Why Women Kill S01E07  Script (致命女人第一季第七集中英对照剧本台词)

I Found Out What the Secret to Murder Is: Friends. Best Friends.

1–Previously on Why Women Kill… 《致命女人》前情提要

2–You can cheat on your wife all you want,你可以随心所欲绿你妻子

3–but you’re not touching mine. 但是休想碰我妻子

4–I am in love with you. 我爱上你了

5–You knew the rules. I will never… 你知道规则的 我永远不会

6–leave my wife. 离开我妻子

7–So I can tell Rob is still mad about the other night. 我能感觉到罗伯还在生那晚的气

8–He hasn’t called in days. 他已经多日没打给我了

9–Why would he even be with me if he was so happy with her? 要是他和她在一起那么幸福 为什么还要跟我在一起

10–Maybe she did something to hurt him或许她做了什么伤害他

11–and he needs time to forgive her. 他需要时间去原谅她

12–This project I’ve been involved with,我在忙的那个项目

13–it’s almost over. I’ll be home in time for dinner. Every night. 快完成了 我会晚上准时回来吃饭 每晚都是

14–It’s Hector. 是赫克托

15–He was the best hairdresser I ever had. 他是我有过的最好的理发师

16–I’ve known for some time about Karl’s indiscretions. 卡尔的轻率之举我已经耳闻一段时间了

17–I saw his car parked at some seedy motel. 我看到他的车停在某个三流旅馆

18–What in God’s name? 你到底是怎么想的

19–We haven’t seen each other in years. 我们很久没见过面了

20–Hector was the only person只有赫克托

21–who ever saw me for the man I truly am. 能看清我真实的为人

22–Stop romanticizing your grubby little fling. 别再浪漫化你肮脏的一时放纵

23–Do you love him? 你爱他吗

24–I do. 爱

25–You fell asleep. 你睡着了

26–Take this. 吃掉它

27–I don’t think I should. 我觉得我不应该吃

28–While I was away, did you two fuck? 我不在的时候 你们俩是不是睡了

29–We absolutely fucked. 我们绝对睡了

30–Okay. 好吧

31–This was bound to happen, right? 这是注定要发生的 对吧

32–Since we’re all together now. 既然我们都住在一起了

33–All right, let’s talk about my script. 我们来谈谈我的剧本吧

34–I’m expecting offers in the high six-figure range. 我估计出价能有六位数 接近一百万

35–Be good to Jade. She’s your muse. 好好待洁德 她是你的灵感女神

36–His muse? 他的灵感女神

37–I am the one who spent the last two years过去两年 收拾烂摊子的人是我

38–cleaning up the mess he made of our lives. 收拾烂摊子的人是我

39— What did he do? – What didn’t he do? -他干什么了 -他什么没干

40–Speed, cocaine. 安非他命 可卡因

41–He’s an addict. 他是个瘾君子

42–One of the producers wants a rewrite. 制片人之一想要我改写

43–And if I can get it to them on time, then… I’m back. 如果我可以按时把作品交上去的话 我就能回归

44–And the money that will follow, Jade, I can take care of you. 然后就会有收入了 洁德 我就可以照顾你了

45–* The moon was all aglow **月亮发着红光*

46–* But heaven was in your eyes **但你眼里是天堂*

47–* The night that you told me **你告诉我*

48–* All those little white lies **善意谎言的那晚*

49–* The stars all seemed to know **星星似乎都知道*

50–* You didn’t mean all those sighs **你不是真心叹气*

51–* The day that you told me… **你告诉我*

52–That girl April is on line one. 那个叫艾普尔的女孩在1号线上

53–Tell her I’m in a meeting. 跟她说我在开会

54–* All those little white lies **善意谎言的那天*

55–* Who wouldn’t believe those lips **谁会不相信那嘴唇*

56–Who wouldn’t believe those eyes*谁会不相信那眼睛*

57–The night that you told me*你告诉我*

58–You were out late last night. 你昨晚很晚才回来

59–Who were you with? 你和谁在一起

60–Just some of the guys from the track team. 就是田径队里的一些朋友

61–All those little white lies*善意谎言的那晚*

62–The devil was in your heart*恶魔在你心中*

63–But heaven was in your eyes*但你眼里是天堂*

64–The time that you told me*你告诉我*

65–Eli, what are you doing out so early? 伊莱 你这么早出来干什么

66–Oh, just going for a jog. 我去慢跑

67–All those little white lies*善意谎言的那次*

68–All those*那些*

69–Little white*善意*

70–Lies… *谎言*

71–So, can you ring me up for that, ma’am? 你能帮我按铃吗 夫人

72–Bethany. 贝瑟妮

73–Thank you for meeting me. 谢谢你来见我

74–Yeah. I was… I was a little surprised to get your text. 嗯 我…  收到你的短信我有点意外

75–It’s, um, it’s been a minute. 有段时间没联系过了

76–Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry about that. 是啊 我很抱歉

77–I know I kind of disappeared there. 我知道我之前消失了

78–Yeah. Thought maybe you had, uh, found someone else. 我还以为你找到别人了

79–No, no, nothing like that. I just, you know… 不不 不是那样的 我…

80–Took a different path for a while. 暂时从良了

81— Yeah. Yeah. – Yeah. -对 对 -嗯

82–All right, Tanya,好了 谭雅

83–listen to me. 听我的

84–You’re gonna go play with your friends你去和你朋友玩

85–while Mommy talks to her friend, okay? 妈妈要和朋友谈话 好吗

86— Okay. – Oh, big girl. -好 -乖乖

87–I see them on the playground. You better go. 他们在游乐场 快去

88–Oh, my God. 天呐

89–She’s so big. 她个头好大

90— I know. – In my head, I still think of her as a baby. -是啊 -我印象中她还是个婴儿

91— Yeah, well, 24 months is like a lifetime in kid-years. – Yeah. -在小孩世界里 24个月就像是一生 -嗯

