Why Women Kill S02E02 Script (致命女人第二季第二集中英对照剧本台词):

标题:”The Woman in the Window”–窗户里的女人

1–Previously on Why Women Kill… 《致命女人》前情提要…

2–You know, a spot’s opened up in the Garden Club. 俱乐部有了一个空位

3–It’s considered the finest in Los Angeles. 被视作洛杉矶最顶级的俱乐部

4–We’re having a gathering at my house on Saturday. 我们这周六在我家有个聚会

5–You’re inviting me to a party? 你是在邀请我参加聚会吗

6–Oh, honey. They don’t let frumps亲爱的 她们是不会

7–into the Elysian Park Garden Club. 让老妈子加入极乐公园园艺俱乐部的

8–Oh, no. The needle. 不 针断了

9–My Aunt Enid had one just like it. 我姨妈伊尼德有一颗跟这个一样的

10–She died four years ago. 她四年前去世

11–The man I need you to follow is my lover. 你要跟踪的是我的情人

12–So you’re the cheater? 所以是你不忠

13–My lover’s name is Scooter Polarsky. 我的情人叫斯库特·波拉斯基

14–You’re late. 你迟到了

15–Sorry, Scooter. 抱歉 斯库特

16— Rita? – Carlo? -丽塔 -卡洛

17— It seems I’m dying. – I know. -我可能快死了 -我知道

18–When a dog or cat is ready to die, we help them. 当一只狗或者猫要死的时候 我们会帮助它们

19–We should show human beings the same kindness. 我们应该对人类展现出同样的仁慈

20–Alma? 艾尔玛

21–I’m off to work. You awake? 我要去上班了 你醒了吗

22–In fact, Alma Fillcot had not slept a wink all night long. 实际上 艾尔玛·菲尔科特一整夜都没睡

23–The mysterious box in her attic kept taunting her, whispering,阁楼里神秘的箱子一直在嘲弄她 私语道

24–“Your husband has a secret. “”你丈夫有个秘密”

25–But she refused to believe it. 但她拒绝相信

26–She knew Bertram Fillcot was the kindest man she’d ever met. 她知道伯特伦·菲尔科特是她见过的最善良的男人

27–She had learned this years ago. 她很多年前就知道了

28–The night Tom Madison broke her heart. 在汤姆·麦迪逊伤了她心的那晚

29–What are you doing? 你在干什么

30–I found a baby bird on the ground. 我在地上发现了一只鸟宝宝

31–I’m putting it back in its nest. 我要把它放回巢里

32–Aren’t you worried about your tux? 你不担心你的礼服吗

33–No. 不

34–Just worried about the bird. 只担心小鸟

35–There you go, little buddy. 你回家了 小家伙

36–Be more careful in the future. 以后要小心点哦

37–Be right down. 我马上下来

38–That was very kind of you. 你可真善良

39–I didn’t do so much. 我也没做什么

40–You were right. 你说得对

41–My tux is a goner. 我的礼服毁了

42–Guess I’ll have to call it a night. 看来今晚得到此为止了

43–You’re not going back to the dance? 你不回去跳舞了吗

44–I don’t know many girls that would dance with me我现在这样 认识的女孩里

45–looking like this. 没几个愿意跟我跳舞的

46–Good night. 晚安

47–I’d dance with you. 我愿意跟你跳舞

48–The rip doesn’t matter to me. 我不介意你裤子破了

49–Not in the slightest. 一点也不

50–My name is Alma, by the way. 对了 我叫艾尔玛

51–Alma Wilkins. 艾尔玛·威尔金斯

52–Yes, uh, I know. 我知道

53–You do? 你知道

54–I’ve seen you around school. 我在学校经常看到你

55–I always thought you were nice. 我一直觉得你很棒

56–I was right. 我果然没想错

57–So, what’s your name? 那… 你叫什么

58–Oh, I’m Bertram Fillcot. 我叫伯特伦·菲尔科特

59–So, Miss Wilkins… 那么 威尔金斯小姐

60–would you do me the honor? 你愿意赏光与我共舞吗

61–Even after all these years,即便过了这么多年

62–Alma Fillcot still loved her husband. 艾尔玛·菲尔科特仍然爱着她的丈夫

63–But she now suspected he was keeping something from her. 但她现在怀疑他有事瞒着她

64–So she decided to learn everything she could于是她决定竭尽所能

65–about the secrets he was hiding inside that mysterious box. 去探知他在那神秘盒子里隐藏的秘密

66–And, like Pandora before her, she was completely unprepared就像在她之前打开了魔盒的潘多拉一样

67–for the evil that was about to burst forth. 她对自己将要放出的恶魔毫无准备

68–As Alma studied the various items艾尔玛研究了

69–she’d found in her husband’s box… 她丈夫盒子中的各种物件

70–… there was one in particular that caught her eye. 有一件尤其令她在意

71–And worried her. 也尤其让她担忧

72–Greatly. 非常担忧

73–Oh, good. You’re finally up. 太好了 你终于醒了

74–Been dying to find out what happened yesterday. 我迫切想知道昨晚的情况

75–What do you mean? 什么意思

76–The party. 那个聚会啊

77–Did it go well? 还顺利吗

78–Are the Garden Club ladies going to invite you to join? 园艺俱乐部的女士们会邀请你加入吗

79–That. Um, you know, I-I don’t, I don’t think so. 那事啊 我想不会了

80–I don’t think I made a very good impression. 我应该没给她们留下好印象

81–Oh, Mom. I’m sorry. 妈妈 我很遗憾

82–Are you devastated? 你是不是很难过

83–Probably. 大概吧

84–I haven’t had time to decide. 我还没时间决定

85–Excuse me. 我先走了

86–This looks like a cleaning woman. 这看起来是个女清洁工

87–You said take a photo of every dame你说要拍下每一个

88–who went into his apartment. 进入他公寓的女人

89–She’s the only one who waltzed in. 只有她轻快地进去了

90–Galumphed in is more like it. 是笨拙地滚进去吧

91–If Scooter is having an affair,斯库特就算真搞外遇

92–it is not with that fat old thing. 也绝对不是跟那个老肥婆

93–If you say so. 你说是就是吧

94–You want me to keep tailing him? 你要我继续跟踪他吗

95–One more week, to be sure. 再跟一星期 确定一下

96–Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to the hospital那么失陪了 我要去医院

