Why Women Kill S02E01 Script (致命女人第二季第一集中英对照剧本台词):

标题:”Secret Beyond the Door”–背后的秘密

1–Hollywood… 好莱坞

2–It’s a town that’s always attracted a certain kind of woman. 这个小镇总是吸引着某种女人

3–She arrives, ready to do battle… 她到达 准备好搏斗

4–… with lipstick and cleavage as her weapons of choice. 用口红和乳沟作为她的武器

5–She is confident of victory 她对胜利充满信心

6–because she knows what life has taught her… 因为她知道生活教会了她

7–… that beauty is power. 美丽就是权力

8–But this is not a story about a woman with power. 但这不是一个关于拥有权力的女人的故事

9–Oh, no. 不

10–This is about another kind of woman. 这讲的是另一种女人

11–The middle-aged housewife no one ever talks about. 没人谈及的中年家庭主妇

12–The drab sparrow no one has time for. 没人有空搭理的乏味妇女

13–The plain Jane who is never invited to the party. 没人邀请参加派对的素朴女人

14–She has no beauty to draw upon. 她没有美丽可言

15–No style. No grace. 没有风格 没有优雅

16–This timid creature moves through life… 这个害羞的生物一生

17–… as if invisible. 似乎都是隐形的

18–Still, she never complains. 但却从不抱怨

19–Years of neglect have taught her常年被忽视让她明白

20–not to expect too much from life. 不要对生活有太多指望

21–She’s been told it’s best to wait. 她被告知最好等待

22–That one day, “The meek shall inherit the Earth. “总有一天 “谦卑的人会继承地球”

23–Yes, this is the story of Alma Fillcot. 是的 这是艾尔玛·菲尔科特的故事

24–A very meek woman, who, one day… 一个极其谦卑的女人 有一天

25–… got tired of waiting. 她受够了等待

26–Alma Fillcot’s journey from inconsequential to infamous艾尔玛·菲尔科特从无关紧要到声名狼藉的旅程

27–began with a story in the morning paper. 始于晨报里的一则报道

28–Her life began to change… 当另一个人的生命结束时

29–when someone else’s life had ended. 她的生活开始改变

30–Bertram. Wake up. 伯特伦 醒醒

31–Vonda Van Essen is dead. 旺达·范·艾森死了

32–Who? 谁

33–She’s the founder of the Elysian Park Garden Club. 她是极乐公园园艺俱乐部的创始人

34–It’s considered the finest in Los Angeles. 被视作洛杉矶最顶级的俱乐部

35–And it’s very exclusive. 很高端

36–The competition to get in is fierce. 入会竞争非常激烈

37–They never have more than 20 members at a time,会员总人数一次不超过二十人

38–but Vonda’s death means there’ll be an opening. 但旺达的死意味着会有一个空缺

39–Normally, I wouldn’t dare to dream,通常我不敢做这种梦

40–but we both know I’ve done wonders with my garden. 但我们都知道我把花园打理得美不胜收

41–So, do you think I should apply? 你说我该申请吗

42–Do you think I have any hope at all of getting in? 你觉得我有希望入会吗

43–I think that the women in that club would be lucky我认为能拥有你这个成员

44–to have you as a member. 那些俱乐部女性会非常幸运

45–But they are all rich society types. 但她们都是富家太太

46–Their gardens are tended to by professionals. 她们的花园由专业人员打理

47–And if the competition is as fierce as you say, well… 如果竞争真有你说的那么激烈 恐怕…

48–You’re right. 你说得对

49–It’s idiotic to get my hopes up. Forget I mentioned it. 我抱希望太天真了 当我没说

50–Okay. 好

51— Bye-bye. – Bye. -再见 -再见

52–Morning, Mom. 早上好 妈妈

53–Oh. Dee, you’re up. Do you want breakfast? 小迪 你起来了 你想吃早餐吗

54–I’ll just grab a bite at the diner. 我在餐馆随便吃点就行

55–Oh, hold on. Your hem’s undone. 等一下 你的裙边松脱了

56–Let me fix it for you. 我帮你缝一下

57–I work behind a counter, Ma. Who’s gonna see? 我都站在柜台后面 妈妈 谁会看见

58–Well, you might meet a nice man. 没准你会遇见个好男人呢

59–You don’t want to seem sloppy. 你可不想显得邋遢

60–I’ll ask Sue to fix it. 我会叫苏帮我缝好

61–She knows her way around a needle and thread. 她很擅长针线活儿

62–Don’t insult me, Dee. 别侮辱我啊 小迪

63–I know how to sew a hem. 我会缝裙边

64–Heavens. Anyone can hem. 老天 是人都会缝边

65–So, I heard you talking to Daddy. 我听见你和爸爸说话

66–There’s some club you want to join? 你想加入某个俱乐部吗

67–I see these Garden Club ladies every week at this bistro downtown. 我每周都在市中心酒馆看见那些园艺俱乐部的女士

68–I plan my shopping so I can walk by and get a look at them. 我特地规划购物路线 好路过看她们一眼