92–Okay, so I got this shit from Mexico. 这是我从墨西哥搞到的

93–It’s stepped on a little bit, but it’s good. 掺了点东西 不过质量还是很好

94–Just, like, 15% baby laxatives. 就加了15%的婴儿泻药

95–It’ll definitely get you high. 绝对能让你嗨

96–But this shit但这玩意儿

97–just fell off the back of a fucking boat from Colombia. 是从哥伦比亚海运过来的

98–Okay, all I did was chop it up and bag it,我只是将它切开 打包

99–and I swear to God, Eli,我发誓 伊莱

100–the second you open it, your entire face goes numb. 你一打开 你的整张脸就会麻痹掉

101–Okay, how much? 多少钱

102–Give you an eight ball for 300? 3. 5克三百块

103–Or I can do two for five. 你买两份的话 我可以五百卖你

104–That’s the best I can do, though. 不过这是我能开出的最大折扣了

105–I’m trying to save for Tanya’s college fund. 我想给谭雅的大学基金存钱

106–Well, you’re a good mom. 你是个好妈妈

107–All right, I’ll take two. 好 我要两份

108–Okay. 好

109–Nice to have you back. 很开心你回来了

110–Karl. 卡尔

111–We need to talk. 我们得谈谈

112–Bloody hell, it’s 7:00 in the morning. 该死 现在才早上7点

113–I was so angry with you last night. 我昨晚很生你气

114–The way you spoke to me. 你跟我说话的方式

115–Look, Simone… 听着 萨蒙妮

116–I was up all night thinking to myself,我整晚没睡一直在想

117–“I wish I’d never married that man. 真希望自己没跟那个男人结婚

118–He’s stolen the last ten years of my life. “他偷走了我生命中这十年的时光

119–All right, I’m sorry. 好吧 抱歉

120–Here, put that on. 给 穿上

121–Why? 为什么

122–Just do it. 快点穿吧

123–All right. 行

124–Then I started thinking about our time together. 然后我开始想我们在一起共度的时光

125–You taught me how to ski… 你教我怎么滑雪

126–… how to tango. 怎么跳探戈

127–Hmm. How to speak French. 怎么说法语

128–Asking for more chardonnay is not really speaking French. 学会怎么再要一杯霞多丽可不算说法语

129–Most importantly,最重要的是

130–you taught me how to laugh at myself. 你教会我怎么自嘲

131–The truth is, you haven’t stolen anything from me. 事实上 你没有偷走我的任何东西

132–If anything,如果有的话

133–you’ve given me more than I deserved. 你给我的远远超过了我应得的

134–I’m sorry, the suspense is slightly killing me now. 很抱歉 我快被你吊胃口到烦死了

135–Where is this going? 你到底要说什么

136–Follow me. 跟我来

137–Just to be clear, I still think we should get a divorce. 说清楚 我还是觉得我们该离婚

138–Uh, yes, I assumed as much. 我猜也是

139–But just because I can’t have you as a husband但是就因为你不能做我的丈夫

140–doesn’t mean I can’t have you as a friend. 不代表你不能做我的朋友

141–And I do like to keep my friends happy. 我是喜欢让自己的朋友开心快乐的

142–Hector. 赫克托

143–Hello, Karl. 你好 卡尔

144–I have never loved you more than I do in this moment. 我从未比此刻更加爱你

145–Please, Karl, not in front of the boyfriend. 拜托卡尔 别当着你男友秀恩爱

146–Hello. 你好

147–Sheila. 希拉

148–Your apartment manager told me you were down here. 你的公寓管理员跟我说你在这里

149–I was hoping we could get lunch. 我希望能跟你吃个午饭

150–Sorry, I just got called into work. 抱歉 餐厅打电话让我去上班

151–Two waitresses are sick. 两个侍应生病了

152–I have to clean my uniform and get over to Glendale. 我得把制服洗干净然后去格伦代尔

153–It’s fine. We can catch up another time. 没关系 我们改天再聊

154–Well, there’s certainly a lot to catch up on. 确实有很多需要聊的

155–Has something happened? 发生什么事了吗

156–Mrs. Persky… 佩尔斯基夫人

157–I need you to leave. 请你离开一下

158–Why? 为何

159–I need to talk to my friend. 我得跟朋友聊聊

160–What about? 聊什么

161–It’s private. 这是私事

162–So sex, huh? 关于性的 是吧

163–Just go! 赶紧走吧

164–You seem irritable. 你好像很烦躁

165–Rob dumped me. 罗伯甩了我

166–He did? 是吗

167–Yeah, he sent roses with a note他送来了玫瑰花 附了一张便条

168–saying, “I can’t keep seeing you, please forgive me. “写着 “我不能再见你了 请原谅我”

169–Oh, well, you knew this day was coming. 好吧 你知道总会有这么一天的

170–Yeah. I just thought he would be man enough是啊 我以为他会像个男人一样

171–to tell me to my face. 跟我当面说的

172–You know, I phoned him at his work yesterday ten times. 我昨天给他工作的地方打了十次电话

173–His secretary, Claire, won’t put me through. 他的秘书克莱尔不给我转接

174–Well, honey, it is time to move on. 亲爱的 是时候该向前看了

175–You don’t want to embarrass yourself. Well–你也不想自讨没趣吧

176–Yeah. 是的

177–What are you doing back here? 你又回来干什么

178–I brought my husband. 我带了我丈夫来

179–I want him to see how you talk to me. 我想让他看看你是怎么跟我说话的

180–I should go. I’ll call you later. 我该走了 晚点联系你

181— Thanks. – Sorry… -谢谢 -抱歉

182–Aw, why the long face? 怎么拉着一张脸

183–Did your fella dump you? 你的那位甩了你吗

184–Your wife is a horrible person. Do you know that? 你妻子真的是个很差劲的人 你知道吗

185–Yeah, I’m aware. 是的 我知道

186–I thought we were excited about the offer. 我以为我们很为这个出价而高兴呢

187–No, no. 不 不是

188–Look, of-of course I trust you. 听着 我当然相信你

189–Yeah. I mean, do your thing. Okay. 嗯 你做你的专业事 很好

190–All right, bye. 好吧 再见

191–Oh, shit. 该死

192–Is everything all right? 一切可好

193–Hey. Uh, yes. 是的

194–Yeah, there’s-there’s an offer on the table for the script. 已经有人出价买我的剧本

195–But Lamar wants to hold out for more money,但是拉马尔想再等等更高出价

196–which, you know, makes me kind of nervous. 你知道这让我觉得很紧张

197–What are you on right now? 你又吃了什么药

198–What? Nothing. 什么 我没有

199–Oh, yeah? Then what’s this, then? 是吗 那这是什么动作

200–It-it… it’s a heavy pollen year. 今年的花粉非常厉害

201–Dude… 伙计

202–It’s been on the news. 都上新闻了

203–We are on the same team. 我们是一条船上的蚂蚱

204–I cannot cover for you if you’re gonna be stupid about it. 如果你要犯傻我也救不了你

205–All right, I’m sorry. 好吧 很抱歉

206–The addy wasn’t cutting it for me anymore,阿得拉对我来说已经没效果了

207–so I just– I needed something a little bit stronger. 所以我需要点药效更强的东西

208–Why? The script is done. 为什么 剧本都写完了

209–Guys? 你们在哪

210–Yeah, we’re in here. 我们在这里

211–Get your hand out of your face. 别拿手弄鼻子

212— All right. – Sorry. -好吧 -抱歉

213–I need to talk to you both. 我得跟你们俩谈谈

214— Yeah, what’s on your mind? – Look,-好的 你想谈什么 -听着

215–I know I said I was okay with what went on with you two,我知道我说过对你们俩的事情我不计较

216–but clearly, I wasn’t. 但显然我是计较的

217–I felt like I went away for the night,我感觉自己只走了一晚上

218–and you two had suddenly become this little team without me. 你们就突然组成了一个没有我的小队

219–And it’s not fair to blame you,我知道指责你们并不公平

220–because I’m the reason we’re all together in the first place. 因为是我当初让咱们三个走到一起的

221–I just feel like I talked you into this我只是觉得在不知道会如何发展的情况下

222–with absolutely no idea of how we would make it work. 我劝你们加入了这段关系

223–Well, that’s okay. 没事

224— Yeah. I mean, we will figure it out. – We will. -我们可以想出办法的 -是的

225–But we’re gonna need some help,但是我们需要一些帮助

226–and I think I found just the place to start. 我已经找好了一个开始的地方

227–“L’Amour the Merrier Events, Limited”? 爱越多越好活动股份有限公司

228–Events? 活动

229–You want us to go to an orgy? 你想让我们去参加群P吗

230–Oh, it’s not an orgy. 不算是群P

231–It’s a polyamory retreat. 就是个多角情爱的活动

232–Isn’t that just a fancy way of saying “Orgy”? 这不就是”群P”的委婉说法吗

233–Stop saying orgy. 别再说群P了

234–All right. 好吧

235–This is a three-day event at a hotel in San Diego. 这是一个在圣地亚哥的酒店为期三天的活动

236–They have workshops, lectures,他们有研讨会和讲座

237–all designed to help people旨在帮助

238–who are new to the polyamorous lifestyle. 那些刚接触多角恋生活方式的人

239–The whole thing is designed by experts who know整个活动都是由那些知道如何

240–how to make a relationship like ours work. 让我们这种关系正常运转的专家设计的

241–Oh, look, so here’s one of the seminars. 看 这是其中一个研讨会

242–“Negotiating Boundaries and”协商界限和

243–Polyamorous Relationship Agreements. “多角恋关系协议”

