Why Women Kill S01E08 Script (致命女人第一季第八集中英对照剧本台词)

Marriages Don’t Break Up on Account of Murder – It’s Just a Symptom That Something Else Is Wrong

1–Previously on Why Women Kill… 《致命女人》前情提要

2–Fuck! 操

3–I-I know that it looks bad. 我知道这看起来很糟糕

4–You’re going to rehab first thing in the morning. 明天一早你就去戒毒所

5–You are cut off. 我不准你花钱了

6–I-I-I don’t think it’s the best time for me right now. 我觉得对我来说时机不合适

7–You don’t really have a choice here. 你没有别的选择

8–I just sold a script for $1. 2 million. 我的剧本刚卖了一百二十万

9–You know, I think I got a lot of fucking choices. 我觉得我的选择多得很

10–Come on, Jade. 我们走 洁德

11–I think maybe the best way to help him我想帮助他最好的方式

12— is to stay here. – Fuck you both. -就是留下来 -你们都去死吧

13–Uh, I have an appointment. 我有一个预约

14–And would this appointment involve your new boyfriend Hector? 这预约和你的新男朋友赫克托有关吗

15–He may tag along, yes. 他也许会一起来 没错

16–I, uh, leave for Paris two days after graduation. 我毕业典礼后两天出发去巴黎

17–Care to join me? 想一起来吗

18— You should go. – You’ll be okay? -你应该去 -你不会有事吧

19–I’ll be delightful. 我会很开心的

20–You’ve got get over this obsession with another woman’s husband. 你必须克服对有妇之夫的痴迷

21–I’m pregnant. 我怀孕了

22–How do you think he’ll react? 你觉得他会有什么反应

23— He will be thrilled. – Come clean. -我觉得他会很激动的 -摊牌

24–Tell him you know about the affair and the baby. 告诉他外遇和孩子的事情你都知道

25–What if… he doesn’t choose me? 如果… 他没有选我怎么办

26–Aren’t you done with all the lies? 你难道还没受够这些谎言吗

27–We definitely need to have a talk. 我们真的得谈谈

28–You’re starting to scare me. 你吓到我了

29–I’m scared, too. 我也害怕

30–Once I tell you,我一旦告诉你

31–everything is going to be different. 一切都将不一样

32–Are you sick? 你病了吗

33–I’m sick. 我病了

34–Baby, what’s wrong? 亲爱的 怎么了

35–I have cancer. 我得癌症了

36–Oh, my… oh, my God. 天啊 我的天

37–I’m going to die. 我要死了

38–I’m not sure when. 我不确定什么时候

39–I just know one day I won’t be here. 我只知道有一天我会离开

40–I’m afraid to meet God. 我害怕与上帝见面

41–I’ll have to account for my sins. 我得为我的罪行负责

42–I have sinned a lot. 我罪孽深重

43–I had an affair with a married man. 我和一个有妇之夫有染

44–I slept with another guy’s wife. 我睡了另一个男人的老婆

45–I had sex with a married couple我和一对夫妻做爱

46–and pretty much everyone else I ever met. 我差不多和我遇见过的所有人都发生过关系

47–Now I’m pregnant and unmarried. 现在我未婚却有了身孕

48–My mom has no idea I’ve fallen in love. 我妈妈不知道我坠入爱河

49–Taylor doesn’t know I gave Eli drugs. 泰勒不知道是我给了伊莱毒品

50–I’m not going to tell Rob. 我不会告诉罗伯

51–I’m gonna propose to Simone. 我要向萨蒙妮求婚

52–I’ll probably deny everything. 我八成会否定一切

53–When I do meet God, I’ll just beg his forgiveness. 等我见到上帝时 我会乞求祂的宽恕

54–I’ll thank him for sending me the perfect woman. 我会感谢祂让我遇见了完美女人

55–I’ll say I did what I had to我会说我做了我必须做的事

56–to survive. 只为求生

57–Sheila. 希拉

58–Oh, my God. 我的天

59–I’ve been on pins and needles. Did you talk to Rob last night? 我一直如坐针毡 你昨晚和罗伯谈了吗