69–They’re so chic. 她们好优雅

70–And they seem to have so much fun together. 而且她们在一起似乎很开心

71–I’d be happy every day of my life如果我有一群如此高雅的朋友

72–if I had a group of elegant friends like that. 我每天都会很快乐

73–So, how does someone join a club like that? 这种俱乐部怎么进呢

74–Oh, well, you have to be nominated by a current member. 需要现任成员提名

75–And then they vote. 然后集体投票

76–But I don’t know any of those women. 可这些女人我一个也不认识

77–Except Rita Castillo, the club president. 我只认得丽塔·卡斯蒂罗 她是主席

78–I met her at your father’s clinic. 我在你父亲的诊所见过她

79–Talk to her. I bet she’d help you. 去找她谈谈 她肯定会帮你

80–Oh, I don’t know. 这可说不好

81–I’ve introduced myself to her a few times,我跟她打过好多次招呼

82–but she never seems to remember me. 她从来记不住我

83–Guess I’m just not very memorable. 大概我不是那种过目难忘的人

84–I say give it one more try. 要我说再试一次

85— Nah, I’d just be wasting my time. – Maybe. -算了 纯粹是浪费时间 -也许是这样

86–But what’s that old saying? 不过那句老话怎么说的

87–Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 不入虎穴 焉得虎子

88–There. 好了

89–Your hem is done. 边缝好了

90–Good, because I’m really late. 太好了 我已经迟到太久了

91–Dee? 小迪

92–How would I go about it? 我该怎么开口呢

93–I can’t just walk up to Rita Castillo总不能走到丽塔·卡斯蒂罗面前

94–and say, “I’d like to join your club. “张口就说 “我要进你们俱乐部”

95–Can I? 这样不行吧

96–It’s what a memorable woman would do. 过目难忘的女人就会这么说

97–It was the great irony of Alma’s life. 艾尔玛生活的可笑之处在于

98–While she yearned for some kind of companionship,一边是她非常渴望陪伴

99–her husband had more friends than he knew what to do with. 而另一边她的丈夫却朋友多得应付不过来

100–Yes, everyone who knew Dr. Bertram Fillcot adored him. 是的 认识伯特伦·菲尔科特医生的人都喜欢他

101–Especially his patients. 特别是他的病患

102–Hello. Oh. 早上好

103— Morning, Rona. – Morning, Doctor. -早 罗娜 -早 医生

104–Who’s up first? 第一个是谁

105–Maisie Moran and Biscuit. 麦茜·莫兰和小饼干

106–Oh, dear. 老天

107–Is that today? 是今天啊

108–Hello, Mrs. Moran. 你好 莫兰女士

109–How you doing? 你好吗

110–Not so good, Doc. 不太好 医生

111–I was thinking, maybe we could wait a couple of weeks. 我本以为 我们能再拖几周

112–You know?  What’s the rush? 你知道的 有什么着急的

113–Well, I understand, but… 我明白 但是

114–Biscuit is in terrible pain. 小饼干剧痛难忍

115–And, uh, I hate to see unnecessary suffering. 而我不愿看到无谓的痛苦

116–You’re right. 你说得对

117–It’s time. 是时候了

118–You play music for the animals? 你为动物播放音乐吗

119–Yes. It’s important for me that their last moments be beautiful. 是的 它们临终时刻的美好对我来说很重要

120–Wow, Doc. 医生

121–You’re so sweet. 你太温柔了

122–Okay. 好了

123–Sweet little Biscuit. 可爱的小饼干

124–You were always such a good boy. 你一直是乖宝宝

125–Your mother’s right here with you, like she’s always been. 你妈妈就在这陪着你 一如既往

126–You were an exceptional dog. 你是一只非凡的狗狗

127–And you need to know that your life had meaning. 你有必要知道你的人生有意义

128–You brought joy. 你带来了欢乐

129–You were loved. 你被人宠爱

130–And you will be remembered. 你也会被铭记

131–Hello there. 大家好

132–So sorry to intrude. 抱歉打扰了

133–I-I’m-I’m meeting a fellow gardening enthusiast after lunch,我… 我要在午后见一位园艺爱好者

134–and I brought this new bloom to show her. 然后把这支新开的花朵给她看

135–It’s a Lady Marchbanks hybrid tea rose. 这是一支马奇班克斯夫人杂交茶玫瑰

136–Isn’t it lovely? 很漂亮吧

137–I-I-I was sitting over there, at my table,我… 本来坐在那边 我的座位那里

138–and I looked up and I thought,然后我一抬头 就想

139–“Oh, my. Are those the Garden Club ladies? “天啊 那不是园艺俱乐部的女士们吗

140–Maybe they’d like to see it, too. “也许她们也想看看它”

