, Sid. 冷静点 希德

562–All right? We-we don’t want any trouble. 好吗 我们不想找麻烦

563–That’s too bad because you got it. 那真可惜 因为麻烦找上你了

564–In buckets. 而且是大麻烦

565–Dee. 小迪

566— Go back into the diner. – The hell I will. -回餐馆去 -我不要

567–Do what I’m telling you! 照我说的做

568–Vern! 维恩

569–Don’t you touch him! 你别碰他

570–What are you doing? 你们在干什么

571–Help! This man just attacked us! 救命 这个人袭击了我们

572–Stop! 站住

573–Vern, did he cut you? 维恩 他伤到你了吗

574–Your leg. How bad is it? 你的腿 严重吗

575— Let me see. – Okay. I’m fine. -让我看看 -我没事

576–I said I was fine. 说了我没事

577–You’re kind to look after me. 你真是好心来照顾我

578–And I’m sorry I spoiled your party. 很抱歉我毁掉了你的聚会

579–it’s not my party. 不是我的聚会

580–I’m delighted you’re here. 我很高兴你来了

581–Well, you’re the only one. 只有你这么想

582–I don’t fit in with my niece’s fancy friends. 我跟我侄女那些高贵的朋友们合不来

583–Well, do you want to know a secret? 告诉你个秘密

584–Neither do I. 我也一样

585–And I’m not sure my wife does either. 我觉得我太太也跟她们合不来

586–Refills. 续杯吗

587–Martha? Are you all right? 玛莎 你还好吗

588–Never get old, Bertram. 千万别变老 伯特伦

589–Oh, you lose so much. 你会失去很多

590–Your home, your freedom, your health. 你的家 你的自由 你的健康

591–Your health? 你的健康

592–Are you ill? 你生病了吗

593–I’m falling apart. 我快散架了

594–Oh, but you don’t want to hear how sick I am. 但是你不会想听我的病情的

595–But I do. 但是我想

596–I really do. 我真的想

597–Does anyone else need wine? 还有人需要红酒吗

598–Well, I could certainly use some. 我肯定要再来点

599–The week I have had. 我这一周过得啊

600–Well, first, my sister dumps Aunt Martha on my doorstep. 首先 我姐姐把玛莎姨妈扔到了我门口

601–Then I met my 24-year-old son’s然后我见到了我24岁儿子的

602–new girlfriend, Myra. 新女友 迈拉

603–Chip is dating a twice-divorced fry cook and–奇普正在跟一个离过两次婚的油炸工约会

604–get this– she’s 36. 还有一点 她36岁了

605— No. – Yes, so… -不是吧 -是啊 所以…

606–So, pour like there’s no tomorrow. 给我多倒一点

607–Thirty-six? 三十六岁

608–That’s what? 这才多少

609–12 years older? 大了12岁

610–I know. 就是说啊

611–He is tossing his life away. 他简直是浪费大好前程

612–No, no, no. What I’m saying is,不不不 我的意思是

613–it’s not that much of an age difference. 这也不是很大的年龄差距啊

614–Right? 对吧

615–Grace, you’re out of tea. I’ll make some more. 格蕾丝 你没有茶了 我再去泡点

616–Maybe I didn’t make this clear. 也许我没说清楚

617–Chip wants to marry Myra. 奇普想跟迈拉结婚

618–Ah. I mean, how can I get grandchildren when this dame这个老女人没多久就要绝经了

619–is five minutes away from menopause? 我还怎么抱孙子啊

620–I hate cradle robbers. 我讨厌不生孩子的

621–You just want to shake them and say,你真就想摇着他们说

622–“Honey, that kid on your arm who makes you feel so young,”亲爱的 你怀里抱着的让你感到无比年轻的孩子

623–is making you look really old. “其实显得你非常老”