97–to check on my husband’s condition. 看看我丈夫的情况

98— Yeah, I heard he had a stroke. – Oh, it’s devastating. -我听说他中风了 -太可怕了

99–Carlo can still see and hear,卡洛仍然能看见和听见

100–but he can’t speak or move. 但他不能说话 也动不了

101–The doctors say it’s like he’s trapped in his own body. 医生说他就像是被困在了自己身体里

102–That’s rough. 太让人难受了

103–Yes, well, if he has to be stuck in anyone’s body,不过如果他非得”卡”在某个身体里

104–I’m glad it’s his for a change and not mine. 我很庆幸这次是他自己 而不是我的

105–I’m starting to think you don’t care我开始觉得你根本不在乎

106–if your husband lives or dies. 你丈夫的死活

107–Oh, I don’t mean to sound callous. It’s just… 我不是故意表现得那么无情 只是

108–I look so good in black. 我穿黑色太好看了

109–Nurse? 护士

110–When you’re done in there,等你忙完

111–could you tell Carlo’s doctor I want to speak to him? 你能叫卡洛的医生过来吗 我要交待几句

112–Oh, and I’d kill for a cup of coffee,还有 我很想来杯咖啡

113–if there’s a fresh pot somewhere. 有没有刚冲好的

114–I am not your maid, Rita. 我可不是你的佣人 丽塔

115–And the nurses are here to heal my father,而且护士是来照顾我父亲的

116–not to pamper his concubine. 不是来对他的小老婆唯命是从的

117–Catherine… 凯瑟琳

118–what a nice surprise. 真想不到你能来

119–Why didn’t you tell me my father was ill? 我父亲病了为什么不告诉我

120–If his lawyer hadn’t called,要不是他的律师给我打电话

121–I would still be in Texas. 我这会儿还在得克萨斯呢

122–Sorry, but I’ve been busy. 抱歉 我太忙了

123–Oh, I’m sure spending my father’s money takes up a lot of your day. 你是忙着花我父亲的钱吧

124–Don’t worry, Papa. 别担心 爸爸

125–Your dumpling is here to take care of you. 你的小棉袄来照顾你了

126–Dumpling? 小棉袄

127–Do you not know how he feels about you? 你知道你在他眼里什么样子吗

128–You’re an only child and still not his favorite. 他只有你一个孩子 却仍然不喜欢你

129–I was owed a phone call. 我有资格要求知情

130–The family trust clearly states家族信托明确规定

131–that I’m in charge of every decision有关我父亲健康状况的一切事宜

132–involving my father’s health. 都由我做主

133–How did that happen? 怎么会这样

134–You may have nicer legs, but… 你也许盘靓条顺

135–I have better lawyers. 但我的律师更厉害

136–And they say I have the power to take him back home. 他们还说我可以带他回家

137–Did you hear that, Papa? 你听到了吗 爸爸

138–I’ll be taking care of you from now on. 从今往后我来照顾你

139–So you’re taking him back to Texas? 你要带他回得克萨斯

140–Yes. 没错

141–And now I have to go and speak with the doctors, and, no… 现在我要去跟医生谈话了 不行

142–… you may not join us. 你不能一起来

143–Oh, she’s taking you out of my life, Carlo. 她要带你远离我了 卡洛

144–Whatever shall I do? 我该怎么办

145–Besides cartwheels, I mean. 只能开心得翻跟头了

146–Morning, Mr. Polarsky. 早啊 波拉斯基先生

147–The usual? 老样子

148–You know it, doll. 你都知道 宝贝

149–You again. 又是你

150–So, what’ll it be? 那么 喝点什么

151–Cup of joe followed by six refills? 一杯咖啡 再续杯六次

152–And some toast. 还有面包片

153–I’m feeling adventurous. 我想冒下险

154–Craziest thing. 有件疯狂的事

155–I, uh, I thought I saw you last night,我觉得我昨晚看到你了

156–over in Chinatown. 在中国城

157–Yeah. 是

158–That was me. 那是我

159–Did, uh, you see me? 你看到我了吗

160–Maid’s getup? 穿着服务员服装

161–Old lady wig? 戴着老太太假发

162–Yeah, you were hard to miss. 是 很难不看到你

163–Look, about that… 关于那个

164–Listen. You don’t owe me an explanation. 听着 你不需要跟我解释

165–Whatever’s going on between you and that guy,你和那个小伙之间的事情

166–it’s none of my business. 与我无关

167–Why do you think there’s a guy? 你为什么觉得有个小伙

168–Well, for starters, you were in a disguise,首先 你做了伪装

169–and it ain’t Halloween. 而那天不是万圣节

170–Okay, yeah, there’s a guy. 好吧 是的 是有个小伙

171–But it’s a complicated. 但是事情很复杂

172–Is it? 是吗

173–Don’t act like you get what’s going on,别装作好像你知道内情似的

174–’cause you don’t. 因为你不知道

175–You’re right. 你说得对

176–I don’t get why a smart girl like you我不懂为什么你这样一个聪明的女孩

177–would let some jerk humiliate her. 会让那种混蛋糟蹋

178–He’s not a jerk. 他不是混蛋

179–He’s in a jam, is all. 他陷入困境了 仅此而已

180–But deep down he’s good people. 但他内心深处是个好人

181–Alma Fillcot went into town that day艾尔玛·菲尔科特那天去了镇上

182–to learn the truth behind her husband’s mysterious collection. 想弄清楚她丈夫神秘收藏品背后的真相