141–I didn’t want to disturb you. 我本不想打扰你们

142–I’m actually quite shy by nature. But here I am… 我其实天性挺腼腆的 但我还是来了

143–rose in hand. 手握玫瑰

144–Do I know you? 我认识你吗

145–Yes. 认识

146–Yes, we’ve actually met. Twice. 是的 我们其实见过 两次

147–She’s your veterinarian’s wife. 她是你兽医的老婆

148–That’s me. 就是我

149–Alma Fillcot. 艾尔玛·菲尔科特

150–I know your cat Mr. Buttons. 我知道你的猫 小扣子

151–How nice. We have mutual friends. 真好 我们还有共同好友

152–Um, if any of you would like to try growing this rose,如果你们想试试种这种玫瑰

153–I do have some seeds here, in my purse,我这有种子 在我的包里

154–and I’m more than happy to… 我很乐意

155–Alma, I’ve just had a fun idea. 艾尔玛 我有个好主意

156–We’re having a gathering at my place Saturday. 我们这周六在我家有个聚会

157–Why don’t you come by? 不如你也来参加吧

158–Show us your little seeds then? 到时你再给我们展示种子

159–You’re inviting me to a party? 你是在邀请我参加聚会吗

160–Because of Mrs. Von Essen’s passing,因为范·艾森太太去世了

161–we’re now calling it a memorial. 现在改叫悼念仪式了

162–Should I wear black? 我要穿黑衣服吗

163–Only if you want to look like a waiter. 除非你想穿得像服务员

164–Here you go. 坐下吧

165–Oh. Thank you! 谢谢你

166–I’ll see you Saturday! 我们周六见

167–And just like that,就这样

168–Alma became enthralled with the goddess艾尔玛被女神

169–that was Rita Castillo. 丽塔·卡斯蒂罗深深吸引住了

170–She might have felt differently如果她了解丽塔的私生活

171–if she’d known about Rita’s private life. 那她的感受多半会不同

172–Which was very sordid, indeed. 丽塔的私生活其实非常乱

173–Excuse me. 你好

174–I’m looking for Vern Loomis,我找维恩·卢米斯

175–the private investigator. 私家侦探

176–You found him. 我就是

177–And how can I help you, Miss… ? 有什么需要帮忙的吗 小姐

178–Mrs. Carlo Castillo. 卡洛·卡斯蒂罗女士

179–Can I trust you to be discreet? 我能相信你会保守秘密吗

180–For the right price, I can be quiet as a tomb. 如果价钱够高 我就能像墓地一般安静

181–Wonderful. 太好了

182–I hear your specialty is investigating infidelity. 听说你很擅长调查出轨

183–It’s my bread and butter. 我就靠这个赚钱

184–You think your husband is cheating on you? 你觉得你丈夫对你不忠吗

185–No. 不

186–The man I need you to follow is my lover. 你要跟踪的是我的情人

187–So you’re the cheater? 所以是你不忠

188–Only if you’re working for my husband. 除非你是为我丈夫工作

189–This has been one hell of a lousy day. 今天真是糟透了

190–But you were real sweet in there. 但你刚才真的很贴心

191–Thank you, Doc. 谢谢你 医生

192–Look, forgive me for saying this, but, uh,请原谅我这么说 不过

193–I’m worried about your color. You look ever so tired. 你的脸色让我很担心 你看起来很疲惫

194–That’s ’cause I work nights. 那是因为我晚上工作

195–I’m a singer down at the Maui Lounge. 我是毛伊酒廊的歌手

196–A chanteuse. 女歌手

197–You should drop by sometime. 你有空应该过来看看

198–I’m there all week. 我整个星期都在

199–Show starts at 10:00. 表演十点开始

200–It’s, it’s a bit late for us. 对我们来说有点晚

201–My wife and I tend to retire early. 我和我妻子喜欢早睡

202–Oh. You’re married. 你结婚了

203–Happily? 幸福吗

204–Very. 很幸福

205–Like I said… 正如我说的

206–one hell of a lousy day. 今天糟透了

207–My lover’s name is… 我的情人叫…

208–God help me, Scooter Polarsky. 我的天 斯库特·波拉斯基

209–That’s his address and headshot. 这是他的地址和照片

210–An actor? 一个演员

211–Has he ever been in anything? 他有出演过什么吗

212–Besides debt? 除了债务

213–No. 没有

214–So you like to support the arts? 所以你喜欢支持艺术家

215–This is not some tawdry affair, Mr. Loomis. 这不是什么龌龊的婚外情 卢米斯先生

216–I care deeply about this young man. 我很关心这位年轻人

217–The guy you want me to tail? 你想让我跟踪的这家伙吗

218–Scooter is immature. 斯库特还不成熟

219–He has not yet grasped the importance of fidelity. 他还不明白忠诚的重要性

220–That’s funny… 真有意思

221–coming from Mrs. Castillo. 这话从卡斯蒂罗女士口中说出

222–Carlo is a vile man with a weak heart. 卡洛是个心脏不好的臭男人

223–When we got married, he swore he wouldn’t make it to 70. 我们结婚的时候他发誓自己活不到70岁

224–He’s now 80. 现在他都80了

225–If he’s not going to keep his wedding vows,既然他不履行自己的婚礼誓言

226–why should I? 那我为什么要遵守

227–Oh, Mrs. Yost. 约斯特太太

228–Good morning. 早上好

229–Are you, uh, familiar at all with the Elysian Park Garden Club? 你了解极乐公园园艺俱乐部吗