244–Doesn’t that sound helpful? 听起来挺有帮助的对吧

245–Yeah, it really does. 对 挺有帮助的

246— Um, let me– let me see. – See? -让我看看 -看到了吧

247–So, I’ll go make the reservations. 那么我就去预定了

248— We’ll leave tomorrow. – All right. -我们明天就出发 -好的

249— Yeah, wonderful. – Yeah. Yep. -太好了 -好的 没问题

250–You okay, babe? 你没事吧 宝贝

251–Yeah, yeah, just, you know, allergies. Oof. 没事没事 就是有点过敏

252–It is a heavy pollen year. 今年花粉四处弥漫

253–It was on the news. 都上新闻了

254–Here comes the bubbly. 倒香槟啦

255–Pour like there’s no tomorrow. 倒吧 就像世界末日来了一样

256–You are getting your husband back. 你就要夺回你的丈夫了

257–I’m so happy. 我好开心啊

258–Of course, I feel bad for April. 当然我也为艾普尔感到难过

259–Why? She should’ve known what was coming. 为什么 早知今日何必当初

260–This is how the movie always ends:这就是电影的标准结局:

261–the man slinks back to his wife,男人回到妻子身边

262–and the whore ends up drunk and alone. 狐狸精独自买醉

263–Actually, now that I got four kids,我现在有四个孩子

264–it doesn’t sound so bad. 听起来没那么糟

265–I was thinking of taking April to a restaurant next week. 我在想下周带艾普尔去餐厅

266–You know, to cheer her up. 你懂的 去给她打气

267–Beth Ann, the war is over. 贝丝·安 战争结束了

268–You won. Let the enemy limp away in defeat. 你赢了 让敌人在失败中蹒跚吧

269–April and I grew very close these last few weeks. 过去几周艾普尔和我变得很亲密

270–It’s a true friendship. 这是真正的友谊

271–She thinks your name is Sheila. 她以为你的名字是希拉

272–I admit, it’s a complicated… 我承认 这很复杂…

273–Honey! What’s wrong? 宝贝 怎么了

274–April is in my driveway. 艾普尔在我的车道上

275–Shit. 我去

276–What is she doing here? 她来这干嘛

277–Why the fuck should I know? 我他妈怎么知道

278–We can’t open the door. 我们不能开门

279–I think we’re gonna have to. 应该避免不了了

280–I think she saw me. 我觉得她看到我了

281–You have to be me. 你得假装是我

282–Are you crazy? 你疯了吗

283–Please. I’m begging. 拜托 我求你了

284–Fine. 好吧

285–Christ on a cracker. 我勒个去

286–Don’t swear. 别讲脏话

287–And be nice. 友善一点

288–May I help you? 需要帮忙吗

289–Are you Mrs. Robert Stanton? 你是罗伯特·斯坦顿太太吗

290–Yes. 是的

291–And who might you be, pray tell? 请问你是谁 可以告诉我吗

292–I’m April. 我是艾普尔

293–I’m… a-a waitress at Jansen’s Diner in Glendale. 我是格伦代尔的詹森餐厅的一名服务员

294–Your husband is one of my regulars. 你丈夫是我的常客之一

295–Is he? 是吗

296–Yes. 是的

297–I don’t mean to rush you, dear,我不是有意催你的 亲爱的

298–but I have curtains to hem and croutons in the oven. 但我有窗帘要镶边 烤箱里还烤着面包

299–Yes, I just wanted to come by to say好的 我只是想过来告诉你

300–that I think your husband might have left his coat at the diner. 你丈夫吃饭时把外套落在餐厅了

301–Well, mercy me. 饶了我吧

302–I-I’m not even sure if it’s his, but… 我不确定是不是他的 但是…

303–if you wouldn’t mind just telling him that I stopped by如果你不介意的话请告诉他我来过

304–and asking him to call me. 然后让他给我打电话

305–He knows your number… 他知道你的号码… [意大利人口音]

306–number? 号码

307–At the diner. 打给餐厅

308–He could just give me a call at the diner. 他可以打给餐厅找我

309–I’ll tell him. 我会转告的

310— Bye now. – Goodbye. -再见吧 -再见

311–I have never said “Mercy me. “我从来没说过”饶了我吧”

312–But you do bake your own croutons. 但是你确实会自己烤面包

313–I can’t believe April actually came to the house. 不敢相信艾普尔真的来我家了

314–Got to say, I’m impressed. 不得不说 她挺厉害的

315–That tramp, she ain’t going down without a fight. 那逼可不会轻易认输

316–Well, this tramp isn’t either. 我这逼也不会

317–You know what I mean. 你懂我意思

318–I have to leave in ten minutes,我十分钟后就得出发

319–and I have got absolutely no idea what to wear. 我完全不知道该穿什么

320–You’re so cute,你真可爱

321–all aflutter over your dinner with your new beau. 去和新男友吃个晚餐这么激动

322–Is this pastel too gay? 这个粉色会不会太基了

323–Have you ever seen a straight pastel? 你有见过不基的粉色吗

324–Will you please put the paper down and help me? 你能放下报纸来帮帮我吗

325–I’m trying to find a nice place for you to live. 我打算给你找个好地方住

326–Oh, what about a condo at Sanford Palms? 桑福德帕姆斯的公寓房间怎么样

327–Sanford Palms? 桑福德帕姆斯

328–That’s only about five blocks away from here. 那地方离这里就五个街区

329–Well, I still want us to have our movie nights. 我还是想和你共度电影之夜

330–You wouldn’t have to drive home after cocktails. 这样你喝了鸡尾酒就不用开车回家啦

331–Our friends are going to despise us. 我们的朋友会鄙视我们的

332–Why? 为什么

333–When people split up,当人们分手时

334–they prefer venom and fireworks,他们喜欢怨恨和发怒

335–tears and accusations. 哭闹和指责

336–So childish and petty. 太小孩子气了

337— Besides, we did that last week. – Right. -再说我们上周已经这样做过了 -也对

338–I’ve narrowed it down to these two. 我把范围缩小到了这两件

339–Which do you prefer? 你更喜欢哪件

340–The linen. 亚麻的那件

341–Are you sure? 你确定吗

342–Why do you care which suit? 你干嘛在意穿什么

343–How long is it gonna be on, really? 要不了多久就要脱掉

344–Oi! I’m a good girl, I am. 我是个品行端正的女孩儿 真的[出自电影《窈窕淑女》]

345–I don’t let no gentleman touch me what ain’t bought me lobster first. 我只会让给我买了龙虾的先生碰我

346–Oh, that’s Tommy. 是汤米来了

347–Don’t do Eliza for him. 跟他说话别学伊莉莎

348–He won’t understand the reference,他理解不了这梗

349–and he’ll think you’re having a stroke. 他会以为你中风了

350–Yes. Much humor is lost on the younger generation. 没错 年轻一代人失去了很多幽默感

351–Trousers! 裤子

352–Tommy. Come in. 汤米 快进来

353–Where’s Mr. Grove? 格罗夫先生去哪儿了

354–He has a date tonight. 他今晚有约会

355–With a guy? 跟男人吗

356–Yes. 是的

357–I’ve lost a husband, but I’ve gained a gay sidekick. 我虽然失去了丈夫 但却收获了一个”基蜜”