183–She knew in her heart, there was a simple explanation. 她心里明白 真相很简单

184–She was wrong. 她错了

185–Miss Moran? 莫兰小姐

186–Hello? 有人吗

187–Miss Moran, are you home? 莫兰小姐 你在家吗

188–Hello? 有人吗

189–You don’t know me,你不认识我

190–but I-I have something that belongs to you. 你有东西在我这儿

191–Miss Moran. 莫兰小姐

192–Miss Moran? 莫兰小姐

193–Are you asleep? 你睡着了吗

194–Miss Moran? 莫兰小姐

195–Hello. 你好

196–How did it go? 怎么样

197–I hope Duke didn’t give you too much trouble. 希望公爵没给你惹太多麻烦

198–Nope. He behaved like royalty. 没有 它举止颇有皇室风范

199–I’ve got the… 我给它…

200–prescription here for his eye drops. 开了眼药水

201–Thank you again, Dr. Fillcot. 再次感谢你 菲尔科特医生

202–Wait. I almost forgot. 等下 我差点忘了

203–I brought a gift for Alma. 我给艾尔玛带了份礼物

204–You know my wife? 你认识我妻子

205–Well, we just met at a party yesterday. 我们昨天在聚会上刚认识的

206–But she did the sweetest thing for me,但她为我做了一件非常暖心的事

207–so I bought her some chocolates. 所以我给她带了点巧克力

208–What on earth did she do? 她做了什么

209–Do you remember my Aunt Enid? Who died? 还记得我姨妈伊尼德吗 已经过世了

210–Yes, uh… 记得…

211–heart attack. 心脏病

212–Sweet soul. 多好的人

213–Yes, well, after her death, some jewelry she owned went missing. 是啊 她过世后 她有个珠宝不见了