624— It’s so sad. – It’s sad. -太可悲了 -是的呢

625— Yes, it is sad. – It’s sad. -是的 太可悲了 -真可悲

626–Excuse me. 失陪下

627–Do you need more wine? 你要再来点红酒吗

628–Actually,I was wondering if you had anything stronger. 其实 我在想有没有更烈一点的

629–Oh, you mean like spirits? 你是说烈酒吗

630–Yes. Of course. 有的 当然有了

631–Is everything all right? 你还好吧

632–Oh, I’m just having a bad day. 今天就是不怎么顺心

633–Rye whiskey? 黑麦威士忌

634–Well, I guess beggars can’t be choosers. 好吧 乞丐也没资格挑肥拣瘦了

635–It’s hard for me to imagine Rita Castillo having a bad day. 很难想象出丽塔·卡斯蒂罗会有不顺心的一天

636–Why? Because I’m rich? 为什么 因为我有钱吗

637–Because you’re so beautiful. 因为你漂亮啊

638–That hurt. 扎嗓子

639–Do you have any ginger ale? 你这有姜汁汽水吗

640–Yes. 有的

641–You probably take your looks for granted. 也许你已经习惯了这样的美貌

642–But believe me,但是相信我

643–you’re breathtaking. 你美得让人窒息

644–Well, I used to be. 那是曾经的我

645–Beauty like yours doesn’t fade. 你的美貌是不会消逝的

646–You’ll be stunning until your dying day. 你到死那天都会一直光彩夺目

647–You don’t know what I would give to look in the mirror,为了能在照镜子的时候看到你这样的脸

648–just once, and see a face like yours gazing back at me. 哪怕只有一次 我都愿意放弃一切

649–Why, even standing here now,就算是现在站在这里

650–talking to you like we’re two old friends, I… 跟你像好友一样聊天 我…

651–I feel like I’ve won the lottery. 都觉得自己像中了彩票一样

652–I’m babbling, aren’t I? 我话太多了是吧

653–I always seem to do that with you. 跟你在一起的时候我老是这样

654–What you must think of me. 你会怎么看我啊

655–I think you’re a very nice lady. 我觉得你是一位非常善良的女士

656–Probably too nice for this club. 对于这个俱乐部而言甚至太过善良了

657–Though you do seem to have a few tricks up your sleeve. 尽管你似乎有一些什么小秘密

658–How do you mean? 这是什么意思

659–Alma, if you’ve been to Paris,艾尔玛 如果你算是去过巴黎

660–I’ve been to the moon. 那我就算是去过月球

661–I’m so embarrassed about that. 刚才真的让我很难为情

662–I-I do, I know better than to put on airs. 的确 我不至于蠢到去摆架子

663–Oh, you weren’t putting on airs. 你不是在摆架子

664–You were putting on armor. 你是在”摆盔甲”