60–I did. 谈了

61–So? I’m dying here. 结果呢 我快急死了

62–How did he react when you told him你告诉他你知道他出轨后

63–you knew that he was cheating on you? 他作何反应


65–the conversation went in a surprising direction. 我们的对话发展方向出人意料

66–You said what? You said what? 你说了什么 你说了什么

67–What? How could you say that? 什么 你怎么能那么说

68–How could you say that, Beth Ann? 你怎么能那么说 贝丝·安

69–What are you thinking? What are you thinking? 你在想什么 你在想什么

70–I can’t even believe you just said that! 我不敢相信你那么说了

71–Get back here so I can give it to you! 赶紧回来 我好跟你说清楚

72–It’s your mother’s fault. 都怪你妈妈

73–Clearly, she forgot to teach you some of the basics. 显然 她忘了教你一些基本原则

74–Things like, when you grow up, don’t pretend to have cancer. 比如长大后 别假装患有癌症

75–Women lie to their husbands every day. 女人每天都会骗她们的丈夫

76–Some lie about how much they spend. 有的会在花了多少钱上面撒谎

77–My lie’s that I’m dying. 而我的谎言是我要死了

78–Just because you act classy就因为你一副高雅的样子

79–doesn’t mean you’re not fucking crazy. 不代表你没疯掉

80–There is a method to my madness. 我的疯癫不是没有目的的

81–Rob will never leave me while I’m sick. 罗伯绝不会在我生病时离开我

82–But what if April decides可万一艾普尔决定

83–to tell him that she’s having his kid? 告诉他她怀上了他的孩子呢

84–That is where her good friend Sheila comes in. 这个时候她的好朋友希拉就要登场了

85–I’m going to convince her to leave town. 我会劝她离开

86–Start a new life, sever the tie for good. 开始新生活 彻底斩断和他的关系

87–And then, once she’s out of the picture然后 等她出局后

88–and I have Rob all to myself,罗伯就会属于我一个人

89–my cancer will be miraculously cured. 我的癌症也会奇迹般痊愈

90–I used to find that little grin charming. 我以前觉得你的微笑迷人

91–Now it just scares the shit out of me. 现在快吓死我了

92–Ladies. 女士们

93–The doctor will see you now. 你们可以进去看医生了

94–Enzo. 恩佐

95–Aunt Sheila. 希拉姑妈

96–Look at you in the white coat. 瞧瞧穿白大褂的你

97–This is my neighbor, Beth Ann Stanton. 这是我邻居 贝丝·安·斯坦顿

98–Beth Ann, my nephew, Enzo. The doctor. 贝丝·安 我侄子恩佐 我给你说的医生

99–Nice to meet you, Mrs. Stanton. 幸会 斯坦顿夫人

100–Likewise. 我也是

101–So, Sheila says you studied oncology. 希拉说你是学肿瘤学的

102–For a little while,就学了一段时间

103— and then I switched to hematology. – Oh, still,-然后我就转去血液学了 -不过

104–I bet you remember lots of useful tidbits. 你肯定还记得很多有用的信息吧

105–I suppose so. How can I help you? 也许 有什么需要帮助的

106–Well, I was wondering我在想

107–if there was a cancer you could recommend. 你能不能推荐一种癌症

108— Recommend? – Something rare. -推荐 -比较罕见的

109–That no one’s ever heard of. 常人从未听说过的癌症

110–It should be serious. 要很严重

111–Oh, but occasionally curable. 但偶尔也可治愈

112–I’m sorry… 我不太懂…

113–And symptoms. She’s gonna need symptoms. 还有病症 她需要了解一些症状

114–Oh, some symptoms would be lovely. 如果能提供一些症状 那就太好了

115–Just wait a… 等一…

116–What exactly are we talking about here? 我们到底在说什么啊

117–Enzo. 恩佐

118–I say this to you as your aunt and a Sicilian:我作为你姑妈及一位西西里人跟你讲

119–The less you know, the better. 你知道的越少越好

120–Okay. 好吧

121–Um, rare cancers. 罕见的癌症

122–What about… 不如…

123–Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma. 上皮样血管内皮细胞瘤

124–Say that again. 再说一遍

125–I’d rather not. 不用了吧

126–That’s the cancer you have? 你得的就是这种癌吗

127–It affects soft tissue. 它会影响软组织

128–I’d give you the details,我想跟你细说

129–but they’re disgusting and we’re having fondue. 但是细节太恶心了 我们还要吃芝士火锅呢

130–God, I wish you’d let me go to the doctor’s with you. 天 你应该让我陪你去看医生的

131–You always get so emotional. 你总是容易激动

132–No. I prefer to go with Sheila. 不 还是希拉陪我一起去比较好

133–Now, I’m going to set the table. 我要去摆餐具了

134–Wait. Wait. At least tell me your prognosis. 慢着 起码告诉我你还能活多久

135–I will, but I don’t want to ruin our meal. 我会的 但是我不想败坏晚餐兴致

136–Beth Ann! Please, just tell me! 贝丝·安 求你了 告诉我吧

137–Fine. 好吧

138–But I need you to be strong. 但我需要你坚强

139–Can you do that for me, Robert? 你做得到吗 罗伯特

140–Can you be my brave boy? 你能做我的勇敢大男孩吗

141–Yeah. 我可以的

142–Well, it seems I only have six months to live. 看起来我只剩六个月的时间了

143–Six months! 六个月

144–But that doesn’t mean I can’t recover. 但那不代表我就没有治愈的可能

145–Miracles happen every day. 奇迹每天都在发生

146–But the doctor feels we should prepare for the worst. 但是医生说我们应该为最坏情况做打算

147–It sounds like he’s giving up already. 听起来他已经不抱希望了

148–We should get a second opinion. 我们应该换个医生再诊断看看

149–No. I mean, what is another doctor going to say? 不用 就算换个医生又能说什么呢

150–I don’t have cancer? 说我没得癌症吗

151–No, this is the situation, and we all must accept it. 木已成舟 我们必须接受

152–Okay? 好吗

153–Okay. 好吧

154–Now, obviously, if I’m going to fight this thing,显然 如果我要对抗癌症

155–I need you by my side. 我需要你的陪伴

156–Constantly. 寸步不离

157–I’m not going anywhere. 我哪儿都不会去

158–You’re my wife. 你是我妻子

159–I meant it when I said, “Till death do us part. “当我说”至死不渝”时 我是认真的

160–Oh, my darling. 我的心肝宝贝

161–I’m going to hold you to that. 你可要说话算数

162–This is hard. 这太难选了

163–I’ve never packed for a three-month trip before. 我从没为三个月的旅行打包过行李

164–Oh, packing for three months is easy. 打包三个月的行李太容易了

165–I do it every time I go away for the weekend. 我每周末外出都装这么多

166–These look sturdy. Should I try them on? 这裤子看起来很结实 要不我试下

167–Knock yourself out. 去试吧

168–Hey, I know we agreed that you’d fly to Paris a week after me,我知道我们说好了你晚我一周飞抵巴黎

169–but wouldn’t three days be enough? 但是三天难道还不够打掩护吗

170–Or even two? 或是两天呢

171–You can’t wait one week? 你连一周都等不了吗

172–We need as much time for sex as possible. 我们要争分夺秒地做爱

173–Remember, you said you’d make love to me in every city in Europe. 记着 你说过我们要把爱”做”遍欧洲每一座城市

174–What am I supposed to do on my own for a whole week? 我一人待一整周要怎么做

175–Beat it. 用手做[走开]

176–That’s cold. 那可真冷血

177–Oh, not you. 我不是说你

178–What do you think? Do you like them? 你觉得如何 喜欢这裤子吗

179–Oh, what are all the pockets for? 要这么多口袋何用

180–Carrying stuff. 装东西

181–They’ll be great for hiking over the Alps. 徒步攀登阿尔卑斯山时会很有用

182— Hiking over the Alps? – Yeah. -徒步攀登阿尔卑斯山 -对啊

183–Good Lord, are we taking a vacation or fleeing the Nazis? 我的天 我们是去度假还是去逃离纳粹分子呐

184–I’m starting to think that we’re imagining very different trips. 我才意识到我们想象的旅行好像很不一样