214–But thanks to your wife,不过多亏了你妻子

215–I now have it back. 现在我找回来了

216–Did she say where she found it? 她有说是在哪找到的吗

217–I don’t know, some rummage sale, I think. 我不清楚 好像是什么慈善拍卖会上买的

218–Anyway, wasn’t it just darling of her to return it? 不管怎样 她把它物归原主是不是太暖心了

219–Yes, darling. 是的 亲爱的

220–I wonder why she didn’t tell me herself. 这事她怎么没告诉我

221–Well, when you give her the chocolates,你把巧克力给她的时候

222–do tell her they’re from Belgium, please. 请一定要告诉她是比利时的

223–That’s the expensive kind. 很贵的

224–Come, Duke. 来 公爵

225–Hello, Bertram. 你好 伯特伦

226–We need to talk. 我们需要谈谈

227–They’re mementos. 这些是纪念品

228–Things that once belonged to friends. 一些曾属于朋友们的东西

229–Patients. 病人们

230–People I’ve met. 我遇到的人

231–People who are now dead. 那些人现在都死了

232–If they were alive, I wouldn’t need mementos. 如果他们还活着 我就不需要纪念品了

233–If they’re just harmless keepsakes,如果这些纪念品没问题

234–then why do you hide them in the attic? 那你为什么把它们藏在阁楼

235–You’re very emotional. 你太激动了

236–Well, of course I’m emotional. 我当然激动了

237–I just saw a dead woman. 我刚刚看见了一个死了的女人

238–A dead woman? 死了的女人

239–Your friend Maisie Moran. 你的朋友麦茜·莫兰

240–I saw her name on your latest… 我看见了她的名字 在你最新的

241–souvenir. 纪念品上

242–So I looked up her address. 我查到了她的地址

243–I wanted to talk to her. 我想跟她聊聊

244–But it was too late for a chat. 但已经来不及聊了

245–That must be very upsetting for you. 你一定很难过

246–Let me get you some tea. 我给你泡点茶

247–I don’t want tea. 我不想喝茶

248–Bertram, I want answers! 伯特伦 我想要你的回答

249–Were you there last night? 你昨晚在她家吗

250–Yes. 对

251–I’m sure that there is a perfectly logical explanation我相信这一切一定有非常合理的

252–for all of this. 解释

253–And now would be a really good time现在就是你

254–for you to share that with me. 告诉我的好时机

255–Because the most dreadful thoughts因为我的脑子里

256–are racing through my mind. 一直有可怕的想法飞过

257–Things that can’t possibly be true. 那些想法不可能是真的

258–Please tell me what is going on. 拜托告诉我发生了什么

259–Maisie was very ill. 麦茜病得很重

260–You’re saying that she… 你说她是

261–died of natural causes? 自然病逝的

262–Bertram. 伯特伦

263–What happened last night? 昨晚发生了什么

264–She deserved a beautiful death,她值得美好地死去

265–and I made sure she got one. 我确保她能如愿

266–You made sure? 你确保了

267–It’s why I was there. 所以我才过去的

268–To help her die peacefully. 帮助她安详死去

269–What do you mean you helped her? 你说的帮助是什么意思

270–With an injection. 注射药物

271–It’s the same drug I use in my practice. 跟我在诊所里用的药物一样

272–You put her to sleep? 你让她安乐死

273–Like she was a dog? 把她当成狗

274–She was on the verge of so much suffering. 她即将遭受极大的痛苦

275–They all were. 他们都如此

276–They all were? 他们都如此

277–Yes, each was dying of something. 是的 每个人都即将死于某种事物


279–heart disease, cancer. 心脏病 癌症

280–When there’s no possibility of a cure, then… 当没有治愈可能的时候 那么

281–I bring peace. 我就会带去安宁

282–You killed all these people? 你杀了所有这些人

283–No, I helped them. 不 我帮助了他们

284–Helped them? 帮助他们

285–Did… 他们

286–Did they ask you to? 他们有叫你这么做吗

287–Well… 这个

288–Oh, my God. 我的天

289–What’s wrong? 怎么了

290–I can’t breathe. 我没法呼吸了

291–My heart is pounding. 我的心在狂跳

292–You need to calm yourself. 你需要冷静

293–Let me get you a sedative. 我给你点镇静剂

294–Don’t you come near me! 别靠近我

295–No. Don’t. 不 别过来

296–Alma, surely you don’t think… 艾尔玛 你不会觉得…

297–You stay back. Back! 退后 退后

298— Get away. Ah! – Darling. -别过来 -亲爱的

299–Alma. 艾尔玛

300–Alma. 艾尔玛

301–Look, I-I know you’ve had a shock. 听着 我知道你很震惊

302–But… there’s really no need to overreact. 但是 没必要反应过激

303–You kill people for a hobby! 你为了爱好杀人

304–It’s not possible to overreact! 怎么可能不反应过激

305–Hobby? No. 爱好 不

306–You don’t understand. 你不明白

307–Those sweet souls, the… 他们都是好人

308–the ones I helped, they were alone那些我帮助过的人 他们孤独

309–and scared,害怕

310–with nothing to look forward to他们除了难以想象的痛苦

311–but unimaginable pain. 已经没什么可期待的了

312–I eased them out of life to protect them. 我帮他们解脱是为了保护他们

313–I showed them mercy. 我对他们很仁慈

314–The first person I helped in this way, she… 我这样帮助过的第一个人 她…

315–She asked me to. 她要求我这样做

316–She begged me. 她恳求我

317–You should have seen her face afterwards. 你真该看看她去世后的表情

318–Oh, it was so peaceful. 非常安详

319–Ever since then, it’s become my calling. 从此以后 这就成了我的使命

320–Alma, are you listening to me? 艾尔玛 你在听我说话吗

321–What? 怎么

322–You’ve never conducted a fire safety drill before? 你从没做过消防演习吗

323–Darling, please. 亲爱的 求你了

324–Can we talk about this? 我们能谈谈这事吗

325— Alma? – No. -艾尔玛 -不

326–Don’t come any closer! 别靠近我

327–Where are you going? 你要去哪里

328–Where do you think I’m going? To the police! 你觉得我要去哪里 去警局

329–Can’t we talk about this? 我们能谈谈这事吗

330–You know I’d never hurt you. 你知道我绝不会伤害你

331–I’m not afraid you’ll hurt me. 我不是怕你伤害我

332–I’m afraid you’ll help me. 我是怕你帮助我

333— No. No. – Alma… -不 不 -艾尔玛

334–Back up. 退后

335–Get back. 回去

336–Alma? 艾尔玛

337–Scooter, I’ve been thinking. 斯库特 我一直在想

338–How’d you like to come live with me? 你愿意跟我一起住吗

339–You mean shack up? 你是说同居吗

340–Well, what about Carlo? 那卡洛呢

341–His bitch of a daughter is taking him back home to Texas. 他那个该死的女儿要带他回得克萨斯了

342–Oh, swell. 太好了

343–When should I start packing? 我要什么时候开始收拾东西

344–Today, if you’d like. 你想的话今天就可以

345–But since I’m still married,但我还结着婚

346–we’ll need a cover story to explain you being there. 我们得想出一个解释你过去的说法

347–Oh, right. 对

348–So we don’t scandalize the Garden Club. 那样才不会让园艺俱乐部有丑闻

349–Exactly. 没错

350–So we’ll tell people you’re my chauffeur. 那就跟别人说你是我的司机

351–A chauffeur? 司机

352–But I’m an actor. 我可是个演员

353–Okay, an aspiring actor. 一个有理想的演员

354–And I’m an aspiring widow. 而我是个有理想的寡妇

355–So while we wait for our dreams to come true,所以在我们等待理想实现的时候

356–you’ll stay in my guesthouse. 你先寄宿在我家客房里

357–Trust me, it beats this pigsty. 相信我 条件肯定比这个猪圈好

358–That woman who cleans for you isn’t just old, she’s blind. 你的清洁工不仅年纪大 眼睛还瞎

359–I never said I have a cleaning lady. 我可没说过我有清洁工

360–Oh, you must have. 你肯定说过

361–How else could I know about her? 不然我怎么会知道她呢

362–You know what? 这样吧

363–Let’s leave things how they are. 还是不要急着改变现状

364–I want you as my lover, not my boss. 我想你做我的爱人 不是老板

365–Oh, for God’s sake, it’s temporary. 老天啊 只是暂时的

366–Carlo is inches from death. 卡洛半条腿已经进棺材了

367–And once I have his money,等我拿到了他的钱

368–we can spend it on anything you’d like. 你想要什么我们就买什么

369–Travel, parties. 旅行 聚会

370–Give up my freedom for a few shindigs? 为了这些东西就放弃我的自由

371–Pasadena. 典型的帕萨迪纳作风

372–I will have millions of dollars. 到时候我会有几百万美元

373–And… 而且

374–there might even be enough to finance a film… 可能还有钱投资一部电影

375–starring my former chauffeur. 由我曾经的司机主演

376–Are you serious? 你认真的吗

377–Of course I am, my beautiful boy. 当然 我的乖乖仔

378–Now, what do you say? 现在你怎么说

379–I say… 我说

380–car’s all gassed up, Mrs. Castillo. Where to? 车已经加满油了 卡斯蒂罗太太 您要去哪儿

381–Paradise. 天堂

382–And step on it. 快来吧

383–Alma Fillcot? 艾尔玛·菲尔科特

384–Rita. 丽塔

385–What are you doing here? 你在这里做什么

386–Oh, I was just around the block, interviewing a new chauffeur. 我正好在这附近 面试一个新司机

387–Uh, so, Grace phoned me last night. 格蕾丝昨晚给我打电话了

388–She went on and on about you. 她一直在说你

389–She did? 是吗

390–Yes. She said you were very sweet. 是的 她说你人很好

391–You returned some old trinket? 你是给她归还了某个旧首饰吗

392–Yes, her-her cameo. 是的 她的浮雕珠宝

393–Anyway, she’s very grateful,无论如何 她十分感激

394–and she wants to nominate you for the open spot in the club. 她还想提名你加入俱乐部

395–Oh, my God. 天哪

396–I just didn’t think I’d ever be nominated. 我只是没想到我会被提名

397–No one did. 没人想得到

398–But you now have Grace on your side. 但是现在你有格蕾丝帮你撑腰

399–So, good for you. 真有你的

400–Do you really think I have a chance? 你真的觉得我有机会加入吗

401–Maybe. 也许吧

402–Ada Coy was my first choice, but… 艾达·科伊曾是我的第一人选 但是

403–Well, her husband was just caught embezzling money from his bank. 她的丈夫刚因为挪用银行公款被捕

404–Obviously, we can’t admit someone whose husband might be arrested. 很显然 我们不能让丈夫刚被捕的人加入

405–Wh-Why not? 为 为什么不行

406–The Elysian Park Garden Club has a sterling reputation. 极乐公园园艺俱乐部名声在外

407–We can’t be associated with a public scandal. 我们不能跟社会丑闻扯上关系

408–Right. 好吧

409–That would be awkward. 那就尴尬了

410–What if she didn’t know what her husband had done? 如果她对她丈夫的所作所为毫不知情呢

411–Oh. She’s his wife. 她是妻子

412–She should have known. 她应该知道

413–Poor Ada. 可怜的艾达

414–I know. 我懂

415–She’ll probably have to leave town. 她可能得离开这里

416–No one decent will want to have a thing to do with her now. 现在没人愿意跟她来往了

417–It’s not fair. 这不公平

418–But the good news is, now you have a shot. 但是好消息是 现在你有机会了

419–Someone will call you soon to set up a date for your interview. 很快会有人给你打电话安排面试