665–Armor? 盔甲

666–Like that dress. 比如这条裙子

667–Now, come on. That’s never been in your closet. 我敢说 这条裙子肯定不是你的

668–No. You’re right. I, um… 你说得对 这是我

669–borrowed it. 借的

670–Well, good for you. 真好

671–I admire women who try to remake themselves. 我很佩服那些试图重塑自己的女人

672–Reject the hand they were dealt,拒绝发给她们的一手烂牌

673–become someone new. 变成新的自己

674–Smarter, prettier, stronger. 一个更聪明 更漂亮 更强大的自己

675–When women like us do it well enough,当像我们这样的女人做得足够好的时候

676–no one can imagine we were ever anyone else. 没人能想象得到曾经的我们有多不一样

677–I feel like you have so much to teach me. 我觉得你能教给我许多

678–Well, maybe I will. 或许我真的能

679–My time has freed up a bit. 我最近空出了一些时间

680–I can use a new project. 正好需要个新项目

681–That mean you’ll let me be in the club? 意思是说你会让我加入俱乐部吗

682–Sure. 当然

683–Under one condition. 不过有一个条件

684–You got to start stocking better booze. 你得开始采购更好的酒

685–I-I really need to see Rita. 我真的需要见丽塔

686–She told me you cheated on her with a fat girl. 她告诉我你背着她和一个胖女孩乱搞

687–She doesn’t want to ever see you again. 她再也不想看见你了

688–I know she’s mad. 我知道她很生气

689–But I don’t got a cent. 但我现在身无分文

690–And I need a place to sleep tonight. 我今天晚上需要找个睡觉的地方

691–Is there any way you could give me ten bucks? 你能给我十美元吗

692–I-I’m begging. 求你了

693–For God’s sake. Wait here. 真对你没办法 在这等着

694–Do I know you? 我认识你吗

695–I don’t think so. 应该不认识

696–I do. 我知道了

697–You work for the dry cleaner. 你是干洗店的

698–Yeah. That’s me. 对 就是我

699–I’m Catherine, Mr. Castillo’s daughter. 我是凯瑟琳 卡斯蒂罗先生的女儿

700–Don’t move. 你别走

701–I took this out of my household account. 我从家用钱包里拿了这些

702–But I’m on a budget, so don’t ask for more. 但我也经济拮据 所以别再问我要更多

703–How much is it? 这有多少钱

704–Six dollars and 52 cents. 6. 52美元

705–I’m so glad I caught you. 你还留着可太好啦

706–I don’t know if these pants can be salvaged. 我不知道这裤子还能不能抢救一下

707–You see, my papa, he’s not well. 你知道的 我爸爸他 身体不太好

708–So, he has his “accidents. “他时不时会出点”事故”