358–I’m glad. 我很高兴

359–Because now… 因为现在…

360–we don’t have to hide when we do this. 我们再亲热就不用躲躲藏藏的了

361–I’m feeling something interesting. 我感觉到有奇怪的东西在顶着我

362–Can you blame me? 那能怪我吗

363–Not down there– up here. 我不是说你的下面 是这里

364–Is this for me? 这是送给我的吗

365–I was saving that for after dinner. 我本来想留到晚餐后再送给你的

366–Do you think you can wait? 你能再等一会儿吗

367–What a question. 真是个好问题

368–Of course not. 当然等不及啦

369–It’s stunning. 太美了

370–Your taste is improving. 你的品味提升了不少

371–A woman like you deserves the best. 像你这样的女人值得拥有最好的

372–And I-I want you to see that I can give that to you. 我希望你能明白 我可以给予你最好的

373–Tommy! 汤米

374–He hasn’t left yet? 他还没走吗

375–Thank God I caught you. 谢天谢地我逮着你了

376–I need fresh eyes on an outfit. 我需要外人对我的服装发表下看法

377–Uh, Simone prefers the linen,萨蒙妮更喜欢亚麻布的这件

378–but I think the navy’s more slimming. 但我觉得海军蓝的这件更显瘦

379–Thoughts? 你觉得呢

380–Y-You’re not fat. 你本来就不胖啊

381–Yes. As a straight man, I am boyishly slim. 没错 作为直男 我的确算是很瘦了

382–However, as a homo, I could afford to lose a few. So… 但作为基佬 我还是再瘦一点比较好 所以…

383–See what Tommy gave me. 瞧瞧汤米送了我什么礼物

384–Hark at you. 天呐 瞧瞧

385–Diamond Jim Brady Bunch. 戴蒙德·吉姆·布雷迪手段

386–Anyway, which one? 总之 该选哪件

387–Just pick one. 随便选一件吧

388–Navy. 海军蓝

389–Navy it is. Thank you. 那就海军蓝了 谢谢

390–I’m terribly sorry to interrupt,我很抱歉打扰你们

391–but, as you know,但你们也知道

392–it’s very important to get the costume right when you’re coming out. 要出柜 选对衣服是极其重要的

393–We don’t care if you come out, just as long as you get out. 我们不在乎你出不出柜 只要你出门就行

394–I can always take a subtle hint, Simone. 稍微暗示下我自然会懂的 萨蒙妮

395–Perhaps, one day, you’ll give me one. 或许有一天 你能学会这点

396–Oh, tell Hector you won’t sleep with him跟赫克托说 如果他不给我做婚礼发型

397–unless he does my hair for the wedding! 你就不跟他上床

398–You got it! Goodbye! 没问题 再见

399–You have a very interesting marriage. 你的婚姻真是有趣极了

400–Sheila. 希拉

401–Um, what are you doing here? 你来这里干什么

402–Our visit was cut short yesterday, so I just… 昨天的见面被迫中断了 所以我…

403–Now’s not really a good time; I’m feeling under the weather. 现在不是时候 我觉得有点不舒服

404–Do you want me to run to the drugstore for you? 你想让我替你去药店买药吗

405–Oh, no, no. I just… 不 不用 我只需要…

406–need a couple of aspirin. 服用几片阿司匹林就好了

407–Sit. I’ll get them for you. 坐下 我来帮你拿

408–Oh, you don’t have to do that. 不必麻烦你的

409–It’s no trouble. 没事的

410–Besides, I have some good news. 再说 我还有好消息要告诉你

411–That’s nice. 那很好啊

412–I could use some. 我倒是需要听听好消息

413–I’ve found you a man. 我给你找到一个好对象

414–His name’s Eldon Ratzinger. 他叫埃尔顿·拉辛格

415–Eldon Ratzinger. 埃尔顿·拉辛格

416–He’s my butcher. Very nice. 他是我相熟的屠夫 人很好

417–On the short side,虽说人有点矮

418–but you wouldn’t notice if you’re wearing flats. 但如果你穿平底鞋其实也注意不到

419–Thanks, but… 谢谢 但是…

420–I can’t meet anyone for a while. 我近期以内都不想再恋爱了

421–You won’t forget about Rob if you sit around pouting. 如果你坐在家里闷闷不乐 是忘不了罗伯的

422–Trust me, I won’t be forgetting about Rob anytime soon. 相信我 我短时间内都不可能忘掉罗伯

423–You’ve got to get over this obsession with another woman’s husband. 你必须克服对有妇之夫的痴迷

424–You’re going to end up angry and sad. 你最后只会落得愤怒 悲伤的下场

425–You are right about that. 你说得很对

426–You know, flowers aren’t the only thing that Rob left me with. 其实 罗伯留下给我的并不只有花

427–What are you talking about? 你什么意思

428–I’m pregnant. 我怀孕了

429–Sheila, are you hurt? 希拉 你受伤了吗

430–Yes. 是的

431—Yes, I am. – Let me get you a bandage. -没错 我伤得很重 -我去给你拿绷带

432–Let me get that for you, my lady. 我来帮你拿 我的贵妇

433–And my other lady. 我的另外一位贵妇

434–How chivalrous of you. 你可真有绅士风度

435–Thank you. 谢谢

436–All right. 好了

437–You want me to drive for a bit? 要我来开会儿车吗

438–Sorry. 抱歉

439–I think I’m just nervous about the script, you know? 我只是对剧本的事感到很紧张

440–Actually, do you guys mind if we pull off so I can call Lamar? 你介意我们停一下 让我给拉马尔打个电话吗

441–Will that stop you from playing the steering wheel like a bongo drum? 那可以让你不再把方向盘当邦哥鼓来敲打吗

442–Almost definitely. 几乎绝对可以

443–Then by all means. 那你就这么做吧

444–Okay, great. Here we go. 好极了 就在前面停车

445–Oh, great. 好极了

446–I wonder if they have a bathroom. 不知道这里有没有厕所

447–Uh, we can ask inside the mini-mart. 我们可以去便利店问问

448–Do you want anything? 你想要什么吗

449–Uh, potato chips. 薯片

450–And chocolate milk. 巧克力奶

451–And gummy worms, if they have ’em. 如果有的话 再买些虫形软糖

452–What are you, 12? 你是12岁的小孩吗

453–I know you are, but what am I? 我知道你是 但我呢

454–The polyamorists will hear about this. 我一定会把这事告诉那些多角恋朋友的

455–Fuck! 操

456–Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. 该死 该死 该死

457–Bad news, Eli! 坏消息 伊莱

458–They were out of worms. 没有虫形软糖了

459–No. 不要啊

460–So I got you bears. 所以我给你买了小熊软糖

461–Thank you. 谢谢

462–What are you doing in the trunk? 你开后备箱做什么

463–Uh, looking for my baseball cap. 我在找我的棒球帽

464–Ah. So, where is it? 这样啊 那帽子在哪儿呢

465–Forgot to pack it. 我忘记把它装包了

466–Fuckin’ Eli. 笨伊莱

467–All right. 好了

468–Let’s hit the road. 我们出发吧

469–Darling, is there any chance you can watch the gallery for me this morning? 亲爱的 你今早能否替我照看下画廊呢

470–Where will you be? 你要去哪儿

471–Uh, I have an appointment. 我有一个预约

472–Oh. 这样啊

473–And would this appointment involve your new boyfriend Hector? 这预约和你的新男朋友赫克托有关吗