185–Well, I want our vacation to be elegant, romantic. 我们的假期应该是优雅 浪漫的

186–Nights at la Comédie-Fran? aise,在法兰西剧院看戏的夜晚

187–dinner at Maxim’s. 在马克西姆餐厅享用晚餐

188–Yeah, well, I can’t afford those things. 可是这些都太贵了 我付不起

189–Oh, well, if that’s the problem… 如果你付不起的话…

190–No, I know you can afford those things,不行 我知道你付得起

191–but I-I don’t want to feel like your gigolo. 但是我不想当你的小白脸

192— I have an idea. – What? -我有个主意 -什么

193–Return my brooch and get your money back. 把我的胸针退回去 把钱拿回来

194–What you spent on it can buy a whole lot of escargot. 这钱能买不少法式蜗牛呢

195–I bought you this to show you what you mean to me. 我为你买这胸针是为了向你证明你对我多重要

196–Well, find another way to show me. 那就换种方式证明给我看

197–Like what? 怎么证明

198–You’re an artist. 你是个艺术家

199–Use your imagination. 发挥你的想象力

200–Okay. 好吧

201–I’ll see what I can come up with. 我们拭目以待

202–Taylor. 泰勒

203–What are you doing here? 你怎么在这儿

204–Can we talk for a sec? 我们能谈谈吗

205–My mom got sick when I was ten. 我十岁时 我母亲生了重病

206–From that point on, it was just us,从那时起 只剩我们姊妹相依为命

207–so I had to step up. 我不得不扛起重任

208–But it was good, because I learned to take charge. 那样也好 因为我学会了掌控局面

209–I found out I could figure out the solution我发觉无论面临任何问题

210–to any problem that came my way. 我都可以找到解决办法

211–Until last night. 直到昨晚

212–I sat in that hotel room until dawn我在酒店房间一直坐到天明

213–trying to figure out how to fix this thing with Eli. 想着要如何化解与伊莱的僵局

214–And I just can’t. 可我想不出办法

215–I’m so sorry. 我很抱歉

216–You know, when Eli O. D. ‘d last time,当伊莱上次嗑药过量时

217–I knew exactly what to do. 我很清楚要如何做

218–I got him into rehab, I paid off his debts. 我送他去戒毒所 偿还了他的债务

219–But I think that a part of him always resented me但我觉得他始终有些怨恨我

220–for managing the situation in a way that he couldn’t. 恨我用了一种他做不到的方式掌控了大局

221–And now he’s just so angry at me. 现在他十分生我的气

222–And I don’t think he’ll let me help him. 我觉得他不会允许我帮他的

223–And I’m so scared of what will happen if I can’t. 我很害怕如果我不帮他 以后会出什么事

224–Eli is not going to die. 伊莱又不会死

225–He will if he doesn’t stop using. 他如果继续吸毒 一定会死的

226–But the good news is he still listens to you. 但好消息是 他依然听你的话

227–So I am begging you. Please. 所以我求求你了

228–You are my last hope. 你是我最后的希望

229–Of course, yes. Totally. 当然可以了 绝对没问题

230–I’m totally with you. I promise. 我完全是站在你这边的 我保证

231–Thank God. You have no idea how much that means to me. 谢天谢地 你不知道这对我意义有多重大

232–Okay. 好吧

233–We have to move fast,我们必须快速行动

234–before the money comes in for Eli’s script. 要赶在伊莱的剧本稿费到账前

235–You’re worried he’s gonna spend it all on drugs? 你是担心他会把那些钱都用来买毒品吗

236–Not just drugs. 不仅仅是毒品

237–When Eli’s using, he gets stupid generous. 伊莱一旦开始吸毒 出手就阔绰到傻的地步

238— Stupid generous? – Oh, yeah. -阔绰到傻的地步 -是啊

239–The last time, he bought gifts for everyone. 上一次 他给每个人都买了礼物

240–Rolex watches, designer shoes. 劳力士手表 设计师名牌鞋

241–When he’s high,他嗑嗨了以后

242–he just wants everyone to be as happy as he is. 就希望所有人都跟他一样开心

243–So, I’ve been thinking of ways所以 我一直在想办法

244–that we can handle this covertly. 能让我们隐秘地进行这个计划

245–And I have one idea, but it… it’s kind of crazy. 我有个主意 但有点疯狂

246–I like crazy. 我喜欢疯狂

247–The next time Eli’s in the shower,伊莱下次洗澡时

248–I need you to go into his phone and find all of his passwords. 我需要你打开他的手机 查出他所有的密码

249–What? 什么

250–The code to his phone is 0-4-2-9. 他的手机解锁密码是0429

251–Just here, look, I wrote it down for you. 给 我替你写下来了

252–If we can get access如果我们能进入

253–to his his business accounts and his credit cards,他的商务账户和信用卡

254–we can cut off his cash flow. 就能切断他的现金流

255–And I’m gonna call his dad. 并且我还会联系他父亲

256–How will that help? 那能有什么帮助

257–Eli is terrified of his dad. 伊莱超级怕他父亲

258–Jake will force him to admit who got him using again. 杰克会逼他承认是谁让他又复吸了

259–Why does that matter? 那有什么重要的

260–He was clean for two years,他成功戒毒两年

261–and then suddenly he’s not? 突然间却又开始吸上了

262–No, I need to know what happened. 不 我需要知道究竟是怎么回事

263–Of course. 当然了

264–And I want to help, but is this really the best plan? 我也想帮忙 但这真的是最好的计划吗

265–What do you mean? 你这是什么意思

266–Look, you remember how you felt when you thought你还记得你之前觉得

267–that Eli and I were ganging up on you. 我和伊莱在合伙对付你 你是什么感觉吧

268–How is he gonna feel if it… if it seems like如果他觉得我们两个合起伙来对付他

269–we’re ganging up on him? 他又会是什么感觉

270–So what do you propose we do? 那你建议我们该怎么做

271–Give me a few days and I’ll reason with him. 给我几天时间 我会跟他讲道理 说服他

272–You really think you can talk him into this? 你真的觉得你有能力说服他吗

273–Trust me. I’ll get through to him,相信我 我会说服他的

274–he’ll come home,他会回到家中

275–and we’ll all be a family again. 我们又可以成为一家人了

276–Look who’s here! 瞧瞧这是谁来了

277–Karl, it’s the Sitwells! 卡尔 这是希特维尔夫妇

278–You’re back from Scotland, I see. 你们从苏格兰回来了

279–And we’re meeting Rex and Julie for dinner. 我们还要跟雷克斯和朱莉一起享用晚餐

280–They should be here any second. 他们应该随时都有可能到

281–Oh, I love her. She thinks I’m pretty. 我爱她 她觉得我很美

282–We all think you’re pretty. 我们都觉得你很美

283–But she says it out loud. 但她会大声说出来

284–Tell you what… when they get here,这样吧 等他们到了以后

285–why don’t you bring them over to our table? 不如你把他们带去我们那桌吧

286–We’ll dine together. 我们一起用餐

287–Wonderful. Then you can tell us好极了 那你们就可以跟我们说说

288–about your plans for Amy’s lavish wedding. 你们对于艾米的奢华婚礼的安排了

289–We’re so excited. We can’t wait. 我们太激动了 简直迫不及待

290–I can’t wait, either. 我也迫不及待

291–For it to be over. 迫不及待让婚礼早点结束

292–Yes, I was thinking the same thing. 是啊 我也是同样的想法

293–Oof, are we terrible people? 我们是很糟糕的人吧

294–No. Weddings are exhausting. 才不是 婚礼是很累人的

295–Besides, we need to conserve our energy再说了 我们得节省精力

296–for our male lovers. 用来陪我们的男性情人

297–At least yours isn’t younger than the groom. 至少你的情人没有比新郎更年轻

298–Yeah, I think the, uh, stepfather of the bride是啊 我觉得新娘的继父

299–should have at least an age-appropriate boyfriend. 至少该找一个与他年龄相当的男友

300–Call me old fashioned, but I just do. 就当我老传统吧 但我就是这么想的

301–Oh, Karl. What’s that on your face? 卡尔 你脸上这是什么

302–What? 什么

303–Oh, my God, are you wearing makeup? 天呐 你化了妆吗

304–Less than you. 没你的妆浓

305–You really are spreading your wings. 你真是彻底放飞自我了

306–I think I’m leaving the country in the nick of time. 我觉得我出国的时机刚刚好

307— I’m off to the ladies’ room – I’ll order you a gimlet. -我去洗手间了 -我给你叫一杯螺丝锥鸡尾酒

308–Simone? 萨蒙妮

309–Hi. 嗨

310–Uh, you are Dr. Bennett’s wife, right? 你是本奈特医生的妻子 对吧

311–Maureen. I also work in his practice as a nurse. 我叫莫琳 同时我也在他的诊所当护士

312–Well, isn’t that nice? 那可真好啊

313–I don’t know quite how to say this. 我真的有点难以启齿

314–But… do you know your husband’s a homosexual? 但是  你知道你丈夫是同性恋吗

315–Yes, I know. 是的 我知道

316–And you said it just fine. 你这不说得挺直接的嘛

317–I realize it’s none of my business. 我知道这不关我的事

318–I’m just trying to be a good person. 我只是想当个好人

319–And like all good people, you just couldn’t wait to tell me. 跟所有好人一样 你就是迫不及待地告诉我这事

320–I’m going now. Feel free to adjust your halo. 我要走了 你尽情地补妆吧

321–Has Karl told you he’s sick? 卡尔跟你说了他病了吗

322–What? 什么

323–I can see he hasn’t. 看来还没有

324–Karl isn’t sick. 卡尔才没病

325–He saw my husband three days ago. 他三天前去我丈夫那里就诊了

326–He has that new disease that all the gay men are spreading. 他也患上了在同性恋男子群体中肆虐的那种疾病

327–That’s a lie. 你在说谎

328–He’s the third man my husband’s seen who’s had it. 他是我丈夫见过的第三位患者

329–The first two are dead. 前两个都已经死了

330–I’m so sorry. I just thought you should know. 我很遗憾 我只是觉得你应该知道

331–I know, I know, I know,我懂 我懂 我懂

332–I know, I know it sounds unbelievable我知道这听起来难以置信

333–and faintly ridiculous, but bear with me on this… 并且很荒唐 但麻烦稍微忍耐下. .