709–Just clean them as best as you can. 尽你所能洗干净点就好

710–Don’t you worry, ma’am. 包在我身上 女士

711–We’ll get your father’s pants as good as new. 我们会把您父亲的裤子洗得光彩如新

712–I forgot. 我想起来了

713–You still owe me 20, for those linens last week. 你还欠20美元没给我 上周干洗衣服的钱

714–Thanks. 谢了

715–If it’s not too forward of me to say, ma’am,希望我说这话不会太唐突 女士

716–that scarf looks lovely on you. 您戴着这条围巾真好看

717–Thank you. 谢谢

718–What a charming young man. 多有魅力的小伙子

719–So, you’re sure that it’s cancer? 这么说你确定是癌症

720–Yes. 确定

721–And the pain is intolerable. 而且疼得要命

722–But I’ve gone on about my suffering long enough. 但我一直在唠叨我的痛苦

723–How bored you must be. 你一定听烦了吧

724–No, it’s fine. 没有 还好

725–In fact, if you ever want some company… 其实 如果你想有个伴儿的话

726–You would come visit an old windbag like me? 你会来看我这个啰嗦的老太太

727–What a dear man you are. 你真是太好了

728–And then, after all that,之后 弄完那些

729–I had to put up all the ornaments myself. 我不得不自己挂那些装饰品

730–Why didn’t your husband help you? 为什么你丈夫不帮你

731–Oh, don’t get me started on my husband. 别让我提起我的丈夫

732–Oh, Joan. 琼

733–No one has to get you started. 不用别人跟你提起

734–You’re self-winding. 你自己会主动提起的

735–Is that your way of saying你的意思是说

736–I’ve been dominating the conversation? 我一直在抢话吗

737–Fine. 好吧

738–Alma, the powder room is… ? 艾尔玛 洗手间在

739— Just down the hall. – Thank you. -就在走廊尽头 -谢谢

740–Honestly? 开什么玩笑

741–A ten-minute story about hanging Christmas decorations? 挂个圣诞节饰品都能讲上十分钟

742–Don’t be mean, Rita. 别这么刻薄 丽塔

743–I-I adore Joan. I do. 我喜欢琼 真的

744–It’s just, she’s such a damn chatterbox. 只不过 她简直就是个话匣子

745–Don’t you agree, Alma? 你觉得呢 艾尔玛

746–Well, I-I-I could listen to Joan talk about herself all day. 我可以听琼说上一整天她的事

747–And… 而且

748–if I get into the club, I suppose I will. 如果我能进俱乐部 我想我会的

749–You said your wife didn’t fit in with my niece’s friends. 你说你妻子和我侄女的朋友们合不来

750–Sounds to me, she’s fitting in just fine. 在我看来 她们相处得很融洽

751–Alma. 艾尔玛

752–Do you have a dog? 你养狗吗

753–We’re taking care of our neighbor’s. Why? 我们在帮着照看邻居的狗 怎么了

754–You better put it on a leash. 你最好栓上它

755–It’s in your garden, digging like mad. 它正在你的花园里疯狂刨土

756–What are we going to do? 我们该怎么办

757–Tie up the dog. 把狗绑起来

758–Get a shovel and some fertilizer from the toolshed. 去工具房拿把铲子和化肥

759–Cover the body. 盖住尸体

760–I’ll keep the ladies inside until you’re done. 我会拖住她们 直到你搞定

761–Come, Aunt Martha. It’s time to go. 快来 玛莎姨妈 该走了

762–And hurry. 快去啊

763–Alma, there you are. 艾尔玛 你在这啊

764–We were just saying our goodbyes. 我们正要告辞呢

765–You’re leaving? So soon? 你们要走了 这么快

766–Well, you’ve been very gracious,你很热情

767–but we don’t want to overstay our welcome. 但我们不想打扰你太久

768–No. You can’t leave. 不 你们不能走

769–Why? 为什么

770–It’s not safe. 不安全

771–We’re-we’re looking after our-our neighbor’s dog. 我们在照看我们邻居的狗

772–Vicious little beast,凶恶的小野兽

773–it’s already bitten several people this week. 这周已经咬了好几个人了

774–We had him tied up out back, but he got loose. 我们把它拴在后面 但它挣脱了

775–Bertram is subduing him. 伯特伦正在制服它

776–But while he does, let’s just stay safe and sound. 在此期间 我们别出意外

777–It’s been too nice a party to end in shrieks and ankle bites. 聚会这么开心 我可不想在尖叫和咬伤中结束

778–Just how dangerous is he? 它到底有多危险

779–Ah, you know what would help pass the time is music. 音乐可以帮助打发时间

780–Mavis, I know that your manicurist will scold you,梅维斯 我知道你的美甲师会骂你

781–but would you play something for us? 你能给我们弹奏点什么吗

782–Play? Sure. 弹奏 当然

783–You know, I sing as well. 我也会唱歌

784–As well as who? 还有谁

785–Rita. I’m sure she sings marvelously. 丽塔 她唱得肯定很好听

786–Ladies, gather round now. 姐妹们快过来

787–Mavis is going to dazzle us. All right. 梅维斯要惊艳全场了

788–Now, this is a little something I used to sing in college. 我以前在大学时经常唱这首歌

789–* In olden days a glimpse of stocking **过去 瞥见了长筒女袜*

790–* Was looked on as something shocking **都叫人惊叹不已*

791–* Now heaven knows **如今谁知道*

792–Everybody sing. 大家唱起来

793–* Anything goes… **怎么都行*

794–Rocco. Rocco! 洛克 洛克

795–Come here! 过来

796–* Writing prose… **写文章*

797–What are you doing? No. 你在干什么 不要

798–* The world has gone mad today **世界已变疯狂*

799–* And good’s bad today **好的变成坏的*

800–* And black’s white today **黑白颠倒*

801–* And day’s night today **白天变成黑夜*

802–* When most guys today **现如今大多数女人*

803–* That women prize today **珍视的男人*

804–* Are just silly gigolos **都只是愚蠢的舞男*

805–* So though I’m not a great romancer… **所以尽管我不是传奇小说作家*

806–Oh, shush! 嘘

807–* When I propose **当我求婚的时候*

808–* Anything goes **怎么都行*

809–* Anything goes **怎么都行*

810–* Anything goes. **怎么都行*

811–So how’s he doing? 他怎么样

812–He refuses to go to the hospital. 他不肯去医院

813–Vern. 维恩

814–I’m fine. I just needed a few stitches. 我没事 我只需要缝几针

815–I need you to stay put for a sec. 你先别动

816–You still got to sign a release form. 你还得签署一份免责声明书

817–So… 那么

818–Why didn’t you tell me about your leg? 你怎么没跟我说过你的腿

819–You mean the one that looks like a charred piece of barbecue? 你是说看起来像烧焦的烤肉的那条腿吗