474–He may tag along, yes. 他也许会一起来 没错

475–Look at you, proud gay man. 瞧你那小样 骄傲的同志男人

476–You know I’d do anything to support you. 你知道我会全心全力支持你

477–Short of canceling my training session at the gym. 其实也就是取消我的健身房私教课

478–Are you sure you’renot a gay man? 你不也是一副同志男人[快乐的人]的模样吗

479–Naomi. 娜奥米

480–I thought we were meeting at the club. 我以为我们约好在俱乐部见面的

481–You never know who’s eavesdropping there. 你永远不知道谁会在偷听

482–And what I have to say is for your ears only. 而我将要说的 只能说给你的耳朵听

483–Hello, Naomi. 你好啊 娜奥米

484–My ears and I were just leaving. 我的耳朵和我正准备离开

485–Thank you. 不劳您大驾了

486–You seem upset. 你看起来很不安啊

487–Remember when I told you that Tommy was hiding something? 你还记得我跟你说汤米在隐瞒些什么事吗

488–I know his secret. 我知道他的秘密了

489–You do? 是吗

490–He’s on drugs. 他在吸毒

491–Oh, thank God. 谢天谢地啊

492–That you finally figured it out. 你终于弄明白了

493–It’s the only thing that makes sense– the secrecy,只有这样才能说得通… 整天神神秘秘

494–the long hours, the lock on his bedroom door. 午夜才回家 还给卧室门上锁

495–Not to mention the missing money. 更别提不见踪影的钱了

496–What money? 什么钱

497–He cashed in his savings bond. 他把他的储蓄债券兑现了

498–They became his when he turned 18. 他18岁成年后 这笔钱就归他所有

499–And I’m not supposed to know,我本不该知道这事的

500–but my friend at the bank tipped me off. 不过我在银行的朋友偷偷告诉我了

501–I ask you, Simone,我问你 萨蒙妮

502–what else could he have bought that cost $10,000? 他买什么需要花一万块

503–He spent $10,000? 他花了一万吗

504–I knew you’d understand. 我就知道你会理解我的

505–You’re such a good friend. 你真是个知心朋友

506–I know we’ve had our squabbles. 我知道我们曾经闹过不和

507–But in a crisis like this,但是在这样的危机面前

508–there is no one else I can turn to. 我只有和你才可以倾诉倾诉了

509–No one? 只有我吗

510–What do you think he’s doing? 你觉得他在吸什么毒

511–Heroin? 海洛因吗

512–This is Tommy we’re talking about. 我们可是在说汤米

513–I seriously doubt he’s on heroin. 我才不相信他会去吸海洛因

514–What? That’s a beautiful brooch. 哎呀 这胸针真漂亮

515–Is it new? 是你新买的吗

516–Then again, it could be heroin. 不过再仔细想想 他确实有可能是在吸海洛因

517–All right. 我们到啦

518–Oh, look at this place. It’s cute. 快看这地方 可真不错

519–Oh, man. 天

520–Why are they stopping everyone? 他们为什么要拦下每辆车啊

521–Who knows? 谁知道呢

522–Look at all these cars. 居然有这么多车

523–Who knew polyamory was so popular? 谁能想到多角恋这么流行呢

524–Oh, my God. 我的天

525–Vice President Pence is speaking here tonight. 副总统彭斯今晚将在这里讲话

526–At a polyamory seminar? 在一个多角恋研讨会上吗

527— That’s surprising. – Odd choice. -那可真令人意外 -好奇怪的选择

528–No. 不是

529–He’s in a different ballroom. 他的活动是在酒店的另一间宴会厅

530–He’s talking to “Local Republicans. “他将与”当地共和党人士”交谈

531–Well, that’s the reason for the holdup. 原来他们拦车是因为这个

532–It’s extra security. 安保加强了

533–Oh, security… 安保啊…

534–They’re opening people’s trunks. 他们在逐个开后备箱检查

535–That’s gonna take forever. 那要等好久了

536–You know what, guys? 你猜怎么着 二位

537–We-we, we need to turn around. 我们… 我们需要掉个头

538— What? – Yeah. -你说什么 -没错

539— Why? – Uh… I-I got to, I got to pee, guys. -为什么啊 -我得… 我得去尿尿

540–I’m so sorry. 实在对不起

541— I just… – No, honey, I was kidding. -我真的…  -亲爱的 我刚才是开玩笑的

542–The hotel is just up the street. 酒店就在前面

543— We’ll be there in, like… – Nope. -我们很快就能到那…  -不行

544–Can’t do it. Dam’s gonna burst. Here-here we go… 不行 “大坝”就要泄了 我们这就…

545–No, honey, wait, what are you doing? 别这样 亲爱的 慢着 你在干什么

546–What are you doing? 你到底在干什么

547–Oh! I’m flipping a bitch. 我在努力调头

548–Wait– Eli, what… 等下 伊莱 你搞什么…

549–You can’t make a U-turn here. 你不能在这进行U形转弯啊

550–Yeah, well, now it’s turning into a bit more of a three-point thing. 现在更像是一个三点转向了

551— Eli… – Eli, no! -伊莱…  -伊莱 不要这样

552–Or four. 或是四点转向

553–Eli! Oh, my God! 伊莱 我的天呐

554–Oh, my God. 我的神呐

555–Eli, what are you doing? 伊莱 你到底在干嘛啊

556–They’re gonna think that we’re terrorists or something. 他们会把我们当作恐怖分子之类的了

557–Five. 现在是五点转向了

558–See that? Smooth sailing. 看到了吗 多么流畅的驾驶技术

559— Have you lost your fucking mind? Jesus… – Smooth sailing. -你他妈的疯了吗 天…  -流畅的驾驶

560–Eli, slow down! 伊莱 开慢点

561–You’re gonna get us all killed. 你要把我们都害死的

562–Oh, wha– everyone, just calm down, okay? 各位 都淡定点 好吗

563–There’s a Taco Bell a couple miles down the road. 前面不远处有家塔可钟餐厅

564–Right? We’ll stop there, it’s gonna be fine. 我们就停在那里 一切都会没事的

565–All right? Everything is gonna be fine. 好吗 一切都会没事的

566–What? 怎么了

567–Stop the car. Now. 停车 现在就停下

568–All right. 好吧

569–What– Why are you opening the trunk? 你干什么… 你为什么要开后备箱啊

570–Because I want to know what’s in there. 因为我想看看里面都有什么

571–Taylor! 泰勒

572–Shit. 糟了

573–Eli, your nose. 伊莱 你的鼻子

574–Fuck. 操

575–Wait. 等下

576–Oh, my God. Eli. 我的天呐 伊莱

577–I-I know that it looks bad. 我… 我知道这看起来很糟糕

578–Get in the car. We’re going home. 坐回车里 我们回家

579–W-What about the retreat? 那… 那度假怎么办呢

580–Oh, fuck the retreat. 去他妈的度假

581–Pregnant? Jesus. 她怀孕了 天呐

582–She’s not only a tramp, she’s a stupid tramp. 她不仅是个淫妇 还是个愚蠢的淫妇

583— I don’t want to drink right now. – Oh, honey. -我现在不想喝酒 -亲爱的

584–This is all for me. I find your life very stressful. 这都是我要喝的 你的生活让我窒息

585–At least we know why April was so desperate to speak to Rob. 至少我们现在知道艾普尔为什么这么急切地想联系罗伯了