334–Oh, hello, darling. It’s perfect timing. 你好啊 亲爱的 你来的正是时候

335–I was just telling everyone the story of our trip to Venice,我正在跟大家说我们的威尼斯之旅呢

336–when you accidentally knocked that gondolier into the water. 你不小心把那个船夫撞进水里了

337–Now, did that really happen? 这事是真的吗

338–Or is Karl just embellishing? 还是卡尔在瞎说

339–No, that-that’s not the kind of thing Karl would lie about. 没有 那种事情卡尔不会撒谎的

340–So, there he was, dripping wet,然后他浑身湿漉漉的

341–hacking up great lungfuls of the Grand Canal,肚子里装满了威尼斯大运河的水

342–and I realized it’s very difficult我意识到一个人想保持体面

343–to maintain one’s dignity… 是一件很难的事情

344— Hey. Where have you been all morning? – Ah… out. -嗨 早上你到哪里去了 -出去了

345–Doing stuff. Doing great stuff, in fact. 做事情 准确说是做好事

346–Come with me outside. I’ve got something to show you. 跟我到外面来 我有东西要给你看

347— Come on. – You never came to bed last night. -来吧 -你昨晚都没上床

348–Did you get any sleep at all? 你有睡觉吗

349–No. No, it turns out one of the side effects没有 我发现不停吸食可卡因

350–of near-constant cocaine use is a wee bit of insomnia. 有一点副作用就是 人会有点失眠

351–Come on. 来吧

352— Oh! Wow! – Right? -哇 -看到了吧

353–You like it? 你喜欢吗

354— It… uh… you bought this? – I did. -这个 是你买的吗 -没错

355–Well, uh, technically American Express bought it. 准确地说是美国运通信用卡买的

356–But that bill’s gonna get paid但是我的稿酬一进账

357–the second my first script payment comes through. 我就会用那笔钱偿付

358–You like it? 你喜欢吗

359–Look, I know you’ve been working really hard,听着 我知道你最近非常辛苦

360–and I get that you’d want to treat yourself… 我也明白你想奖赏自己

361–Me? No. Whoa. 自己 不是

362–No, I didn’t… This isn’t for me. 不 不是的 这不是给我买的

363–Y-You bought me a car? 你给我买了一辆车

364–I did. 是的

365— Shut. Up. – I won’t. -不会吧 -不骗你

366–This is me saying thank you. 这是我对你的感谢

367— For what? – My God, for everything. -为了什么 -天哪 为了一切

368–For all the help you gave me with the script. 为了你在剧本上给予我的帮助

369–For standing by me when Taylor lost her mind… 为了你在泰勒发疯时 对我的支持

370–Oh, God… Taylor’s not gonna like this. 天哪 泰勒不会高兴的

371–Well, you know what? Taylor doesn’t get a vote, okay? 你知道吗 这件事泰勒无权插手 好吗

372–It looks expensive. Are you sure? 看起来很贵 你确定吗

373–Well, I made you a promise, right? 我给你承诺过 对吗

374–I said when this money came through,我说过等钱进账了

375–I would take care of you. 我会照顾你的

376–People have made me a lot of promises in my life. 我生活中有很多人给我许下过承诺

377–Nobody’s ever kept one before. 但之前都没人能够遵守

378–Well, this is me keeping mine. 这是我兑现我的承诺

379–And this is just the beginning. 而这仅仅是开始

380–So… do you like it? 那么… 你喜欢吗

381–It’s perfect. 太棒了

382–Just keep going straight. 一直向前面直走

383–So I’ve been doing some research,我做了点功课

384–finding jobs a pregnant woman can do. 找了些孕妇可以做的工作

385–I already have a job. 我已经有工作了

386–You shouldn’t be on your feet all day when you’re expecting,要生产的女人不该做整天站着的工作

387–but don’t worry. There are plenty of ways不过别担心 对于你这样情况的女孩

388–a girl in your condition can make a living. 还是有很多方法谋生的

389–Are there? 是吗

390–Sure. You could be a pin setter in a bowling alley. 当然了 你可以去保龄球馆做保龄球摆放员

391–All you’d have to do is punch buttons. 你只需要按按钮就行了

392–I found an opening at an alley in Anaheim. 我看到阿纳海姆的一家保龄球馆在招人

393–Now take a left. 现在左转

394–Or… there’s a place hiring switchboard operators. 或者还有个地方在招接线员

395–For that, you’d have to move to Barstow. 不过那份工作你得搬去巴斯托

396–It sounds like you’re trying to get rid of me. 听上去你好像想甩掉我似的

397–Don’t be silly. 别傻了

398–I just thought it might be easier for you我只是觉得在新的城市里

399–to make a fresh start in a new city. 你能够更容易有个好的开始

400— Well, I’m not moving. – Okay. -我不会搬走的 -好吧

401–Just know I’m here for you. 记住我会在你身边

402–For anything you need. 为你提供一切所需

403–Thank you. 谢谢

404–Oh… uh, pull over, this is it. 停车吧 到了

405–This must be a mistake. 你弄错了吧

406–A doctor wouldn’t have his office in here. 医生才不会把诊所开在这种地方

407–No, this is it. 不 就是这里

408–Are you sure you have the address right? 你确定你把地址记对了吗

409–Sheila, I lied. I’m not here to see a doctor. 希拉 我骗了你 我不是来见医生的

410–I don’t understand. 我不明白

411–I’m sorry. I just can’t have this baby. 抱歉 我不能要这个孩子

412–What are you talking about? 你到底在说什么

413–Please do not make me say this out loud. 请别让我大声说出来

414–What you’re going to do, it’s illegal. 你要干的这件事 是不合法的

415–I know. 我知道

416–God, how did you even hear about this place? 天哪 你到底是从哪里听来的这个地方

417–A girl at the diner referred me. 餐馆的一个女孩推荐我来的

418–You… 你

419–Excuse me. 抱歉

420–You can’t do this, it’s not right. 你不能这么做 这是不对的

421–Sheila, please do not make this harder than it already is. 希拉 请别再给我增添负担了

422–I’m Sally Jones. We spoke on the phone. 我是萨利·琼斯 我们通过电话

423–Who’s she? 她是谁

424–My friend. 我的朋友

425–She’ll drive me home afterwards. 做完她要载我回家

426— You got the money? – I do. -带钱了吗 -带了

427–Come on in. 进来吧

428–Sheila. Please. 希拉 拜托

429–I really need a friend right now, more than ever. 我现在比任何时候都需要朋友

430— Here you go, son. – Thank you, sir. -给你 孩子 -谢谢你 先生

431–I’ll have your car here in just a second. 我马上为您把车开过来

432— Terrific night. – Lovely seeing you all. -美好的一晚 -见到你们太开心了

433–Let’s do it again very soon. 我们隔几天再聚一次吧

434–Good night, Simone. See you at the wedding. 晚安 萨蒙妮 婚礼再见吧

435–All right, we’re alone. You can tell me now. 好了 现在没人了 你可以说了

436–Tell you what? 说什么

437–How I’ve upset you. And don’t say you’re fine. 我又怎么惹你了 别说你没事

438–You’ve barely said two words to me the entire evening. 整晚上你就没跟我说几句话