820–Golly. I’m not sure. 天 我也不知道

821–Is that why your girl dumped you? 你女朋友就是因为这个跟你分手的吗

822–I wrote her from a hospital bed in France,我躺在法国的病床上给她写信

823–and I told her I got hurt real bad. 我告诉她我受了很严重的伤

824–She wrote back saying I served my country,她回信说 我在为国效力

825–and she was proud of me. 她为我感到自豪

826–That it didn’t matter to her. 她不介意

827–But when I got back home and she saw… 但是当我回家后 她看见了…

828–The look on her face was… 她当时的表情真是…

829–She didn’t handle it well? 她难以接受吗

830–No. 是的

831–She broke up with me a week later. 一周后她跟我分手了

832–That’s why you haven’t dated anyone else? 所以你就再也不跟别人约会了吗

833–You just gave up on love? 你就这样放弃了爱情吗

834–I couldn’t stand to see that look on another woman’s face. 我不愿再从其他女人脸上看到那表情

835–Besides, there’s… 而且 还有…

836–there’s worse things than being alone. 还有比孤独更糟糕的事情

837–I’m right here,我就在这里

838–and I’m not going anywhere. 我哪儿也不去

839–Now, what is going on here? 这是什么回事

840–Rohbin. 罗宾

841–You know, I thought I smelled cheap cologne. 我就说我闻到了廉价古龙香水的味道

842–That’s Detective Rohbin to you now, Loomis. 现在该叫我罗宾警探了 卢米斯

843–Mike and I, we used to work together我还在军队的时候

844–back when I was on the force. 我和麦克曾经共事过

845–This here is Dee Fillcot. 这位是小迪·菲尔科特

846–Is this guy bothering you, ma’am? 这家伙在骚扰你吗 女士

847–Because I can arrest him right now. 我可以马上逮捕他

848–No. You don’t need to do that. 不 你不用这么做

849–See… 明白了吗

850–I’m his girl. 我是他女朋友

851–Is that so? 是这样吗

852–Yeah. 是的

853–She’s my girl. 她是我女朋友

854–It was lovely having you. 很高兴你们能来

855–I think we should sing at every party, don’t you? 我觉得我们应该在每场聚会上都唱歌 你觉得呢

856–Oh, my goodness. 我的天哪

857–Thanks again, Alma. 再次感谢你 艾尔玛

858–I can’t remember when I’ve had a better time. 我都不记得什么时候比今天更开心了

859–It was truly my pleasure. 我十分荣幸

860–I do hope I’ll see you all again soon. 希望很快能再见到你们

861–I’m absolutely sure you will. 我十分确信你会的

862–Bye. 再见

863–Bertie. 伯特

864–It was a triumph. 今天很成功

865–The last thing Rita said to me was… 丽塔对我说的最后一句话是…

866–What’re you doing? 你在干什么

867–The party’s over. 聚会结束了

868–The sooner we return Mrs. Yost’s things, the better. 我们应该归还约斯特太太的东西 越快越好

869–I’m not sure I agree. 我不太同意

870–What? 什么

871–We can’t keep these things. 我们不能留着这些东西

872–Well… 这个…

873–It’s not as if Mrs. Yost is going to miss them. 约斯特太太也没机会怀念这些了

874–And today was such a success. 而且今天真是大获成功

875–If, by some miracle, I… 要是老天开眼 我…

876–I do get into the club,我真进了那个俱乐部

877–I’ll be expected to host the ladies again. 我还要招待这些女士的

878–How will I explain the disappearance到时候这些高级玩意都不见了

879–of all of our nicest things? 我该作何解释

880–You’ll make something up. 你能想到借口的

881–Apparently, you’re quite good at that. 很明显 你很擅长编造借口