230–Oh, yeah. 了解

231–I used to know those broads. 我以前认识那群女的

232–Very la-di-da. Why? 非常做作 怎么了

233–Rita Castillo, the president,丽塔·卡斯蒂罗 俱乐部的主席

234–has invited me to a party. 邀请我去参加一个聚会

235–This time of year? 这个时候

236–Oh, no. 不对

237–She invited you to their annual fundraiser. 她是邀请你去参加年度筹款活动

238–A fundraiser? 筹款活动

239–Once a year, they open the gates每年她们会对外开放一次

240–and let the peasants gawk at their fancy flowers. 让韭菜来观赏她们精致的花卉

241–And they charge ten bucks for the privilege. 她们向参加活动的人收取10美元

242–Rita’s going to charge me? 丽塔要收我的钱

243–Sorry to burst your bubble. 抱歉让你的美梦幻灭了

244–Well, you know what? 你知道吗

245–M-Maybe it’s worth it. You know? 说 说不定是值得的

246–A spot’s opened up in the club. 俱乐部有了一个空位

247–This could be a chance for me to meet some of the members我去了就有机会去认识一些会员

248–and ingratiate myself. 讨她们的欢心

249–Maybe one of them will want to nominate me. 说不定有人会愿意推荐我

250–Oh, honey. 亲爱的

251–What? 怎么

252–Why are you looking at me that way? 你为什么这样看着我

253–That club is an excuse for bored society types这个俱乐部不过是一群无聊的人

254–to gossip and sip Chablis in the afternoon. 在午后八卦喝酒的借口罢了

255–And they only do that with their own kind. 而且她们只和同类聚会

256–You’re saying I won’t fit in? 你是说我无法融入

257–Sweetie… 亲爱的

258–you’re a housewife. 你是一名家庭主妇

259–So you dress for comfort. 所以你是为了舒适而着装

260–You do your own hair. 自己做头发

261–Your idea of dolling up你的时尚品味

262–is wearing lipstick to church. 只停留在涂着口红去做礼拜

263–You act like I’m not presentable. 你说得我好像很不得体似的

264–Check your closet. 看看你的衣橱

265–Got anything in there beside tweed and sensible shoes? 除了粗花呢的大号鞋以外还有别的吗

266–No. 没有

267–Because you’re a frump,因为你是个老妈子

268–and there’s nothing wrong with that. 这没什么不对的

269–But they don’t let frumps但她们是不会让老妈子

270–into the Elysian Park Garden Club. 加入极乐公园园艺俱乐部的

271–Gigi, how’s the party coming along? 吉吉 派对筹备得怎么样了

272–We made splendid progress. 我们取得了巨大的进展

273–I made those changes to the menu. 我对菜单做了一些修改

274–Excellent. 棒极了

275–And what about the music? 那音乐伴奏呢

276–This is Uta Klug,这位是乌塔·克鲁格

277–Poland’s most famous concert harpist. 波兰最著名的竖琴演奏家

278–She’s agreed to play Saturday. 她同意周六前来演奏

279— Miss Klug, what an honor. – Thank you. -克鲁格小姐 我们荣幸至极 -谢谢

280–Ooh, and are those the dahlias? 那里是大丽花吗

281–Oh, Gigi. They’re lovely. 吉吉 真是太美了

282–You’ve outdone yourself. 这次你真的超常发挥了

283–This will be my most elegant party ever. 这将是我有史以来举办的最优雅的派对

284–Hey, Rita! 丽塔

285–What do you want, Carlo?  ! 你要干什么 卡洛

286–Where the hell is my blue suit? 我那该死的蓝色西装呢

287–Give me a sec! I’m busy! 等我一下 我忙着呢

288–I need my suit. 我要我的西装

289–Yes, I can see that. 是的 显而易见

290–Would you put on some pants?  We have company. 能劳烦你穿上裤子吗 我们有客人在

291–Oh, will you relax? 放轻松

292–I haven’t got anything我身上没有什么

293–that these ladies haven’t seen before. 是在座的女士们没有见过的

294–Well, most of them, anyway. 总之大多数都见过

295–Bertie. 伯特

296–I ran into Rita Castillo today,我今天遇见丽塔·卡斯蒂罗了

297–and she invited me to a party. 她邀请我去参加一个聚会

298–All the Garden Club ladies will be there. 所有园艺俱乐部的女士都会去

299–And if I present well,如果我能留下好印象

300–I might have a real chance at being nominated. 也许我真有机会被提名

301–Oh, I see. 这样

302–Of course, I, I would need a new dress. 当然 我需要一条新裙子

303–Something exquisite. 很精致的那种

304–That will take people’s breath away. 能惊艳全场

305–Right, right, and, uh… 好 好 那么…

306–how much do you think that would cost? 你觉得需要多少钱

307–Bertram, this is no time to pinch pennies. 伯特伦 这不是精打细算的时候

308–That club is filled with stylish women. 这个俱乐部全是时髦的女性

309–And I, on the other hand, am… 而我 正相反

310–drab and shabby. 了无生气 衣衫褴褛

311–If I have any hope of getting in,如果想得到机会加入

312–I have to be just as chic as they are. 我就必须和她们一样时髦

313–Yes. Of course. 是的 当然

314–Ah. Oh, what about the blue dress I bought you? 我给你买的那条蓝色裙子怎么样

315–Why can’t you just wear that? 穿那个不行吗

316–Because no one ever remembers my name! 因为从没有人记得住我的名字

317–I go through life introducing myself我在生活里总是要跟

318–over and over to people that I’ve already met. 已经见过的人反复介绍自己

319–And when they finally do recall meeting me, they don’t say,当他们终于想起来曾经见过我 他们不会说