586–How do you think he’ll react? 你觉得他会有什么反应

587–I think he will be thrilled. 我觉得他会很激动的

588–Really? 真的吗

589–Rob loved being a father. 罗伯以前很喜欢当爸爸的感觉

590–When we lost Emily– that was our daughter’s name… 当我们失去艾米莉的时候 这是我们女儿的名字

591–That’s a beautiful name. 这名字很美

592–When we lost Emily, he couldn’t accept it. 他无法接受我们失去了艾米莉

593–Rob begged me to have another child. 罗伯求我再生一个孩子

594–Why didn’t you? 那你为什么没生

595–We tried and tried, but… 我们尝试了很多次 但是

596–Did you ever think about adoption? 你们考虑过领养吗

597–Rob said he didn’t want to raise another man’s baby. 罗伯说他不想养别的男人的孩子

598–He wanted a child of his own. 他想要一个自己的孩子

599–And now he’s going to get one. 现在他就要有一个了

600–God, I hate this guy. 老天 我真讨厌这个男人

601–please, he’s still my husband. 别这么说 他还是我的丈夫

602–What do I do now? 我现在该怎么办

603–Come clean. 摊牌

604–Tell him you know about the affair, and the baby. 告诉他外遇和孩子的事情你都知道

605— No. – It’s time to put it all on the table. -不 -是时候把一切都摊开来说了

606–But how will that help? 这会有用吗

607–It will force him to make a choice. 这能逼他做出选择

608–You or her. 选你还是她

609–What if… he doesn’t choose me? 如果… 他没有选我怎么办

610–Well, then you’ll finally hate the fucking bastard那你就能终于和我一样

611–just as much as I do. 痛恨这混蛋了

612–No, I won’t. That’s the problem. 我不会的 这就是问题所在

613–Look, I don’t know what he’s gonna do. 听着 我不知道他会怎么做

614–Maybe he’ll choose you. 也许他会选你

615–But whatever happens,但不管是什么结果

616–aren’t you done with all the lies? 你难道还没受够这些谎言吗

617–Okay, team, let’s go. Heads up! 队员们 快跑 小心

618–Defense, north side of the field. 防守 球场北侧

619–Offense, south side. Let’s go… 进攻 南侧 动起来…

620–Hey. What are you doing here? 你来这里干吗

621–Why didn’t you tell me these diamonds were real? 你为什么没告诉我那些钻石是真的

622–Yea– of course they’re real. I thought you knew that. 它们当然是真的了 我以为你知道的

623–Well, I didn’t. Take this back. 但我不知道 拿回去

624–No. Why would I do that? 不 我为什么要拿回来

625–The bank told your mother you sold a bond. 银行告诉你妈妈说你卖了一份债券

626–She now thinks you’re on drugs,她现在觉得你在吸毒

627–and knowing what you spent on this,知道你把钱花在了这上面

628–I’m wondering if she’s right. 我在想她有可能是对的

629— I’m not taking it back. – Tommy. -我不会收的 -汤米

630–I should be able to buy diamonds for the woman I love. 我应该可以为我心爱的女人买钻石

631–Relax. I don’t expect you to say it back. 放松 我不指望你也这么说

632–I gave you that so you’d see that I’m not just some kid我给你钻石是为了让你知道我不是什么

633–who can’t play in your league. 配不上你的小屁孩

634–The diamonds are real because my feelings are. 钻石是真的 因为我对你的感情是真的

635–You know I adore you,你知道我喜欢你

636–but I just don’t see how we can have that kind of relationship. 但是我不觉得我们能拥有正常的感情

637–Because of what people would say? 因为会有风言风语吗

638— They’d be brutal. – So, you’re not embarrassed-他们会很粗鲁 -所以卡尔跟男人约会

639–that Karl dates men, but you are embarrassed by me? 你不感到丢人 而我却让你觉得丢人了

640–I am not embarrassed at all. 我一点也不觉得丢人

641–Oh, dear God. 我的天

642–Hey, Tommy! Who’s your girlfriend? 汤米 你女朋友是谁啊

643–I-I can’t stay here. 我不能留在这了

644— Here, take this, please. – No. -给 求你拿着吧 -不

645–It’s yours. I’m not ashamed to love you. 这是属于你的 爱你我并不羞愧

646— Taylor… – Don’t. -泰勒 -闭嘴

647–I need for no one to speak right now. 现在谁也别说话

648–How long? 多久了

649–Sorry? 什么

650–How long have you been using again? 你复吸有多久了

651–Not that long. 没有很久

652— I mean, it started… – Don’t tell me. -差不多是在…  -别告诉我

653–I don’t want to know how long I missed the signs. 我不想知道我忽视了这些迹象有多久

654–How long this has been happening也不想知道这事在我眼皮子底下

655–right in front of my own stupid face. 进行了多久

656–Babe, please, you… 亲爱的 求你了 你…

657–You– shut up. 闭嘴

658–I was distracted before. 我之前被分心了

659–You’d better believe my eyes are wide fucking open now. 我现在可是睁大了双眼

660–Hello? 喂

661–Tommy’s dealing drugs. 汤米在贩毒

662–What? 什么

663–Kay Randall’s son Bradley凯·兰道的儿子布拉德利

664–saw him today… 今天看到他…

665–with a customer! 跟一个客户在一起!

666–A customer? 客户

667–He saw him making a deal in the middle of P. E. 他看到他在体育课的时候

668–with some seedy, middle-aged woman跟一个戴着墨镜的恶心中年女人

669— in dark glasses. – Middle-aged? -做交易 -中年


671–do you have a screwdriver? 你有螺丝刀吗

672–I want to break into Tommy’s room. 我要闯进汤米的房间里去

673–Why? I’m sure he doesn’t keep drugs in there. 为什么 他肯定没把毒品藏在屋里

674–Maybe not, but at least I could read his journal. 也许没有 但至少我可以看看他的日记

675–His journal? 他的日记

676–I think I found one. 我好像找到了

677–W-Well, what do you mean, he keeps a journal? 你什么意思 他有写日记的习惯吗

678–I-I have to go. 我得挂了

679–Naomi. 娜奥米

680— Naomi? – Up here! – 娜奥米 – 在这里

681–Naomi. 娜奥米

682–I’m so glad you’re here. You can help me look. 你来了真好 你可帮我找

683–I am only here to stop you from making an awful mistake. 我只是来阻止你做蠢事的

684–If Tommy finds out you read his journal,如果汤米发现你读过他的日记

685–you could lose him forever. 你可能会永远失去他

686–He won’t find out. He’s at track until 6:00. 他不会发现的 他要一直训练到六点

687–You trashed his room. You won’t have time to clean it up. 你把他房间弄这么乱 来不及收拾的

688–And the journal may not even be here. 而且日记也不一定在这

689–Found it. 找到了

690–Simone. 萨蒙妮

691–When Amy was ten, I read her diary. 艾米10岁的时候我看过她的日记

692–She didn’t speak to me for a year. 之后一年她都没跟我说过话

693— Hand it over. – If she had been Tommy’s age,-给我 -如果她当时是汤米现在这个年纪的话

694–she’d have moved out. 她就直接搬出去了

695–Do you really want to risk that, just to get an intrusive look你真的愿意冒这个风险 就为了偷看

696–at Tommy’s most private thoughts and… 汤米最私密的想法和…

697— Jesus Christ. – What? -老天爷啊 -怎么了

698–Nothing! 没什么

699–Give me that. 日记给我

700–As your friend, I am begging you, don’t read that. 作为你的朋友 我求求你 别看

701–Why are you so emotional? 你为什么这么激动

702–Karl is gay. 卡尔是同性恋

703— What? – He sleeps with men. -什么 -他跟男人睡觉

704–can we just focus on my problems for a moment? 我们能不能关注一下我的问题

705–No wonder you’re so distraught. 怪不得你最近这么心烦意乱

706–I mean, I wanted to tell you,我本想告诉你

707–but then I thought, “No, Naomi has her own problems. 但我转念一想 “娜奥米有自己的麻烦

708–She doesn’t want to hear my tawdry tale. “她不需要听我的俗气闹剧”