439–Wait till we’re in the car. 等到车里再说

440–Can I at least have a headline? 能不能给点提示

441–I ran into your doctor’s wife in the ladies’ room. 我在洗手间撞上你医生的妻子了

442–Don’t think I’ve ever met her. 我不记得有见过她

443–She also works as a nurse. 她也是名护士

444–In his office. 在他诊所里

445–What did she say? 她说了什么

446–You’re sick. 你生病了

447–Well, two things: first of all… 我说两件事 第一

448–I’m not sick. 我没病

449–Secondly, what a gossipy bitch. 第二 她真是个八婆

450— Are you saying she lied? – I’m not… symptomatic. -你是说她撒谎了吗 -我没有症状

451— I feel fine. – So what’s the makeup hiding? -我觉得没事 -那你化妆是在掩藏什么

452–A spot. 一个脓疱

453— Don’t you mean a lesion? – Oh, come on,-你是说病变吗 -拜托

454–it’s miniscule. 那很小

455–Do you have any idea how scared I am? 你知道我有多害怕吗

456— You don’t have it. – What? -你没有感染 -什么

457–Look, the fact is, it can only be transmitted through blood事实是 这病只能通过血液

458–or bodily fluids, and we rarely had sex,或者体液传播 我们很少有性生活

459–and never without a condom. 就算有也都是戴了套的

460–Is that what you think? 你是这么想的吗

461— That I’m scared for myself? – Darling, darling, darling,-我是在为自己担心 -亲爱的

462–I, I, I… I should have told you,我 我应该告诉你的

463–my love, I just… 亲爱的 我只是…

464–I did… I just didn’t want to spoil your trip. 我 我不想破坏了你的旅行

465–Oh, God, the trip. 天 旅行

466–Look, I’m so sorry. I-I-I-I promise我很抱歉 我保证

467–I… I-I will call once a week while you’re away,你走期间我会每周给你打一次电话

468–with, with full medical updates. 告诉你病情的最新进展

469–You think I’m still going? 你觉得我还会去吗

470–That I’d leave you at a time like this? 在这种时候离开你

471–And what would staying achieve? 你留下来又能改变什么呢

472–Other than letting me know除了让我知道

473–that you think I won’t make it past Labor Day? 你觉得我挺不过劳工节

474–You need care, Karl. 你需要关照 卡尔

475–Specialists. And at least one doctor whose wife专家 而且得找个妻子

476–is not the goddamn town crier! 不是大嘴巴的医生

477–I know how much Tommy means to you. 我知道汤米对你有多重要

478–I’m staying with you, and that is the end我要留下来陪你 没有

479–of this discussion. 商量的余地

480–Thank you. 谢谢你

481— Do you want some whiskey? – Whiskey? -你想喝点威士忌吗 -威士忌

482–It’s good to get a little drunk before you start. 在你开始前喝醉对你有好处

483–Helps with the pain. 能缓解疼痛

484— No, thank you. – Suit yourself. -不了 谢谢 -随你便

485–Just give me a couple of minutes. 给我几分钟

486–I got to get some plastic over the table. 我得在桌上铺点塑料

487–She’s doing this in the kitchen? 她要在厨房里做吗

488–Apparently. 显然是的

489–But it’s an invasive procedure. 可这是侵入性操作

490–It requires a clean environment. Sterilized instruments. 需要干净的环境 消毒器械

491–Well, this is all I can afford. 我只能负担起这个了

492–I’m out of options, Sheila. 我无计可施了 希拉

493–Please understand. 请理解

494–There’s something you don’t know. 有件事你不知道

495–There’s something I need to tell you. 我得告诉你

496–What’s that? 什么事

497–I had a child once,我曾有个孩子

498–but she died. 但她过世了

499–I left the gate to the backyard open. 我没有关上后院的大门

500–She wandered out into the street她漫步到了街上

501–and she was hit by a car. 被车撞了

502–It’s been years, but I think about her every day. 已经过去了很多年 但我每天都在想她

503–Sometimes, late at night,有时在深夜

504–I wonder what kind of young woman she’d have turned into. 我会想要是她还活着 她会长成一个怎样的女人

505–How could you tell me something like that right now? 你怎么能在此时此刻跟我说这种事

506–Are you… are you trying to make me feel guilty? 你想要我感到内疚吗

507–No, you don’t understand. 不 你不明白

508–No, I think you don’t understand, Sheila. 不 不明白的是你 希拉

509— I have to do this. – Honey, I’m trying to say… -我必须这么做 -亲爱的 我想说的是

510–I think my daughter would have grown up to be a lot like you. 我想我女儿长大后会很像你

511–That is one of the reasons I love you. 这也是我爱你的原因之一

512–But right now I’m afraid for you但现在我为你担心

513–because women die in places like this. 因为女人会在这样的地方死去

514–I can’t let that happen. 我不能允许这样的事发生

515–Sheila, I’m single and I’m broke. 希拉 我单身还没钱

516–I can’t raise a baby. 我没能力抚养小孩

517–We’ll figure it out. We just need time to think. 我们会想出办法的 我们只是需要时间思考

518— Let me help you. – How? -让我帮你 -怎么帮

519–Well, I’ll… 我

520–I’ll get some… I’ll get my hands on some money. 我会 我会去筹一些钱

521–We can go somewhere else, somewhere safe, but please,我们可以去别的地方 一个安全的地方 但是拜托

522–let’s get out of here. 离开这里

523–Okay. Okay. 好的

524–Hello? 喂

525–Yeah, this is she. 我就是

526–No, I haven’t lost my Amex. Why? 没 我的美国运通信用卡没丢 怎么了

527–Suspicious activity? 可疑活动

528–Um, how much was spent? 花了多少钱

529–Nice car. 车子不错

530–Taylor. 泰勒

531— Were you in the house? – I came to talk to Eli-你刚从家里出来吗 -我是来找伊莱的

532–so he could explain to me why my credit card is maxed out,好让他给我解释为什么我的信用卡被刷爆了

533–and then I saw you pull up in this brand-new car. 然后我看到你停下这辆崭新的车

534–Well, I-I don’t know when he’ll be home. 我不知道他什么时候回家

535–He has a meeting at Paramount and… 他要在派拉蒙参加一个会议

536–He bought it for you, didn’t he? 这是他买给你的 对吗

537–I told him it was too much. 我跟他说了这太贵重

538— When? – The moment he gave it to me. -什么时候 -他给我的那一刻

539–No. I’m asking when did he give it to you? 不 我是问他什么时候给你的

540–Before I saw you in the park this morning or after? 在我今早在公园里看到你之前还是之后

541–After. 之后

542–So why didn’t you insist he take it back? 那你怎么没坚持退回去

543–I was so surprised, I didn’t know what to say. 我很意外 我不知道该说什么

544–Surprised? Jade, I had just told you that when Eli is high,意外 洁德 我刚跟你说了伊莱嗨了以后

545— he’s stupid with money. – Well, I don’t think it’s stupid. -他就会乱花钱 -我不认为这是乱花钱