320–“Oh, Alma. ” No, I’m… “原来是艾尔玛” 不 我只是…

321–I’m the veterinarian’s wife. 我只是那个兽医的妻子

322–I have got to start making an impression. 我必须开始给别人留下印象

323–I can’t do that in some dowdy old blue dress. 靠那条过时的陈旧蓝裙子不可能做到

324–I need to be spectacular. 我要光彩照人

325–For once in my life. 哪怕就这一次

326–Here. 拿去

327–Take it all. 全部拿去

328–Really? 真的吗

329–Spend every last cent. 一分钱也别剩

330–I want people to remember your name. 我想要人名记住你的名字

331–Oh, Bertie. 伯特

332–Thank you. 谢谢

333–Thank you. 谢谢

334–Maybe it’s time we turn in? 也许是时候去睡觉了

335–Oh. I couldn’t possibly sleep now. 我现在怎么睡得着

336–I’ve got too much planning to do. 我有好多事要计划

337–Only got two days till the party. 离聚会就两天了

338–Two days to get a dress and shoes. 两天内要搞定裙子和鞋子

339— I’ve got to have shoes. – Yes, shoes. -我得买鞋子 -对 鞋子

340–My Bertie… 我的伯特

341–You’ve made me so happy. 你让我好幸福

342–Lovely. 真好

343–Actually, I’m not that tired either. 我其实也不困

344–I might go for a walk. D-Do you mind? 我想出去走走 你介意吗

345–No, not at all. 一点也不

346–Lovely. 好的

347–* To the sunny side of the street **去街道阳光明媚的那一边*

348–* Can’t you hear a pitter-pat?  **你听不到雨声吗*

349–* And that happy tune is your step **那快乐的调子是你的步伐*

350–* Life can be so sweet **生活可以很温馨*

351–* On the sunny side **在阳光明媚的那一边*

352–* On the sunny side **在阳光明媚的那一边*

353–* On the sunny **阳光明媚*

354–* Sunny side of the Street. **在街道阳光明媚的那一边*

355–I can’t believe you came, Doc. 你竟然来了 医生

356–Curiosity got the better of me. 禁不住好奇心的驱使

357–Thanks, Sid. 谢谢 希德

358–You’re looking at my bruises. 你在看我的淤青

359–I, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t stare. 抱歉 我不该看的

360–Relax. 淡定

361–No one’s roughing me up. 没人打我

362–I got a condition. 我得了一种病

363–So… where’s your wife tonight? 你妻子今晚在哪

364–She not a music lover? 她不喜欢音乐吗

365–She’s just had, uh, a lot on her mind lately. 她最近有很多心事

366–Everything but you, huh? 就是不包括你 是吗

367–Don’t get me wrong. 别误会

368–I do love her. 我爱她

369–Yet here you are. 但你还是来了

370–Yet here I am. 但我来了

371–It’s getting late. 挺晚的了

372–Come on, Doc. 别这样 医生

373–Have one more drink with Maisie. 再跟麦茜喝一杯

374–All right, yes, one-one more. 好吧 就一杯

375–Hey, Sid. 希德

376–Evening, Mister. 晚上好 先生

377–Welcome to the Orange Grove Diner. 欢迎来到橙树林餐馆

378–Our special tonight is meatloaf,今晚的特色菜是肉卷

379–but between you and me, it’s not that special. 但悄悄告诉你 也没什么特色

380–Yeah, I’ll just, uh, I’ll just have some coffee. 好吧 那我就 我就点杯咖啡吧

381–Wise choice. How do you like it? 明智的决定 什么口味的咖啡

382–Blonde and sweet. 金发甜美的

383–We’re talking about coffee. Right? 说的是咖啡吧

384–Yeah, that’s just, uh,是的 这只是

385–it’s my fancy way of saying cream and sugar. 我表达加奶油和糖的高级方式

386–Cute. 真可爱

387–You know, that paper you’re pretending to read is two days old. 你装模作样看的报纸是两天前的

388–So it is. 没错

389–Well, you got something newer? 有什么新一点的东西看吗

390–Well, I just finished this. 我刚看完这个

391–Give it a try. 要不试试

392–Masters of Crime. 《犯罪大师》

393–Huh. You read this stuff? 你喜欢看这个

394–Oh, I love a good murder. 我可喜欢看精彩的谋杀故事

395–The bloodier, the better. 越血腥越好

396–See… 那个

397–violence doesn’t bother me. 我不介意暴力

398—Is that so?  -Yeah. -真的吗 -是啊

399–Keep that in mind when you tip me. 给小费的时候可别忘了这点

400–* Life can be so sweet **在街道阳光明媚的那一边*

401–* On the sunny side Of the street. **生活可以很温馨*

402–That was Joe’s favorite song. 这是乔最爱的歌曲

403–He was my brother. 他是我弟弟

404–Died in the war. 死于战争

405–Oh. I’m so sorry. 我很遗憾

406–Got any other family? 你有其他家人吗

407–Nope. He was the last one. 没有 他是最后一个

408–Don’t got many friends left either. 我也没剩多少朋友

409–But, hey… 但是

410–I got you now. 我现在有你了

411–You certainly do. 是啊

412–Want to come up? 要上来吗

413–Have a nightcap? 睡前喝一杯

414–It’s late, yeah. 有点晚了

415–I have work in the morning. 我早上还要工作

416–Rain check? 改天再约

417–Yeah. Yes. 好的

418–Madam? 夫人

419–Found anything you like? 有您喜欢的吗

420–Yes. Well, everything in here is just… 有 这里的一切都

421–stunning. 太美了

422–just out of curiosity,就是出于好奇

423–do you have anything in a… 这儿有

424–a slightly lower price range? 稍微便宜一点的样式吗

425–Not really. 基本没有

426–Are you sure?  I… 真的吗 我…

427–I’m on a somewhat limited budget. 我预算有限

428–We have a saying here: “If you cannot afford fashion,我们这里的说法是 “如果买不起时装

429–you must settle for clothes. “就只好将就穿衣服”