420–Oh, and, um,另外

421–when that day comes, Alma,等那天到来时 艾尔玛

422–speaking as a friend… 我是作为朋友才这么说的

423–Yes? 什么事

424–Don’t wear that. 别穿这衣服

425–Are you crazy? You can’t move this kid in here. 你疯了吗 你不能让他搬进来

426–Oh. Lots of women have drivers. 很多女人都有司机

427–Middle-aged men with a gut. 有大肚子的中年男人

428–If you move a gorgeous young kid in here, people will talk. 如果你让一个年轻帅哥搬进来 人们会说闲话的

429–Well, I’ll just… I’ll tell everyone he’s an actor我就告诉大家他是演员

430–and I’m only moving him in so I can mentor him. 我让他搬进来是为了辅导他

431–People won’t talk then. 那样人们就不会说闲话了

432–No, they’ll laugh. 不 他们会大笑

433–That must be Scooter now. 肯定是斯库特到了

434–His name is Scooter? 他叫斯库特

435–I know. 我懂

436–I begged him to change it. 我求过他改名

437–Catherine? 凯瑟琳

438–What are you doing here? 你怎么来了

439–Oh, I brought you a present. 我给你带了份礼物

440–Your husband. 你丈夫

441–Come on, Papa. 来吧 爸爸

442–Home sweet home. 回家真好

443–But you said he was going to live with you in Texas. 你不是说他要跟你一起搬去得州吗

444–And when I saw how happy that made you,我看到那让你有多开心后

445–I knew I’d made a mistake. 我就知道我错了

446–Then it occurred to me that I can live here,然后我意识到我可以住在这儿

447–look after Papa,照顾爸爸

448–and keep an eye on you, as well. 顺便看住你

449–Isabel, you can use the elevator伊莎贝尔 你可以用电梯

450–to take my father up to his room. 送我爸爸去他房间

451–Isabel, no. 伊莎贝尔 不

452–Carlo is not staying. 卡洛不会留下

453–Father pays for your salary. 爸爸支付你的工资

454–Not her. 不是她

455–Yes, Miss Castillo. 是的 卡斯蒂罗小姐

456–Sorry, Mrs. Castillo. 抱歉 卡斯蒂罗太太

457–You. You… 你 你

458–This is my home, Catherine, and I want you to leave. 这是我家 凯瑟琳 我要你离开

459–My father’s name is on the deed, so what you want is irrelevant. 房契上有我爸爸的名字 你想要什么不重要