546–I spend every day cooking and cleaning,我每天要做饭 打扫

547–running errands and looking after you both. 跑腿 照顾你俩

548–I think it’s nice that someone actually我觉得这很好 终于有人

549–wanted to say thank you. 想说谢谢了

550–You want a thank you? Okay, fine, Jade. 你想有人谢谢你 行 洁德

551–Thank you. 谢谢

552–Now give me the keys. 钥匙给我

553— Why? – ‘Cause I’m gonna return the car, obviously. -为什么 -因为我要把车退回去

554–No. 不

555— What do you mean no? – You can’t return the car. -你这是什么啥意思 -你不能把车退掉

556–It’s not yours. Eli bought it for me. 车不是你的 是伊莱买给我的

557–Yeah, but he’s coked out of his mind. 但他是因为嗑药嗑疯了才买的

558–To accept a gift from a man in that condition接受一个这种情况下男人送的礼物

559–is not a good look. “吃相”可不太好看

560–My God. Why are you acting like this? 天 你为什么这样子

561–I haven’t done anything wrong. 我没有做过任何错事

562–You are taking advantage of this situation. 你是在趁人之危

563–You’re using Eli. Just give me the keys. 你在利用伊莱 钥匙给我

564–Stop it. If anyone is a user,够了 要说谁是使用者[瘾君子]的话

565–Taylor, it’s you. You have been using me for months. 那也是你 泰勒 你利用了我好几个月了

566–I saved you. I brought you into my home. 我救了你 我让你住进我家

567–You did that for yourself, not for me. 你那是为了你自己 不是我

568–Your marriage was falling apart and you needed a distraction. 你的婚姻分崩离析 你需要一个分心的事物

569–Eli wasn’t writing or making money,伊莱写不出剧本 赚不到钱

570–and you were so angry你很生气

571–you could barely even look at him. 你几乎都不正眼看他

572–By the way, I’m the one who got him writing again. 对了 是我让他再次开始写作的

573–I did that for you. 我是为了你

574–You’re welcome. 不用谢

575–I keep wondering why Eli started using again. 我一直在想为什么伊莱复吸

576–Are you the reason? 是因为你IMA

577–Oh, my God. We shouldn’t be doing this. 天呐 我们不该这样

578–Fighting and throwing blame at each other. 吵架 互相责备

579–We’re supposed to be a family. 我们应该是一家人的

580–Stop it. Stop it, Jade! 够了 够了 洁德

581–Eli and I are a family. 我和伊莱是一家人

582–You are a houseguest. 你是房客

583–That’s all. 仅此而已

584–You know what, Jade? Go upstairs,知道吗 洁德 上楼

585–get your stuff. I want you out of my house now! 收拾你的东西 我要你立刻离开我家

586–That’s not gonna happen. 想得美

587–You can leave again if you want,你要想的话你可以再次离开

588–but I’m not going anywhere,我反正是不会走的

589–and I’m keeping the car. 而且我要把车留下

590–I’m not gonna let you take it away from me. 我不会让你把它夺走

591–Tommy, come in. 汤米 进来

592–Hi. I have great news. 嗨 我有好消息

593–I returned your brooch and I got your replacement gift. 我把你的胸针退掉了 我给你买了替代礼品

594–Well, it’s not a traditional gift不是传统意义上的礼物

595–so much as a tribute to you. 只是对你表达敬意

596–I sure hope you like it because, uh,我希望你喜欢 因为

597–I can’t really return it. 我不能退掉

598–Hey. You look sad. What’s wrong? 你看着不开心 怎么了

599–We need to talk. 我们得谈谈

600–Hey. Hey, great news. 好消息

601–Paramount wants to talk to me about adapting a novel. 派拉蒙想让我改编一本小说

602–I got a meeting on Friday. I’m telling you,我周五要去开会 我跟你说

603–this comeback shit is really starting to get real. 我是真的要东山再起了

604–I’m really, really happy for you. 我真的为你感到开心

605–What’s wrong? 怎么了

606–Taylor stopped by. 泰勒之前来了

607–I’m guessing that didn’t go so well, huh? 我猜你们的见面不是很和谐 对吗

608–Oh, Eli. 伊莱

609–I hate this. 我讨厌这样

610–I hate that she’s putting me in this position. 我讨厌她让我陷入这种境地

611–What position? What are you talking about? 什么境地 你在说什么

612–She wants me to get the passwords to your accounts,她想让我搞到你账户的密码

613–so she can take away all your money. 这样她就能拿走你所有的钱

614–Cancel the trip? 取消旅行

615–I can’t leave when Karl is sick. 我不能在卡尔生病时离开

616–Yeah, but-but he’s not even in the hospital. 可他都没有住院

617–Not yet, but this disease is unpredictable. 暂时还没 但这个病无法预测

618–I need to be here. 我得留下来

619–No, that’s not fair. This was supposed to be不 这不公平 这本应是

620–the best summer of my life. 我这辈子最棒的一个夏天

621–And this could be the last summer of Karl’s life,这也可能是卡尔一生里最后一个夏天

622–so please stop sulking. 所以拜托别生气了

623— What are you doing? – I need a drink. -你在干什么 -我要喝酒

624–You’re barely 18. 你才刚满18岁

625–Yeah, well, dating you has aged me. 嗯 跟你交往让我成熟了很多

626–Give me that. 给我

627–One week, that’s all I ask. 一周 这是我唯一要求

628–Nothing can happen in-in a-a week. 一周时间不会发生任何事的

629–What would be the point? I wouldn’t enjoy myself. 那有什么意义 我不会开心的

630–In Paris? With me? 跟我一起去巴黎都不开心吗

631–My husband is dying. 我丈夫要死了

632–Can you not understand what that means? 你不明白这意味着什么吗

633–So what’s gonna happen to us? 那我们的关系会怎样

634–I don’t think there can be an “Us. “我想”我们”是成不了的

635–Look… 听着

636–I know that I can act like a kid sometimes,我知道有时我的行为像小孩

637–but if you give me another chance, I can be more mature. 但如果你再给我次机会 我可以更加成熟

638–No. 不

639–You stay young. 你保持年轻就好

640–I’m the one who needs to grow up. 需要成长的人是我

641–That might be Karl’s doctor. 可能是卡尔的医生打来的

642–I, I’m gonna take it in the other room. 我要去隔壁房间接

643— Simone… – No. -萨蒙妮 -不

644–Tommy. 汤米

645–All right, great,好极了

646–and you can transfer those funds today, right? 你今天就能把钱转走 对吗

647–All right, thank you. Yeah, I’ll talk to you. Bye. 好的 谢谢 回头聊 再见

648–All right. All right, so my business manager’s on it. 好了 我的业务经理在处理了

649–He’s gonna reset the passwords to all my accounts. 他会重置我所有账户的密码

650–And I spoke to Lamar. I forbid him to speak to Taylor,我跟拉马尔谈了 我禁止他和泰勒交流

651–so she can’t use him to try to get to my script payments. 这样她就不能利用他来获得我的剧本报酬

652–That’s a relief. 真是松了口气

653–Do you think it’ll be enough? 你觉得这样做够了吗

654–What do you mean? 什么意思

655–Taylor was here, in the house, while we were out. 我们之前出去的时候 泰勒来过

656–Maybe we should think about changing the locks. 或许我们该换锁

657–Whoa. Uh, I mean, she’s my wife and she loves me. 她是我老婆 她爱我

658–In her way she’s just trying to protect me. 她只是想用她的方式保护我

659–She’s trying to control you. 她是想控制你

660–There’s a difference. 两者是有区别的

661–I don’t know. 我不知道

662–I mean, maybe I should just call her. 也许我该给她打电话

663–No! 不

664–I mean, I know you want to believe that she’s gonna come around,我知道你想相信她会回心转意