430–I’ll take four yards of this fuchsia taffeta. 这条紫红色塔夫绸我要4码

431–You know, I’m going to an elegant garden party on Saturday,我周六要参加一场精致的园艺聚会

432–on Saturday, and I need to be noticed. 我得引人注目

433–This should do it. 那这应该可以

434–You drink too much. 你喝太多了

435–Do I? 是吗

436–It makes you do ugly things. 这会让你做出丑恶之事

437–Like humiliate me in front of the help. 比如在佣人面前羞辱我

438–I like taking you down a peg我喜欢在你扮贵妇人的时候

439–when you’re, uh, playing the Grand Lady. 灭灭你的威风

440–It’s the role you hired me for. 你雇我就是要我扮演这角色

441–You were late, uh, getting home yesterday. 你昨天很晚才回家

442–Where did you go? 你去哪了

443–I had a dress fitting in Bel Air. 我去贝莱尔试裙子了

444–Liar. 说谎

445–I checked your car’s odometer. 我看了你车上的里程表

446–You drove three times that far. 你开的距离是去那里的三倍

447–Oh, now you’re checking my mileage? 你现在还查我的英里数了

448–You have a lover. 你有个情人

449–I know it. 我知道

450–Lord. 老天

451–We haven’t made it to dessert, and you’re already blotto. 我们还没吃到餐后甜点 你就已经醉了

452–I’ll bet he’s young and pretty and, uh, for sale. 他肯定年轻英俊 而且可以花钱买到

453–Just like you were. 就像你以前一样

454–I’m not listening to this. 我不要听你说这些疯话

455–It must be tough… 一定很难受吧

456–getting old. 人老珠黄

457–Having to pay不得不花钱买

458–for what you used to sell. 你以前出卖的东西

459–That’s it. 够了

460–You pathetic son of a bitch. 你这个可悲的混蛋

461–I’m cutting you off. 我不让你喝了

462–No more whiskey. 不准再喝威士忌

463–He’ll turn out to be more expensive than you ever were. 他最终会比你以前的身价贵多了

464–Because when I catch you, he’ll cost you everything. 因为等我抓到你偷腥 他会害你失去一切

465–Go ahead. 继续喝吧

466–Drink the whole bottle. See if I care. 把整瓶喝光好了 我才不在乎

467–Nice try, Mendoza. 想得美 门多萨

468–But I want the money and the dame. 但我要钱也要美人

469–Nice try, Mendoza. 想得美 门多萨

470–But I want the money and the dame. 但我要钱也要美人

471–Hello? 喂

472–Scooter… 斯库特

473–there’s been a change of plans. 计划有变

474–No. 不

475–Oh, no. 糟了

476–No, the needle. 不 针断了

477–No. 不

478–What? 什么

479–You’re still up? 你还没睡

480–It’s almost 4:00. 都快四点了

481–My dress isn’t finished yet, and the party’s tomorrow. 我的裙子还没做好 明天就是聚会了

482–I found this up in the attic. 我在阁楼上找到了这个

483–Do you know where it came from? 你知道这是哪来的吗

484–Maybe it was Grandma’s. 可能是奶奶的吧

485–Did you ask Dad? 你问爸了吗

486–He’s asleep. 他睡了

487–The tag says “February 14, 1945″标签上写着 “1945年2月14日”

488–and it’s got the name “Enid Dolan” Written on it. 然后还标着伊尼德·多兰这个名字

489–That’s odd. 好奇怪

490–Well, it’s in our attic. 是在咱家阁楼发现的

491–Guess it’s yours now. 那就是属于你的了

492— Good night. – Good night. -晚安 -晚安

493–Hello, lover. 你好 爱人

494–Are you sure this is safe? 你确定这么干安全吗

495–Relax. 放心

496–Carlo’s upstairs, dead drunk. 卡洛在楼上醉死过去了

497–It’s just, these are nice digs. 只不过 这里都是好东西

498–I’d hate to see you get evicted. 我不想见到你被轰出去

499–What if we did get caught? 如果我们真被抓住了怎么办

500–Would I lose my appeal if I didn’t have Carlo’s money? 没有了卡洛的钱 我对你来说还有吸引力吗

501–You think your only appeal is your money? 你认为你唯一有吸引力的地方是你的钱

502–I thought a house this size might have some mirrors in it. 我还以为这么大的房子总会有几面镜子

503–Oh, that was sweet. Thank you. 你嘴真甜 谢谢

504–To tell you the truth… 跟你说实话…

505–I’m not that thirsty. 我其实没那么渴

506–Rita? 丽塔

507–Carlo? 卡洛

508–Are you up? 你醒了

509–Who’s down there? 谁在楼下

510–I hear a man. 我听到男人的声音

511–It was just the radio. 那只是广播的声音

512–Go back to bed. 回床上去吧

513–I got you. 我抓到你了

514–I got you. Got you. Got you. 我抓到你了 抓到你了 抓到你了

515–Darling, we just heard Carlo’s in the hospital. 亲爱的 我们刚刚听说卡洛住院了

516–What happened? 发生了什么

517–Oh, he took a nasty fall down the stairs last night他昨天晚上不幸从楼梯上摔下来了

518–and had a stroke. 引发了中风

519–The doctors aren’t sure he’ll make it. 医生不确定他能不能挺过去

520–Oh, Rita, you-you should go to him. 丽塔 你应该去陪着他

521–We’ll-we’ll hold the fort down here. 这里有我们撑着场面

522–The last thing you want to do today is host a memorial for Vonda. 今天你肯定不想给旺达举办悼念仪式