709–Oh, but I do. 但我想听

710–You mean to tell me你是说

711–that when I saw Karl’s car at the motel,上次我在旅馆看到卡尔的车时

712–he was there with a man? 他和一个男人在一起

713–I can’t talk about this without a drink. 我得来杯酒才能接着说

714–Maybe we could go downstairs and,也许我们可以下楼

715–you know, open up a bottle? 开一瓶

716–Of course. But how did you find out? 当然 但你怎么发现的

717–Did you catch him with one of his lovers? 你抓到他和情人的现行了

718–No, it was Wanda. You were right. 不 是旺达 你说得对

719–She despises me. 她鄙视我

720— She found out… – What are you doing in my room? -她发现的 -你们在我房间干什么

721–Is that my journal? 那是我的日记吗

722–Uh, she just found it,她刚找到

723–but she hasn’t read it yet. 但还没有读

724–I’m so sorry, Tommy. 对不起 汤米

725–I just wanted to make sure that you weren’t doing drugs. 我只想确保你没有吸毒

726–So you broke into my room? 所以你就闯进我的房间

727–Well, you’ve been so distant lately. 谁让你最近都那么疏远我

728–Mrs. Grove, if you wouldn’t mind… 格罗夫太太 如果你不介意

729–Yes, I should go, as this doesn’t involve me at all. 对 我该走了 因为这事和我完全无关

730–Jesus. Mom… 天哪 妈

731–You looking for these? 你在找这些

732–Oh, good, you found them. Thank you. 太好了 你找到了 谢谢

733–How’d it go in there? 你们谈得怎么样

734–Eh, just told Mom that I’m gonna刚告诉我妈 我打算

735–cash in another bond so I can hike through Europe this summer. 再兑现一张债券 暑假去欧洲徒步旅行

736–She felt so guilty about breaking into my room that she agreed. 她很愧疚闯进了我的房间 同意了

737–You turned the situation to your advantage. 你把局势转化成了利己的形势

738–Good for you. 真有你的

739–I, uh, leave for Paris two days after graduation. 我毕业典礼后两天出发去巴黎

740–Care to join me? 想一起来吗

741–Are you crazy? 你疯了吗

742–We don’t have to leave at the same time. 我们不用一起走

743–I’ll go first, then you take a vacation我先去 然后你度个假

744–and meet me there. 和我在欧洲见

745–No one’s gonna know that we’re together. 没人会知道我们是一起去玩

746–Your mother’s watching. 你妈在看我们

747–That is why we need to do this. 所以我们必须去旅游

748–Someone is always watching us here. 在这总会有人在看我们

749–We will never know who we can be as a couple until we get away我们永远不知道咱俩是否能成 除非我们远离

750–from my mom, your friends,我妈 你的朋友们

751–and everyone else whose opinions you’re scared of. 和其他那些你怕他们对你有看法的人

752–Can I think about it? 我能考虑一下吗

753–Sure. 当然

754–Look at this. 瞧瞧这丰盛的

755–Someone went to a lot of trouble. 有人大费周章啊

756–Oh, not so much. 不算什么

757–I just put out a few flowers, and the good silver,我就放了一些花 摆了上好的银器

758–and the candlesticks your mother bought us. 和你妈妈给我们买的蜡烛

759–Would you like a mai tai before dinner? 你想饭前来杯迈泰鸡尾酒吗

760–You made mai tais? 你还调了迈泰鸡尾酒

761–Hold it. Did you wreck the car? 等等 你是不是把车撞了

762–Why would you think that? 你怎么会这么想

763–You only make mai tais before giving me bad news. 只有发生了坏事你才会给我调迈泰鸡尾酒

764–That’s silly. 别傻了

765–Now drink your mai tai. 喝你的迈泰鸡尾酒

766–Where do you think you’re going? 你要去哪呢

767— Upstairs. – Not alone, you’re not. -楼上 -你一个人不行

768–In fact, this is what’s gonna happen right now. 事实上 接下去这么做

769–You and I are gonna take a tour of this house,咱俩在这屋子里逛一圈

770–and you’re gonna show me where you’ve been hiding your stash. 你把所有藏毒的地方都告诉我

771— There’s no stash. I just… – And you know what, Eli,-我没藏毒 我就是 -而且伊莱

772–put all that shit down,把你的行李放下

773–because you have absolutely no reason to unpack. 因为你不必把东西整理出来

774–You’re going to rehab first thing in the morning. 明天一早你就去戒毒所

775–Are you kidding? Rehab? 你在逗我吗 戒毒所

776— Come on. – I want your wallet. And your phone. -别这样 -你的钱包手机都给我

777–You are cut off. 我不准你花钱了

778–No cash, no cards, no PayPal, no Venmo. 不给现金 卡 不准用贝宝或Venmo

779–Do you understand? 明白吗

780–You know, I understand why you’re upset,我明白你为什么不开心

781— but you don’t have to humiliate me in front of Jade, too. – Wrong. -但你也不用在洁德面前羞辱我 -错