665–but you have to know, deep down, there’s no way she’s ever但你得明白 她永远不可能

666–gonna get on board with the idea of you using. 同意你吸毒

667–And she’s threatening to call your dad. 她还威胁要告诉你爸

668–My dad? Are you fucking kidding me? 我爸 你逗我吗

669–Why? 为什么

670–She knows that I don’t speak to him. Goddamn it. 她知道我不跟他说话的 该死

671–She can’t just fucking do that. 她不能这么做

672–She’s trying to make you feel small. 她想让你觉得渺小

673–I hate that she’s treating you this way. 我讨厌她这么对你

674–The last thing I want is to see you lose everything我最不想看到的就是你失去

675–you’ve been working so hard to get. 你为之努力赚取的一切

676–Who are you calling? 你给谁打电话

677–Our handyman. You’re right. 我们的勤杂工 你说得对

678–We’re gonna change those fucking locks. 我们得把锁换了

679–Rob’s got an awful lot of old sports equipment. 罗伯有很多运动装备

680–And he never uses any of it. 他从来不用

681–So I’m taking it to the pawnshop我要把它们拿去当了

682–and giving the cash to April. 然后把钱给艾普尔

683–Well, that’ll be a nice chunk of change. 那可有不少钱啊

684–It will be easier for her to make a rational decision about the baby要是她不用过多担心钱的话

685–if she’s not so worried about money. 在孩子问题上她会更容易做出理智的决定

686–I still can’t believe you talked her out of it. 我还是无法相信你竟然说服了她不去堕胎

687–That horrible place? I couldn’t let her stay. 那个可怕的地方 我实在看不下去

688–Here, put this in the big pile, please. 拿着 放到箱子里

689–I got to admit I’m a bit surprised. 我得承认我有点没想到

690–Surprised? 没想到

691–She’s pregnant with your husband’s kid. 她怀上了你老公的孩子

692–Most wives in that situation大多数妻子在这种情况下

693–wouldn’t care how rusty the knives were. 根本不会在乎刀有多钝

694–Couldn’t let anything happen to April or her baby. 不能让艾普尔或者她孩子出事

695–Honey, y-you know that she could still decide to get rid of it. 亲爱的 你知道她还是可以决定打掉的吧

696–I know. That’s why I have to work hard我知道 所以接下来几天里

697–over the next few days to change her mind. 我要更加努力改变她的主意

698–Well, talk to her about adoption. 跟她说说领养

699–You know, there’s-there’s plenty of nice people out there有很多好人

700–who can’t have kids. 不孕不育

701–I’ll mention that. 我会跟她说的

702–There’s also another possibility. 还有一个可能

703–What’s that? 是什么

704–Rob and I could raise the baby. 我和罗伯可以抚养那孩子

705–What? 什么

706–I’ve got it all figured out. 我都想好了

707–I’ll support April until the baby arrives,我会一直陪着艾普尔直到孩子出世

708–then I’ll offer to raise it. 然后我会提出抚养它

709–As far as Rob’s concerned, I could arrange some scenario,就罗伯而言 我可以计划一个方案

710–finding it in a bassinet in a park, abandoned. 比如在公园里的摇篮车里发现被抛弃的孩子

711–No one would ever have to know the truth. 没人需要知道真相

712–Rob would have his child, April could have her career,罗伯可以拥有自己的孩子 艾普尔也能有自己的事业