460–Wheel Papa to the window, Isabel. 把爸爸推到窗边去 伊莎贝尔

461–He likes looking at the flowers. 他喜欢盯着花看

462–This is insane. 这太荒谬了

463–He needs better care than we can give him here. 这里满足不了他所需的照顾

464–You seem awfully eager to get him out of your hair. 你似乎急于赶走他啊

465–Do you have some gigolo waiting in the wings? 厢房里是有牛郎在等着吗

466–How dare you question my fidelity? 你竟敢质疑我的忠诚

467–Anyone home? 有人在家吗

468–Excuse me. 失陪了

469–What the hell’s going on? 什么情况

470–You have to leave now. 你得马上离开

471–Rita, where are you? 丽塔 你在哪

472–Oh, crap. 该死

473— Give me this. – Hey. What are you doing? -给我 -你在干什么

474— Give me this. – What? -给我 -什么

475–Who is this? 这是谁

476–Oh, for Christ’s sake, Catherine. 老天啊 凯瑟琳

477–It’s just my dry cleaner. 这是我的干洗工

478–I-I hope you haven’t lost any more buttons. 希望你没有弄丢更多纽扣

479–Isabel. 伊莎贝尔

480–Put these dresses away. 把这些衣服拿走

481–Well, what are you waiting for? 你还在等什么

482–Oh, did I forget a tip? 我忘了给小费吗

483–There. 拿去

484–Off you go. 走吧

485–Thanks, Mrs. Castillo. 谢了 卡斯蒂罗太太

486–See you later. 再见

487–I can’t believe you just did that. 不敢相信你刚才那么做了

488–Did what? 做了什么

489–You tipped him a whole dollar. 你给了他一美元的小费

490–If that’s how you’re spending Papa’s money,如果你是这么花爸爸的钱

491–it’s a good thing I’m here. 还好我来了

492–What I spend is none of your business. 我怎么花钱与你无关

493–But everything you do is my business now. 但你现在做的一切都跟我有关了

494–Morally and legally. 无论是从道德上还是法律上说

495–And if I find legal grounds to sue for divorce on his behalf,如果我找到合法理由替他起诉离婚

496–I will do so. 我会的

497–And take you out of his will. 还会把你从遗嘱你去掉

498–So that’s your plan? 这就是你的计划吗

499–To inherit the whole shebang yourself? 一人独吞财产

500–I don’t need Papa’s money. 我不需要爸爸的钱

501–But I sure would love to take it away from you. 但我很乐意从你手中夺过来

502–Scooter? Scooter. 斯库特 斯库特

503— Rita. – Oh, come here. -丽塔 -过来

504–Who the heck was that? 刚才那人是谁

505–Oh, it’s Carlo’s daughter. 卡洛的女儿

506–She brought the S. O. B. home. 她把那贱人带回家了

507— Well, how long is she going to be here? – Who knows? -她要在这待多久 -谁知道呢

508–We’ll talk about it tonight at your place,我们今晚在你家细聊

509— if I can get away. – Wait. -如果我能走开的话 -等等

510–What about my garment bag? 那我的衣物袋呢

511–Mr. Scotty. 斯科蒂先生

512–Thanks so much. 非常感谢

513–A-And it-it’s Scooter. 我叫斯库特

514–You should really think about “Scotty. ” It’s better. 你真该考虑改成斯科蒂 好听多了

515–Mom. 妈妈

516–What are you doing here? I was just about to head home. 你来这做什么 我正准备回家

517–Well, then I’m glad I caught you. 幸好你还没走

518–is there someplace else that you could go tonight? 你今晚有别的地方可以去吗

519–A-a friend you could stay with? 去你朋友那过夜可以吗

520–I guess. Why? 有吧 怎么了

521–Well, there’s a… a problem at home家里出了问题

522–with your father, and I… 跟你爸爸有关 而我

523–it needs to be dealt with. 必须解决这事

524–I just thought it might be better if we were alone tonight. 今晚最好只有我俩在家

525–What’s the matter? 出什么事了

526–Is Dad sick? 爸爸生病了吗

527–Maybe. 也许吧

528–But not in the way that you mean. 但不是你以为的那个意思

529–I don’t understand. 我不明白

530–I can’t go into it now. 我现在没法细说

531–Not here. 不能在这说

532–Mom, you’re scaring me. 妈妈 你吓着我了

533–Sit down. 坐下

534–Come on. 来坐下

535–Dee, your… 小迪 你的

536–your father is not the man I thought he was. 你爸爸让我失望了

537–Is there another woman? 他有了其他女人吗

538–There was. 有过

539–Oh, God. 天啊

540–So, Daddy… 所以 爸爸…

541–I’m so sorry. 我很遗憾

542–What are you going to do? 你打算怎么做

543–If I do what I should, then… 如果我做我应做之事的话 那么…

544–I’ll lose everything I’ve ever dreamed of. 我会失去我梦寐以求的一切

545–If I do nothing, then how will I live with myself? 但如果置之不理 我该如何面对自己

546–People will talk. 会有闲言碎语

547–They’ll find out. 人们会知道的

548–What would they say about me? 他们会怎么说我

549–My whole life,在我的一生中

550–you’ve been worried about other people’s opinions. 你都在操心别人的看法

551–Put their needs ahead of your own. 更在意别人的需求

552–Maybe it’s time to be selfish. 也许是时候自私些了

553–For once in your life,哪怕只有一次也好

554–just do whatever makes you happy. 做你喜欢做的事吧

555–You know, I’m… 我…

556–I’m very proud of the woman you’ve turned into. 我非常骄傲 你变成了这样的女人

557–I don’t think I tell you that enough. 我不常对你说这话

558–No, you don’t. 确实

559–So… 那么

560–What happens now? 现在怎么办

561–What a good question. 好问题

562–How’s that, Papa? 水怎么样 爸爸

563–Not too hot? 不会太烫吧

564–I agree. 我也觉得

565–It’s just right. 刚刚合适

566–I got to get your pills ready. 我得去把你的药准备好

567–Shoot. 糟糕

568–I’m missing one. 少了一份

569–I’ll be back. 我等会回来

570–You need to bathe your husband. 你得为你的丈夫洗浴

571–I thought you were going to do it. 你不是要给他洗吗

572–Oh, I left some of his pills in the drugstore,我把他的一些药片落在药店里了

573–so I have to go get them. 我得去拿

574–I’ll go get ’em. 我去吧

575–It closes in ten minutes, and… 十分钟后就要关掉

576–I don’t trust you to get there on time or… 我不相信你能准时到那 或者

577–in one piece. 衣衫整齐地过去

578–Is Isabel upstairs? 伊莎贝尔不在楼上吗

579–I want you to do it, you drunken fool. 我要你去做 你这个醉鬼

580–Just go upstairs,赶紧上楼去

581–and make sure his bathwater doesn’t get cold. 确保他的洗澡水不会变冷

582–Hey, Carlo. 你好 卡洛

583–Nurse Rita reporting. 丽塔护士来报到啦

584–Is the water getting cold? 水变冷了吗

585–Sure looks that way. 看起来是的

586–You know… 你知道吧

587–It’s been 15 years. 已经十五年了

588–I lived up to my end of the bargain. 我没有辜负我的承诺

589–But I think it’s your turn now. 不过现在轮到你了

590–I have so much unused love in my heart. 我心中还攒着满满爱意没有用掉

591–Let me find someone I can give it to, while I’m still young. 趁我还年轻 让我找到一位可以与之托付的人

592–Oh, come on. 拜托

593–It’s the last favor I’ll ever ask of you. 这是我最后一次请你帮忙

594–Please. 求你了

595–Die for Rita. 为了丽塔 去死吧

596–Rita? 丽塔

597–Turns out I left the pills in the car. 结果我是把药片落在车上了

598–How are we doing in here? 这边情况怎么样了

599–Ay, por Dios, Rita. 我的天呐 丽塔

600–I told you to keep the water warm, not scalding. 我让你保持水温 不是让水变得滚烫

601–Can’t you even get his bath right? 你连给他正常泡个澡都做不到吗

602–Oh, I’m sorry. 抱歉

603–It was just my first try. 毕竟这是我第一次尝试

604–Maybe I’ll get it right next time. 或许下次能做好吧

605–Hello? 喂

606–Daddy, it’s me. 爸爸 是我

607–Dee. 小迪

608–Hello. 你好

609–Will you be home soon? 你一会儿就到家了吗

610–No. 不

611–Mom asked me to spend the night somewhere else. 妈妈让我另找地方过夜

612–Oh, right, y-your mother came to see you? 好吧 你 你妈去找过你了吗

613–Yes. 对

614–Dad, I am so disappointed in you. 爸爸 我对你很失望

615–What did she say, exactly? 她到底跟你说了什么

616–You’ve been seeing another woman. 你一直背着她偷情

617–She said that? 她这么说的

618–How could you? 你怎么能这样

619–She’s given you the best years of her life,她把大好的青春年华都给了你

620–and this is how you pay her back? 你就是这么报答她的

621–With lies? 对她撒谎

622–I, I don’t what to say. 我不知道该说什么

623–But I just want you to know that I never meant to hurt her. 但是我想让你知道我从来没想要伤害她