882–I don’t like your tone. 我不喜欢你的语气

883–I don’t like yours. 我也不喜欢你的语气

884–I want our things back. 我想摆回我们自己的东西

885–I liked my home the way it was. 我喜欢家里原来的样子

886–I like you the way you were. 我喜欢原来的你

887–I love the woman in this photograph. 我爱照片中的那个女人

888–Well, I don’t! 我不爱

889–In fact, I hate her. 事实上 我讨厌她

890–She wanted so much out of life. 她本对生活有很多追求

891–Others convinced her that she wasn’t worthy. 其他人却告诉她 她不配拥有

892–So, she told herself to be happy with the scraps所以 她劝服自己满足于

893–that were thrown her way. 这些让她丧失自我的残羹冷炙

894–She gobbled them up with gratitude. 让她心怀感激地吞下这一切

895–One day, she realized that… 有一天 她终于意识到

896–… she deserved more. 自己应得到更多

897–That’s what Dee and I are to you, is it? Scraps? 在你心里我和小迪就是这样 对吗 残羹冷炙

898–Of course not. 当然不是

899–My family is my heart. 家就是我的全部

900–And I have been happy within these four walls. 我一直很满意这个家

901–But there’s a big, beautiful world out there但外面的世界缤纷多姿

902–I’ve never been a part of. 我却从未踏足过

903–The women in-in this Garden Club,园艺俱乐部的这些女人

904–they can be my tour guides. 她们可以做我的向导

905–They can introduce me to everything life has to offer. 她们可以带我见识生活中所有美好

906–Bertie… 伯特

907–Help me be the woman I want to be. 帮我成为我心中的那个女人吧

908–Let’s bury the old Alma. 将曾经的艾尔玛深埋入土

909–Whatever you want, my love. 都听你的 亲爱的

910–I know some of the girls want to nominate Ada Coy for the new spot,我知道有人想提名艾达·科伊填补新成员空缺

911–but I think we have to consider Alma. 但我认为我们应该考虑一下艾尔玛

912–She’d be an unusual choice. 虽然她有点不符合我们的标准

913–But I really like her. 不过我还挺喜欢她的

914–Me, too. 我也是

915–Rita, what do you think? 丽塔 你觉得呢

916–I think Alma is absolutely我觉得艾尔玛

917–Elysian Park Garden Club material. 非常适合极乐公园园艺俱乐部

918–Lovely. 太好了

919–I will schedule a vote with the whole club. 那我去安排所有俱乐部成员投票表决

920–I’ll call Sue, and I’ll make sure that… 我去打给苏 确保…

921–Well, we could have it at my house. 我们可以在我家投票

922–As Rita watched the Fillcots kiss,当丽塔看着菲尔科特夫妇亲吻时

923–she had the strangest sensation. 她突然有种非常奇怪的感觉

924–She actually envied Alma. 她反而有点嫉妒艾尔玛了

925–For her happy marriage, 嫉妒她幸福的婚姻

926–her crooked little home, and her simple little life. 她那拿不上台面的小家 还有她不起眼的简单生活

927–And for a moment, 有那么一刻

928–she wondered if maybe Alma had something to teach her她在想或许艾尔玛能教会她

929–about attaining true happiness. 如何获得真正的幸福

930–But that thought vanished with the arrival但随着一个陌生又熟悉身影的到来

931–of an oddly familiar face. 这个想法消失殆尽

932–When Rita realized who this girl was ,当丽塔认出这个女孩时

933–her envy was washed away, 她的嫉妒之心被冲刷一尽

934–and replaced with an emotion随之而来的是

935–far more insidious. 一个更为阴险的念头

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