782–You should be humiliated. 你该被羞辱

783–After what we went through last time,在上次事件以后

784–the idea that you would even put us through this again… 一想到你又要让我们经历一次…

785— Eli, give it to me. – It’s Lamar. -伊莱 给我 -是拉马尔

786— He’ll leave a message. – Just– It could be-他可以留言 -可能是

787–about the script. Just… 剧本的事呢 你就

788–please let me take the call. 就让我接这个电话吧

789–Fine. 行

790–Stay where I can see you. 待在我能看见你的地方

791–Yeah… Tay… 小泰

792–I want to help. Just tell me what I can do. 我想帮忙 告诉我要怎么帮你

793–How much? 多少

794— Just… be with me. – Yeah. -陪着我就好 -好

795–Back me up. This is gonna be really hard. 支持我 这事会很艰难

796–But it’s the only way. 但这是唯一的办法

797–Hey, you got it. Of course. 没问题 当然

798–Yeah. Yeah. Okay. 嗯 嗯 好的

799–What did Lamar say? 拉马尔说什么

800–He-he was able to start a bidding war… 他成功地让卖家竞标

801–… and he sold it for a lot more than we expected. 并卖出了一个比我们预期高很多的价格

802–How much more? 高多少

803–One-point-two. 一百二

804— One-point-two? – Million. -一百二 -万

805–1. 2 million. 一百二十万

806— Holy shit. – Yeah. -天哪 -是啊

807–Oh, my God. 我的天

808–Oh, my God! 我的天

809–Are you serious? Oh, my God. 你说真的吗 我的天

810— Eli, congratulations. – Oh, my God, thank you. Thank you. -伊莱 恭喜 -天哪 谢谢 谢谢

811— Oh, my God. – Yes! -我的天 -太棒了

812–Honey, this is such great news, okay? 亲爱的 这真是好消息

813–Your career is back again. 你又东山再起了

814–This is all the more reason to get you to rehab. 所以你更加需要去戒毒所了

815–You-you know what? 知道吗

816–I-I don’t, I don’t think it’s the best time for me,我觉得对我来说时机不合适

817–right now. 现在不合适

818–Buddy… you don’t really have a choice here. 哥们 你没有别的选择

819–I just sold a script for $1. 2 million. 我的剧本刚卖了一百二十万

820–You know? I think I got a lot of fucking choices. 我觉得我的选择多得很

821–Eli… I am not gonna stand by and watch you kill yourself. 伊莱 我不会眼看着你杀了自己

822–Oh, God. Come on. 天哪 别说了

823–This is not like last time, all right? 这不像上次 好吗

824— I’m in a completely better place now. – Eli! -我现在状态很好 -伊莱

825–This is nonnegotiable. 这没得商量

826— Taylor… – Do you know what… ? -泰勒 -知道吗

827–You’re so fucking desperate to control me, aren’t you? 你太想控制我了 对吗

828— I mean, it’s fucking pathetic! – Okay. No, Eli,-真是可悲 -够了 不 伊莱

829–this is the drugs talking. 你是因为嗑了药才这么说的

830— You know that, right? – No. No. No, it’s not. -你知道的吧 -不 不是

831–This is me, okay? I am clear as a fucking bell right now. 这是正常的我 我现在清醒得很

832–And from now on… I make my own decisions. 从现在起 我的决定我自己做主

833–Okay, Eli. Well, here’s one for you:好 伊莱 我给你个选择

834–either you go to rehab, or I walk out that fucking door! 要么你去戒毒所 要么我走

835— Whoa. Hold on. Hold on. – Really? -慢着 慢着 -是吗

836— Yeah. Oh, yeah. – Really? You just walk on out? -是的 -是吗 你就这么走掉

837— If you push me, yeah. – Okay. Well, Taylor,-如果你逼我 我会的 -好的 泰勒

838–you know, I really wish you wouldn’t go. 我真的希望你不会走

839–But if you want to, that’s your choice. 但如果你想走 这是你的选择

840–See? I would never force you to do anything. 看 我永远不会逼你做任何事

841–Come on, Jade. 我们走 洁德

842–Jade… 洁德

843–I– I think maybe we shouldn’t go. 我觉得也许我们不该走

844— You what? – Eli needs help. -什么 -伊莱需要帮助

845–I think maybe the best way to help him is to我想帮助他最好的方式

846–stay here and-and, you know,就是留下来

847–just keep an eye on him. 看着他

848–You’re choosing him. 你选择他

849–I’m choosing us. I’m choosing all of us. 我选择我们 我选择我们所有人

850–Fuck you. 去你妈的

851–Fuck you both. 你们都去死吧

852–I can’t believe you made peach cobbler. 不敢相信你做了酥皮黄桃馅饼

853–I know it’s your favorite. 我知道这是你的最爱

854–You must’ve been cooking since noon. 你肯定中午就开始做了

855–I didn’t start all that early. 我没那么早开始

856–Well, thanks for this. It was a beautiful night. 谢谢你做的菜 今晚很棒

857–You’re welcome. 不客气

858–Aw, geez. 天

859–I knew it. Something’s going on. 我就知道 有事情不对劲

860–Robert? 罗伯特

861–And you’re calling me Robert? Ah, this is gonna be bad, huh? 还叫我罗伯特 肯定是坏消息吧

862–We definitely need to have a talk. 我们真的得谈谈

863–Ah, boy. 老天

864–First… 首先

865–I just want to say… 我就想说

866–… I love you so much. 我很爱你

867–And more importantly,更重要的是

868–I love us. And the life we’ve had. 我爱我们 以及我们一起走过的日子

869–You’re starting to scare me. 你吓到我了

870–I’m scared, too. 我也吓到了

871–What’s going on? What’s wrong? 怎么了 出什么事了

872–Just tell me. 告诉我

873–Once I tell you… 我一旦告诉你

874–… everything is going to be different. 一切都将不一样

875–Oh, my God. Are you sick? 我的天 你病了吗

876–Yes. 是的

877–I’m sick. 我病了

878–Baby, what’s wrong? 亲爱的 怎么了

879–I have cancer. 我得癌症了

880–Oh, my God. Oh, my God. 天啊 我的天

881–Oh… oh, my God. 天啊

882–Oh, nice flowers. 真漂亮的花

883–Are they from Hector? 是赫克托送的吗

884–How many men do you think I’m juggling? 你以为我跟多少男人在交往

885–Oh, glad one of us is having a good day. 我很高兴我们中有人今天过得很开心

886–Oh, God, I look like a raccoon. 天 我看着就像浣熊

887–I cannot tell you what I’ve been through today. 我不能告诉你我今天经历了什么

888–I’m guessing you’ll try. 你可以试试

889–You know the pin Tommy gave me? 你知道汤米送我的胸针吧

890–Well, it turns out the diamonds were real. 那钻石竟然是真的

891–Naomi was furious, 娜奥米气死了

892–because he cashed in one of his savings bonds to buy it. 因为他为了买胸针而兑现了他的储蓄债券

893–Anyway, she decided he was on drugs. 总之 她认定他在嗑药

894–And that she had to read his journal… 她想去看她的日记

895–Mr. Grove. How can I help you? 格罗夫先生 有何贵干

896–Well, I was with my friend,我之前和朋友在一起

897–and he-he spotted this thing on my back. 他在我背上发现了这个

898–I mean, it’s probably nothing,可能没什么

899–but he-he suggested I see a doctor. 但他建议我来看医生

900–You were right to come see me. 你来看我是正确的

901–I am just relieved that Naomi didn’t find out. 娜奥米没有发现让我松了口气

902–Anyway… 总之

903–before I left, Tommy ran out,在我走之前 汤米跑出来

904–and said something that I definitely need to talk to you about. 跟我说了件事 我得跟你谈谈

905–Oh, dear. Am I going to need more wine– Oh! 天 我还要再喝点红酒吗

906–Damn it! 该死

907— Oh, is it bad? Let me see… – No! -严重吗 我看看 -别

908–No, no. No, no, sorry. Um, uh, it-it’s not deep. 不用 抱歉 没有很深

909–Can you just get me a Band-Aid? 你能给我拿张创口贴吗

910–Of course. 当然

911–Uh, uh, so, uh, what did Tommy say? 所以汤米说了什么

912–Well, he’s going to Europe for the summer,他暑假要去欧洲

913–and he wants me to join him. 他想我跟他一起去

914–I know it sounds crazy,我知道这听上去很疯狂

915–but I thought it might be nice to spend time with him… 但我想这也许不错 花时间跟他在一起

916–and not have to sneak around. What do you think? 不用偷偷摸摸 你觉得呢

917–You should go. 你应该去

918–Really? I mean, it’s a hectic time, with Amy’s wedding,真的吗 这段时间很忙 艾米要办婚礼

919— and the gallery… – Listen, listen. -还有画廊的事 -听着

920–I have spent my entire life putting off things我这辈子都在推迟

921–that I thought there’d be time for later. 我以为之后会有时间再做的事

922–Open doors don’t stay open forever. 敞开的门不会永远敞开

923–So please… go. 请你去吧

924–You’ll be okay? 你不会有事吧

925–I’ll be delightful. 我会很开心的

926–I’ll bet. 当然了

927–Judging from those flowers, Hector must be smitten. 看看那些花 赫克托肯定很浪漫

928–Yes. 是的

929–* I try **我尽力*

930–* But there’s no forgetting **但我不会忘记*

931–* When evening appears **当夜幕降临*

932–* I sigh **我叹气*

933–* But there’s no regretting **但我不会后悔*

934–* In spite of my tears **纵使我泪流满面*

935–* The devil was in your heart **恶魔在你心中*

936–* But heaven was in your eyes **但你眼里是天堂*

937–* The night that you told me **你告诉我*

938–* All those little white lies **善意谎言的那晚*

939–* All those little white **那些善意*

940–* Lies. **谎言*

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