624–Not that old line. 又是这套说辞

625–You were supposed to be one of the good ones. 我还以为你是个好人

626–And the worst part is,最糟糕的是

627–I have no one to look up to anymore. 我现在没有生活的榜样了

628–Dee. 小迪

629–Dee? 小迪

630–Scooter, get down here. It’s me. 斯库特 下来 是我

631–What are you doing here? 你怎么来了

632–Sorry. Long story, but I can’t spend the night at home. 抱歉 说来话长 我今晚没法呆在家里

633–I tried to go to my friend Karen’s,我本来想去我朋友凯伦家住

634–but she’s got family in from Bakersfield. 但是她家人从贝克斯菲尔德来了

635–Don’t you got any other friends? 你没有别的朋友了吗

636–Not when it’s raining. 下雨的时候没有

637–Are you going to let me in? 你不打算让我进去吗

638–I think my rich lady friend’s having me tailed. 我觉得我的富家女友找了人跟踪我

639–Someone could be watching us right now. 有人可能正在监视我们

640–I’m asking for one night. 我只求住一个晚上

641–It’s pouring buckets, for God’s sake. 雨下得这么大

642–Sorry, doll. 抱歉 宝贝

643–I can’t lose my meal ticket. 我可不能把饭票弄丢了

644–Hey, I’ll make it up to you. 我会补偿你的

645–Damn it. 妈的

646–Need a lift? 需要搭车吗

647–Vern. 维恩

648–What are you doing here? 你怎么在这里

649–What does it matter? You’re soaked. 重要吗 你都成落汤鸡了

650–Wait a minute. 等一下

651–Are you following me? 你在跟踪我吗

652–I am not following you. 我没有在跟踪你

653–Then what are you doing here for the second night in a… ? 那你连续两个晚上来这里干什…

654–Oh, my God. 我的天啊

655–You’re the one tailing Scooter? 就是你在跟踪斯库特吗

656–Is that why you’ve been coming into the diner? 这就是你一直来餐馆的原因

657–Well, we’ll discuss it later. Just get in. 这个之后再聊 赶紧上车

658–No. 不要

659–Dee. 小迪

660–Hold up. 等等

661–You’re a dirty gumshoe. 你这臭跟踪狂

662–So what if I am? 就算我是呢

663–You are going to catch your death out here. 你这样会得重感冒的

664–Well, why do you care? 那关你什么事

665–Do I need a reason? 还需要理由吗

666–Okay. 好了

667–Now, where’s home? 说吧 你家在哪

668–I’m not going home. 我不回家

669–I need a motel. 我要去汽车旅馆

670–Okay. I know one. 好吧 我知道一家

671–It’s clean. It’s safe. 很干净而且安全

672–I got a question. 我有个问题

673–Did Scooter’s rich lady friend hire you? 你是斯库特的有钱情人雇来的吗

674–Yeah. 对

675–She doesn’t trust him. 她不信任他

676–Apparently, with good reason. 显然不无道理

677–I can’t believe you took that woman’s money to follow him. 我不敢相信你收了那个女人的钱跟踪他

678–I thought you were a good guy. 我还以为你是个好人

679–If that haircut is your boyfriend,如果那小子是你男朋友

680–you’re not much of a judge on what makes a good guy. 那你也没资格评判谁是好人

681–We have an arrangement. 我们安排好了的

682–It works. 能行得通

683–Well, maybe I’m dumb, but… 可能我傻 但是…

684–I’ll never understand what you see in him. 我永远也理解不了你看上他哪点了

685–He looks like a movie star. 他长得像个电影明星

686–Girls like me never end up with guys who look like him. 我这样的女孩永远配不上那种长相的男人

687–Yeah. 是啊

688–Yeah, I put up with a lot. 没错 我忍受了很多

689–But for an hour, twice a week, I own his beauty. 但每周两次 我能拥有一小时他的美貌

690–During that 60 minutes,在那60分钟里

691–I forget about all the guys I had crushes on,我会忘了所有我喜欢过的男人

692–all those jerks忘了所有

693–who never gave me the time of day, and… 从不肯搭理我的混蛋

694–… and I forgive ’em. 我会原谅他们

695–Just a little. 就一点点

696–Look, I’m sorry if I… 听着 我很抱歉 如果我

697–Just drive. 开车就行

698–The desk clerk who runs this place is a pal of mine. 管理这个地方的前台是我一个朋友

699–I helped him out of a jam once, back when I was a cop. 当年我还是警察时 曾帮他摆脱困境

700–He’ll take good care of you. 他会好好照顾你的

701–Dee? 小迪

702–What’s her name? 她叫什么名字

703–The woman you work for? 你的老板

704–I can’t say. 我不能说

705–It wouldn’t be professional. 这样不专业

706–Do you think she loves Scooter? 你觉得她爱斯库特吗

707–Haven’t a clue. 我不知道

708–All I know is, she doesn’t want to share him. 我只知道 她不想跟人分享他

709–You know, the world’s full of men. 这世上满是男人

710–Decent men who’d treat you right. 多的是会好好待你的正派人

711–Well, if you meet one, tell him to hurry it up. 如果你遇到了 请告诉他快点

712–I’m tired of waiting. 我已经厌倦了等待

713–I’ll get the word out. 我会放话出去的

714–So… 那么

715–what are you going to say to this rich lady about me? 你要对那位有钱女士怎样描述我呢

716–You mean Scooter’s maid? 你是指斯库特的佣人吗

717–Well, what can you say about that sweet old woman? 你能对那位可爱的老太太说些什么呢

718–She’s got a heart of gold. 她的心地那么善良

719–Well, I’ll see you. 再见

720–I was wrong. 我错了

721–You are a good guy. 你是个好人

722–Bertram? 伯特伦

723–What is that? 那是什么

724–It’s-it’s a letter. 是 是一封信

725–“By the time you read this, I will be… “”在你读这封信时 我已经”