523–No. 是的

524–This is now a tribute to Carlo. 现在这也是致敬卡洛

525–And the garden he loved so very much. 还有他珍爱的花园

526–Excuse me. 不好意思

527–May I pour Madam a glass of wine? 请问夫人要来杯酒吗

528–Are you insane? 你疯了吗

529–My husband just had a stroke. 我丈夫刚刚中风了

530–He’s at death’s door. 他性命垂危

531–Put it in a teacup. 倒进茶杯里

532–Thank you. 谢谢

533–Very much. 非常感谢

534–Excuse me. 不好意思

535–Alma? 艾尔玛

536–Are you all right? 你还好吗

537–Rita. Yes. 丽塔 当然了

538–I’m fine. 我没事

539–I was just admiring your flowers. 我只是在欣赏你的花

540–They’re, they’re glorious. 它们漂亮极了

541–Thanks. 多谢

542–You have mulch in your bow. 你蝴蝶结里有些护根

543–So I do. 是啊

544–Can’t take me anywhere. 瞧我真是的

545–So… 所以说…

546–splendid party. 真是场盛宴啊

547–Are you having fun? 你玩得开心吗

548–My husband had a stroke last night. 我丈夫昨晚中风

549— He might not survive. – Oh, dear. -他可能活不下来 -天呐

550–I started the day convinced I would never laugh again. 我今早本来以为我再也笑不出来

551–And then… 然后

552–you walked in, wearing that frock. 你走了进来 穿着那罩袍

553–Oh, bless you, Alma. 上帝保佑你 艾尔玛

554–You’re late. 你迟到了

555–Sorry, Scooter. 抱歉 斯库特

556–It’s Alma, right? 是艾尔玛 对吗

557–Yes. That’s me. 是的 就是我

558–Alma Fillcot. 艾尔玛·菲尔科特

559–Grace Burk. I’m glad you could make it. 格蕾丝·博克 很高兴你能来

560–Oh, me, too. 我也是

561–Yeah, everything is just… 这里的一切

562–lovely. 都好美

563–Do I still have mulch in my bow? 我蝴蝶结里还有护根吗

564–No, forgive me. 没有 抱歉

565–I-I was just looking at that cameo you’re wearing. 我是在看你戴的那颗浮雕宝石

566–It’s pretty, isn’t it? 很漂亮吧

567–My Aunt Enid had one just like it. 我姨妈伊尼德有一颗跟这个一样的

568— Enid?  – My mother’s sister. -伊尼德 -我妈妈的姐姐

569–She died, um, four years ago now. 她四年前去世

570–On Valentine’s Day. 情人节那天

571–That’s, um, February 14, isn’t it? 是2月14号 对吗

572–I remember because I had gotten her some candy. 我记得是因为我当时给她买了糖果

573–Then I walked into her home and I found her,然后我去她家 发现她

574–well, dead on the sofa. 死在了沙发上

575–I’m, I’m very sorry. 我很遗憾

576–Oh, my good… I don’t believe it. 我的天 难以置信

577–Bet-Betsy is here. 贝琪来了

578–Excuse me, Alma. 失陪了 艾尔玛

579–Betsy. 贝琪

580–A waiter said you wanted to see me. 一个服务员说你想见我

581–The doctor from the hospital is on the phone. 医院的一个医生来电

582–He needs to talk to you. 他找你

583–Hello, Doctor. 你好 大夫

584–This is Mrs. Castillo. 我是卡斯蒂罗夫人

585–Any news about my husband? 我的丈夫怎么样了

586–We’ve done some tests. 我们做了一些检测

587–The stroke he suffered was very serious. 他的中风很严重

588–And… 所以

589–But he’s a fighter. 但他意志力很顽强

590–His vital signs are getting stronger by the hour. 他的生命体征每小时都在好转

591–Stronger? 好转

592–He may not regain his speech or basic motor function. 他可能再也说不了话 无法动弹

593–But with home nursing and loving care from you,但只要你在家精心护理 照料

594–he could live another 20 years. 再活20年不是问题

595–No! No! No! No! No! 不不不

596–Excuse me, Mrs. Burk. 打扰一下 伯克夫人

597–Sorry. 你好

598–I wanted to give you this. 我想给你这个

599–Your cameo? 你的浮雕宝石

600— Don’t be silly. – No, I, I… -不用了 -不 我 我

601–I think it was your aunt’s. 我认为这是你姨妈的

602–Read the inscription. 看上面刻的字

603–I, I don’t understand. H-How… ? 我不明白 怎么会

604–Oh, I, I, I bought it. 我 我买下的

605–Years ago, at a rummage sale. 多年前 清仓拍卖时看中了

606–At my church. 在我的教堂里

607–And here I always thought我一直认为

608–one of her nurses had sticky fingers. 是照理她的护士偷的

609–W-Well, obviously I will reimburse you. 我这就把钱补给你

610–What did you pay for it? 花了多少钱

611–Don’t be silly. It’s a family heirloom. 不用了 这可是传家宝

612–It was an honor to return it. 能让它物归原主我也很高兴

613–It’s-it’s late. I have to go. 很晚了 我要走了

614–So, excuse me. 再见

615–It’s nice to… 很开心

616–Was that the veterinarian’s wife? 那是兽医的妻子吗

617–Her name is Alma. 她叫艾尔玛

618–And she is just the sweetest little thing. 她真的太善良了