713–everyone would be happy. 皆大欢喜

714–What’s wrong? 怎么了

715–At first I thought it was funny,一开始我还觉得挺好玩的

716–you becoming friends with your husband’s slut. 你和你老公的母狗成了朋友

717— Sheila, that word. – And then, when you kept getting-希拉 别用那词 -然后 当你和她

718–closer to her, I thought you were a little nutty. 走得越来越近 我以为你有点疯癫

719–But no. You’re sick. 但是不是 你是变态

720–I’m not sick. 我不是变态

721–Your kid is dead. 你孩子死了

722–And you’re trying to replace her with April’s baby. 你想用艾普尔的孩子替代她

723–That is not what I’m doing. 才不是这样

724–That is what you’re doing from where I’m standing. 从我的角度看 你就是在这么做

725–You’re not allowed to judge me. 你没资格评判我

726–Not until you pick out Benny’s casket除非你给本尼挑选了棺材

727–and dress him in his Sunday best为他穿上最美的衣服

728–and put him in the ground. 将他葬于地下

729–Until you do that, I don’t want to hear another word在那之前 我不想再听到你的

730–from you. 任何一句话

731–Hello? 喂

732–Simone, thank God you answered. 萨蒙妮 还好你接了

733–Naomi. What’s going on? 娜奥米 怎么了

734–I ran out without my purse,我没带钱包就出门了

735–and I don’t have my insurance card or my ID,我没有医保卡和身份证

736–and the housekeeper isn’t answering,女管家也没接电话

737–and I don’t have anyone else to call. 我不知道还能打给谁

738–Slow down. What’s going on? Where are you? 慢点 出什么事了 你在哪

739–I’m at the hospital. 我在医院

740–I need my purse. Can you please bring it? 我需要我的钱包 你能带过来吗

741–Well, of course. What’s happened? 当然 怎么了

742–Tommy’s been in a car accident. 汤米出车祸了

743–I-I’ll be right there. 我马上过来

744–Yes. Can I help you? 你好 有何贵干

745–I’m here to speak to Rob Stanton. 我是来找罗伯·斯坦顿的

746— Do you have an appointment? – No. -你有预约吗 -没

747–But I’m not leaving until I speak to him. 不跟他说上话我就不走

748–I beg your pardon? 你说什么

749–Tell him it’s April. 跟他说是艾普尔找她

750–So you know who I am. 所以你知道我是谁

751–I do. 是的

752–I’m sorry, but he won’t see you. 抱歉 但他不会见你

753–I really think that you should go. 你真的该走了

754–Miss! 小姐

755–Please stop. 请停下

756–I’m sorry, Mr. Stanton. 抱歉 斯坦顿先生

757–I told her you were busy. 我跟她说了你很忙

758–It’s all right. What do you want? 没事 你想要什么

759–One lousy minute of your time. 占用你一分钟

760–You owe me that, don’t you think? 这是你欠我的 你不觉得吗

761–Claire, go ahead and shut the door. 克莱尔 出去 把门关上

762–I’m sorry I didn’t return your phone calls. 抱歉我没有回你电话

763–I thought a clean break was just better for… 我想着一刀两对更好

764–I’m pregnant. 我怀孕了

765–Don’t worry. I don’t need anything from you. 别担心 我不需要你给我什么

766–I’m not keeping it. 我不会留着

767–The way you treated me,你对待我的方式

768–I wasn’t even going to tell you. 我本来不想告诉你的

769–But I’m not a bad person. 但我不是坏人

770–You have a right to know. 你有权知道

771–Anyway, that’s all I came here to say, so… 总之 这就是我来此想对你说的

772–goodbye. 再见

773–Have a nice life. 祝你生活美满

774–Wait. 等等

775–Simone, thank you so much. 萨蒙妮 太谢谢你了

776— Where’s Tommy? – They’re doing some scans of his head. -汤米在哪 -他们在扫描他的头部

777–He has a possible concussion. 他可能有脑震荡

778–They need to be sure there’s no swelling. 他们要确保没有任何肿胀

779–But he’ll be all right? 但他不会有事

780–He’s pretty banged up. 他受了很多伤

781–He has a bad cut on his leg, but he’ll recover. 他腿上划了道口子 不过他会好起来的

782— Oh, thank God. – He was driving while drunk. -谢天谢地 -他醉酒驾驶

783–I couldn’t believe it when the nurse told me. 护士告诉我的时候我完全不敢相信

784–Tommy would never… 汤米绝不会…

785–God. What’s happened to my boy? 天 我的儿子到底怎么了

786–I feel so awful. 我感觉好惭愧

787–You’re so sweet to be here. 你能来真好

788–Even now, when you’re going through your own hell. 尤其是现在你还要应付自己的难事

789–What do you mean? 什么意思

790–I know about Karl,我知道卡尔的事了

791–how he’s sick with that gay disease. 他染上了那个同志疾病

792–I don’t know what you’ve heard, but… 我不知道你听说了什么 但是

793–Ida Coy told me. 艾达·考伊跟我说了

794–She was in one of the stalls她在厕所隔间里

795–when you were talking to Dr. Bennett’s wife. 听到了你和本奈特医生的妻子之间的对话

796–Oh, God. Well, please don’t tell anyone else. 天呐 求你别再告诉任何人了

797–Karl would be so upset. 卡尔一定会很生气的

798–I don’t care about Karl. 我才不在乎卡尔

799–You’re the one I’m concerned for. 我担心的是你

800–Are you okay? 你没事吧

801–Well, I don’t have it, if that’s what you’re asking. 如果你是想问我有没有被染病 我没有

802–Well, I hope not. 但愿没有吧

803–No one seems to know how those people are spreading it. 现在我似乎明白那些人是怎么让这病肆虐的了

804–We brought your son to a room if you want to see him. 我们把你儿子带去了房间里 想见可以去见了

805–Yes, please, let’s go. 好的 拜托了 我们走

806–Oh, but we can only allow family back there. 但后面只允许家属进去

807–Oh, Simone is practically family. 萨蒙妮也几乎算是家人了

808–Sorry, it’s policy. 抱歉 这是规定

809— It’s fine. Just-just call me later. – I will. -没事 你回头打电话给我吧 -我会的

810–And I will be there for you when you need me. 如果你需要我 我一定会支持你的

811–Truth is, I fell in love with Jade事实是 我爱上洁德的时候

812–without really knowing who she was. 完全不清楚她是个什么样的人

813–And what’s worse is I brought her into my home. 更糟糕的是 我把她带进了我的家中

814–Now she’s sleeping in my bed and I’m living in a hotel. 现在她睡在我的床上 我却住在酒店里

815–I need her out of my house. 我要她滚出我家

816–But she’s enabling my drug addict husband但我那吸毒的丈夫现在完全听她的

817–and I don’t think he’ll just let her go. 我觉得他是不会放她离开的

818–Not to mention the fact that you and I both know更别提你我都清楚

819–how intensely she can react when she feels threatened. 当她觉得受到威胁时 会做出多么过激的反应

820–If I’m gonna get her out of the house, I need to be smart. 如果我要把她赶出我家 我需要聪明点

821–I need leverage. 我需要筹码

822–And I thought you might be just the person to help me with that. 我觉得你可能是帮助我的最佳人选

823–Why would I help you? 我为什么要帮你

824–I’m thinking, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. 我的想法是 你帮我挠背 我也帮你挠背

825–All you got to do is tell me where it itches. 你只需要告诉我哪里痒就行了

826–They set my bail at $10,000. 他们把我的保释金定成了1万美元

827–They seem to think I’m dangerous. 他们似乎觉得我很危险

828–Well, as luck would have it, I brought my checkbook. 算你走运 我带支票簿来了

829–Well, in that case, how can I help? 那样的话 我能帮上你什么忙

830–Tell me everything you know about Jade. 把你知道的关于洁德的一切都告诉我

831–Well, for starters, that’s not her real name. 首先 那不是她的真名

832–Oh, shit. 妈的

833–Hold on, darling. You ain’t heard nothing yet. 等等 亲爱的 更劲爆的还在后面呢

834–Oh, my poor baby. 我可怜的宝贝

835–How is his leg? 他的腿怎么样了

836–Well, he needed some stitches,不得不缝了几针

837–but he will be good as new in no time. 不过很快就能恢复如初了

838–What in the world? 这是什么鬼

839–Who’s Simone? 萨蒙妮是谁

840–That his girlfriend? 是他女朋友吗

841–Bit young for a tattoo. 这么年轻就文身

842–One day he’s gonna regret that. 以后情变了肯定会后悔的

843–So will she. 她也会后悔的

844–Hey there. 你好啊

845–How you feeling? 感觉怎么样

846–Better, now that you’re here. 你来了 我就觉得好多了

847–Need help with anything? 需要我帮忙做点什么吗

848–Oh, I’m just peeling potatoes. I think I can handle it. 我只是在给土豆削皮而已 我觉得我可以应付

849–I’m gonna change clothes. 我去换身衣服

850–When I’m done, I’ll come down and set the table for you. 等我换完 我要下来帮你摆桌子

851–You’re sweet. 你太贴心了

852–Leo. 利奥

853–What are you doing here? 你怎么来了

854–Where’s Rob? 罗伯去哪儿了

855–He just went upstairs. Is something wrong? 他刚刚上楼了 是出什么事了吗

856–Yeah, you need to come to our house. 是的 你需要去我家一趟

857–You got a phone call from you-know-who. 那个人给你打来电话了

858–She said it’s important. 她说有要紧的事

859–And Sheila wanted me to tell you希拉希望我告诉你

860–this is the last time she’s doing this for you. 这是她最后一次帮你了

861–She’s still angry with me? 她还在生我的气吗

862–Yeah, something like that. 是啊 差不多吧

863–Do you think I’m a horrible person? 你觉得我是个糟糕的人吗

864–Nah, I think you’re a nice lady不 我认为你是个好女人

865–who’s gotten herself in a real fucking mess. 只是陷入了大麻烦中

866–We’re here. 我们来了

867–Is she serious? 她是认真的吗

868–Oh, yeah. 是的

869–Hello? 喂

870–Sheila. What took you so long? 希拉 你怎么这么久才来

871–Long story. I-Is everything okay? 说来话长 一切都还好吧

872–Better than okay. Everything is wonderful. 简直好极了 好到不能再好

873–Tell me. 跟我说说

874–I went to Rob’s office to let him know that I’m pregnant. 我去了罗伯的办公室 告诉他我怀孕的事

875–You did what? 你干了什么

876–I figured the S. O. B. had a right to know. 我觉得那个混蛋有权知道

877–Anyway, I stormed into his office and I blurted it out,总之 我冲进他的办公室 把这事抖出来了

878–and do you know what that big galoot did? 你知道那个笨蛋干了什么吗

879–No. 不知道

880–He got down on one knee他单膝跪地

881–and asked me if I would marry him. 问我愿不愿意嫁给他

882–But no, but he’s still married. 但是 他还没离婚啊

883–That’s what I said. 我也是这么说的

884–But he told me that his marriage is ending. 但他说他的婚姻就快结束了

885–He said he just needs six months. 他说只要再给他六个月的时间就行了

886–Six months. 六个月

887–And then到时候

888–he’ll be totally free. 他就会彻底自由了

889–Anyway, I just wanted to call to tell you first. 总之 我只想打个电话先告诉你

890–Now I have to call and tell my mother. 接下来我要打电话告诉我妈了

891–Oh, Sheila. 希拉

892–I am so happy. 我真是太幸福了

893–I would ask if everything’s okay, but, uh,我倒是想问问你是不是遇到什么事了

894–I don’t think I’m allowed to talk to you anymore. 但好像我不能再跟你说话了

895–So… 所以…

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