726–Bertram, is this a suicide note? 伯特伦 这是份自杀遗言吗

727–The drug in this vial… 这瓶中的药

728–will make my death seem like a heart attack. 会让我的死看上去像是心脏病发

729–You can dispose of the evidence你可以除掉证据

730–and tell people I’d been complaining of chest pains. 告诉别人我一直在抱怨有胸痛

731–No one has to know I took my life. 没人需要知道我是自杀的

732–Or why. 或者为什么

733–You really are the most selfish man that ever lived. 你真的是史上最自私的男人

734–I was only thinking of you, Alma. 我只是在为你着想 艾尔玛

735–Trying to spare you pain. 想要让你免受痛苦

736–By killing yourself? 通过自杀吗

737–Leaving me alone without the husband that I love? 留下我一人生活 没有我爱的丈夫

738–I didn’t think you still loved me. 我没想到你还爱我

739–Well, of course I still love you. 我当然还爱你

740–You might be a demented lunatic,你或许是个精神错乱的疯子

741–but you’re still my Bertie. 但你仍然是我的伯特

742–Are you just going to just stand there? 你要傻站在那吗

743–Help me dry. 帮我擦干啊

744–I’m confused. 我凌乱了

745–I thought you were going to turn me in to the police. 我以为你会向警察告发我

746–You can’t be half as confused as I am. 我更凌乱

747–I’ll do whatever it is you ask, Alma. 我会满足你一切需求 艾尔玛

748–What is it you want? 你想要什么

749–I want my old life back! 我想要回我从前的生活

750–I want to pretend none of this ever happened! 我想要假装这一切都没发生过

751–That’s what I want, too. 这也是我想要的

752–Perhaps we can put it all behind us,也许我们可以把这事抛诸脑后

753–never speak of it again. 再也不提起

754–It’s not enough not to speak of it, Bertram. 光是不提起可不够 伯特伦

755–The killing has got to stop! 杀戮必须停止

756–All right. 好吧

757–No. 不

758–Swear it. 发誓

759–Give me your solemn oath. 我要你庄严宣誓

760— Never again. – Ever? -再也不杀人 -永远不吗

761–Bertram. 伯特伦

762–Fine. I swear. 行 我发誓

763–I’ll never kill anyone, ever again. 我绝对不会再杀人了

764–In that case… 这样的话

765–In that, in that case what? 这样的话什么

766–You won’t be needing these. Will you? 你就不需要这些了 对吗

767–No. I’ll put them back in the attic. 是的 我会把它们放回阁楼

768–No, no. 不 不

769–These are going in the trash. 这些要扔进垃圾堆

770–You can’t toss them. 你不能丢掉它们

771–We’d be dishonoring those people’s memories. 那样我们就玷辱了这些人的记忆

772–Memories are exactly what I’m trying to avoid. 记忆正是我要避免的东西

773–Alma, wait. 艾尔玛 等等

774–Can’t we talk about this? 我们不能谈一谈吗

775–No. 不能

776–I’m not spending one more night under the same roof跟你还有你收藏的谋杀纪念品共处一室的日子

777–with you and your collection of murder souvenirs. 我一天都不想多过了

778–Bertram! Don’t you dare touch those! 伯特伦 你敢碰它们试试

779–Look, if you don’t want to keep my collection in the house,听着 如果你不想把我的收藏品放在家里

780–we can store it someplace else. 我们可以把它存在别的地方

781–That you want to keep it at all is a very troubling sign. 你还想要留着它们是个令人不安的迹象

782–Are we moving past this, or aren’t we? 这事到此为止 还是没完了

783–Yes. 到此为止了

784–What are you doing? 你要干什么

785–I’m not sleeping in the same bed with you. 我不想和你睡一张床了

786–Ever? 永远吗

787–Well, certainly not tonight. 今晚肯定不想

788–Sleep in Dee’s room. 你睡小迪的房间

789–She won’t be home. 她不会回家了

790–She told me. 她跟我说了

791–Did you tell Dee that I cheated on you? 你告诉小迪我出轨了吗

792–I told her I was upset with you. 我告诉她你让我很心烦

793–She assumed that was the reason. 她觉得是因为你出轨了

794–And you let her believe that? 你就任由她那么想了

795–What was I supposed to say? “Don’t worry, dear. 那我应该怎么说 别担心 亲爱的

796–Your father would never touch another woman… 你父亲永远不会碰其他女人

797–except to kill her”! 只是会杀了她而已

798–Well, it just hurts me that Dee now sees me as an adulterer. 我只是很伤心 现在小迪认为我是一个奸夫

799–Bertram. 伯特伦

800–You have murdered dozens of people. 你已经谋杀了几十个人

801–You don’t get to pout! 你没权生气

802–You can hardly call it murder. 你不能说那是谋杀

803–The people I helped were about to die anyway. 我帮助过的人本来也快死了

804–Then why not just let nature take its course? 那为什么不能顺其自然

805–Because nature is cruel. 因为自然太残忍了

806–It takes away hope and leaves nothing but pain. 这只能带走希望 除了痛苦什么也不留

807–I can’t bear to stand idly by我不能无动于衷地站在一边

808–and just watch someone suffer. 眼睁睁看着别人忍受痛苦

809–Then look away. 那就别看

810–Honestly. 讲真

811–If I find out that you have helped one more person,如果我发现你再帮助一个人

812–I will turn you in. 我就举报你

813–Even if it brings shame on me and Dee. 即使这会给我和小迪带来耻辱

814–This ends now, Bertram. 你的行为现在就得结束 伯特伦

815–I mean it. 我是认真的

816–There will be no more death. 不能再有更多死亡了

817–That sounded dire. 好可怕的声音

818–Oh, my God. 我的天啊

819–Mrs. Yost. 约斯特夫人

820–Alma, call an ambulance! 艾尔玛 快叫救护车

821–Bertram, look at the trellis. 伯特伦 快看窗台

822–She was up there listening to us. 她刚才在上面听我们说话

823–So what? 所以呢

824–She needs an ambulance. Quickly. 她需要救护车 快点

825–Hang on, Mrs. Yost. Help is on the way. 坚持住 约斯特夫人 救援在路上了

826–Bertram… 伯特伦

827–I think she’s dead. 我觉得她死了

828–Oh, Mrs. Yost. 约斯特夫人

829–Well, I guess we’ll have to call the police now. 看来我们现在得报警了

830–Wait. Wait! Wait! Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. 等等 等等

831–Wait? What for? 等等 等什么

832–If the police come, then what will we tell them? 如果警察来了 我们要跟他们说什么

833–Well, the truth. She was eavesdropping and she fell. 说实话 她在偷听 然后摔下来了

834–Why was she eavesdropping? 她为什么要偷听

835–They’re going to want to know what was going on in our house警察会想知道我们的房子里发生什么事了

836–lurid enough to make a 70-year-old woman才会让一个70岁的老妇人

837–climb a trellis. 爬到我们窗台去

838–There’s going to be so many questions. 一定会有很多问题的

839–Rumors. 还有谣言

840–All over town. 会传遍小镇

841–And after all of your crimes, Bertram. 而在你的这一切罪行后 伯特伦

842–Crimes which even I was able to uncover. 甚至是连我都能发现的罪行

843–Do we dare invite that kind of scrutiny? 我们敢让警察来调查吗

844–What choice do we have? 我们还有什么选择

845–Alma. Alma. 艾尔玛 艾尔玛

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