619–I wonder if she’d be interested in joining our club. 不知道她是否有兴趣加入我们的俱乐部

620–That sure was nice. 真爽

621–And then some. 岂止是爽

622–Go ahead. 接吧

623–You don’t want to keep your rich girlfriend waiting. 别让你的富家女友等太久了

624–Hello. 你好

625–It’s my agent. 是我的经纪人

626–Oh, no. That’s all right, Max. 不 没关系 麦克斯

627–Yeah, it wasn’t much of a part anyway. 本来也不是什么大角色

628–All right. Bye. 好的 拜拜

629–The story about Lana Turner getting discovered at Schwab’s… 拉娜·特纳在施瓦布药店被星探挖掘的故事

630–it’s a lie. 那是一个谎言

631–Careers take time. You just got to be patient. 事业要慢慢发展 你一定要耐心

632–You really think I have a shot? 你真的认为我有机会吗

633–Oh. With that kisser? 凭你那张脸

634–Of course you do. 你当然有机会

635–I wish my rich lady friend was nice like you. 真希望我那位富家小姐像你一样好

636–She pays your bills. 她为你付账单

637–She doesn’t have to be nice. 所以她不一定要人好

638–I feel really bad making you dress like that. 真的很抱歉要让你穿成那样

639–But if my lady friend found out about us… 但如果我女朋友发现我们

640–It’s okay, Scoot. 没关系 斯库特

641–I know the score. 我知道孰轻孰重

642–Who knows? 谁知道呢

643–Maybe I’ll kick her to the curb one day. 也许哪天我会踹了她

644–And then you and I will… 那样我们就

645–Do me a favor. 帮我一个忙

646–Don’t make promises you’ll never keep. 别做出你兑现不了的诺言

647–Hello. 你好

648–Doc. 医生

649–What are you doing here? 你来这里做什么

650–Well, I was in the neighborhood. 我恰巧在附近

651–Thank you. 谢谢

652–Come on in. 进来吧

653–I wish I’d known you were coming. 如果我知道你会来就好了

654–The place is in such a state. 我这里太乱了

655–No. No, everything’s fine. 不 没事 一切都挺好的

656–I’ll just go put these in some water. 我去把它们放进水里

657–Sure. 好的

658–Oh, yeah. 对

659–I’ve been seeing some doctor. 我最近在看医生

660–He says I got cirrhosis. 他说我得了肝硬化

661–It seems I’m dying. 我可能快死了

662–I know. 我知道

663–What do you mean you know? 什么意思

664–You’re tired. 你面露倦色

665–Your skin is jaundiced. You have bruises. 皮肤发黄 身上还有淤青

666–Way I see it… 在我看来…

667–… we all got to die. 人终有一死

668–Sooner or later, right? 不过是早晚的问题 对吧

669–Yes. 是的

670–That’s why we need to enjoy ourselves while we can. 所以我们要及时行乐

671–Chateau Bridgette. 布丽奇特酒庄的酒

672–It’s a rather good year. 年份挺不错的

673–Doc. 医生

674–You shouldn’t have. 不该这么破费的

675–You sit. 你坐

676–I’ll pour. 我来倒酒

677–I didn’t know you were in the Ziegfeld Follies. 没想到你还进过齐格飞歌舞团

678–Honey, what you don’t know about me is a lot. 亲爱的 你不知道我的事还很多

679–I started as a chorus girl. 我一开始是合唱团的

680–Did a whole number,唱了一整首曲子

681–coming down a long staircase,从长长的台阶上走下

682–never looking down, not even once. 不能向下看 一眼都不行

683–“Eyes out to the audience. “”目视观众”

684–That’s what Mr. Ziegfeld always said. 齐格飞先生总这么说

685–I feel funny. 我感觉有点怪

686— The room is spinning. – Let me help you. -房间在旋转 -我来扶你

687–Something’s happening to me, Doc. 我有点不舒服 医生

688–It’s just the sedative I put in your wine. 我在你的酒里放了镇静剂

689–It’s relaxing you. That’s all. 帮你放松 仅此而已

690–I can barely move. 我不能动了

691–Don’t try and talk. 别动也别说话

692–You know, it’s, uh, it’s funny. 说来好笑

693–We take such good care of our pets. 我们精心照顾我们的宠物

694–When a dog or cat is ready to die… 当一只狗或者猫要死的时候

695–… we help them. 我们会帮助它们

696–I’m very much of the opinion 我坚定认为

697–we should show human beings the same kindness. 我们应该对人类展现出同样的仁慈

698–The disease you have is awful. 你患的疾病很糟糕

699–The end will come slowly… 死亡会来得很缓慢

700–cruelly. 残酷

701–Hearing you have no family, no one to take care of you. 听说你没有家人 没人来照顾你

702–I couldn’t just stand idly by and do nothing. 我无法坐视不管

703–You were an exceptional woman. 你是个非凡的女人

704–You need to know that your life had meaning. 你有必要知道你的人生有意义

705–You brought joy. 你带来了欢乐

706–You were loved. 你被人宠爱

707–And you will be remembered. 你也会被铭记

708–Alma? 艾尔玛

致命女人第二季 » 致命女人第二季第一集中英对照剧本台词



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