Why Women Kill S01E06  Script (致命女人第一季第六集中英对照剧本台词)

Practically Lethal in Every Way

1–Previously on Why Women Kill… 《致命女人》前情提要

2–He’s a man. Some of them cheat. 他是个男人 有些男人是会出轨的

3–Not Rob. Not after what happened to our daughter. 罗伯不会的 尤其是在失去了我们的女儿之后

4–I am in love with you. 我爱上你了

5–You knew the rules. I will never leave my wife. 你知道规则的 我永远不会离开我妻子

6–Why would he even be with me if he was so happy with her? 要是他和她在一起那么幸福 为什么还要跟我在一起

7–Maybe she did something to hurt him或许她做了什么伤害他的事

8–and he needs time to forgive her. 他需要时间去原谅她

9–I moved my lover into our home. 我让我的炮友住进了我们家

10–The three of us are officially a throuple. 我们三个正式在一起了

11–My agent’s gonna drop me如果我明早不能把剧本给他

12–if I don’t get him my script by tomorrow morning. 我的经纪人就要炒了我

13— Give me the 50 pages. – Skip to what sucks. -把那50页给我 -直接说哪里不好吧

14–That would be your lead character. 就是你的主人公

15— What’s wrong with Eva? – She waits around for 15 pages-伊娃怎么了 -她差不多等了15页的篇幅

16–hoping a man will save her. 就希望男人来拯救她

17–She’s a victim. I hate victims. 她是个受害者 我讨厌受害者

18–Hey, how did you come up with that stuff anyway? 话说你是怎么想到这种设定的呢

19–Maybe there’s more to me than meets the eye. 或许我也并不像表面看起来这样

20–The man’s a drug addict. 那家伙可是个瘾君子

21–Half your savings went up his nose. 你们一半的积蓄都被他拿去买毒品了

22–Eli has changed. 你们一半的积蓄都被他拿去买毒品了

23–Hold on, I have something. 等等 我有东西能帮你

24–Take this. 吃掉它

25–What happens when he likes her more than you? 万一他比你更喜欢她了呢

26–He said it’s the best thing I’ve ever written. 他说这是我写过的最好的剧本

27–God, I am so happy for you. 天 我真为你高兴

28–Are you having an affair? 你是在搞婚外情吗

29–Karl, I believe you’re jealous. 卡尔 我看你是嫉妒了吧

30–Tell me who it is. 快告诉我这人是谁

31–Is it one of our friends from the country club? 是我们乡村俱乐部的朋友吗

32–Tommy’s back. 汤米回来了

33–Wasn’t that lucky, dear. 还真是巧啊 亲爱的

34–Seems Tommy was right there in the bedroom,汤米刚好在卧室

35–ready to be useful. 正派上用场

36–Don’t you see? We don’t need to get a divorce. 你不明白吗 我们不需要离婚

37–We have stumbled into the perfect arrangement. 我们无意中卷入了这完美的安排

38–Everything is not a joke, Karl. 不是什么都是笑话的 卡尔

39–I want a man who loves me so much,我想要一个深爱我的男人

40–that he would kill another man if I slept with someone else. 如果我和别人睡了 他会愿意去杀了那男人

41–And I’m never gonna get that from you, am I? 但是你永远做不到 对吗

42–No. 是的

43–Simone and I used to be very close,萨蒙妮和我曾经关系很亲密

44–back when I was her hairdresser. 在我还是她理发师的时候

45–Taylor and I were forced to socialize,泰勒和我不得不交际

46–’cause I was her husband’s agent. 因为我是她老公的经纪人

47–I didn’t know Beth Ann at all, even though she was a neighbor. 我完全不了解贝丝·安 尽管她是我邻居

48–I used to gossip with her for hours. 我以前和她有聊不完的八卦

49–She adored me. 她可喜欢我了

50–I tried to talk to her at parties. 我试图在派对上和她聊天

51–She never got my jokes. 她从来听不懂我的笑话

52–I used to watch her at the market. 我以前会在集市上观察她

53–She seemed nice. 她看上去人很好

54–It’s funny about people. 人是种有趣的生物

55–They come into our lives every day… 他们每天都会进入我们的生活

56–… and you never know who will play the most important part. 你却永远不知道谁会扮演最重要的角色

57–A total stranger might be the one to save you一个完全的陌生人可能会救你于水火之中

58–or destroy you. 也可能将你推入深渊

59–To be honest… 老实说

60–I feel responsible for his death. 我感觉他的死我有责任

61–I’m not sure anyone would’ve died if it wasn’t for me. 要不是因为我 我不确定会有人死

62–I knew she was going to kill him. 我早知道她会杀了他

63–And I am so glad she did. 我也很高兴她这么做了

64–Oh, Simone. 萨蒙妮

65— What are you doing here? – What a silly question. -你怎么来了 -这算哪门子愚蠢的问题

66–You know how much I adore our little gallery. 你知道我有多喜欢我们的画廊

67–Oh, please. You haven’t stopped by in months. 得了吧 你好几个月都没来过了

68–Once we begin negotiating our settlement,一旦我们开始谈判离婚协议

69–I know you’ll fight for this place. 我知道你会争取这个地方

70–You’ll tell the judge it should go to you because I never helped out. 你会告诉法官应该归你 因为我从没帮过忙

71–Well, here I am helping out. 我这就来帮忙了

72— Excuse me. – Yes? Hello. -打扰下 -你好 有什么事

73–Do you have any Lichtenstein prints? 你们这有利希滕斯坦的作品吗

74–We’re talking. Do you mind? 我们在谈话 能回避下吗

75–And with charm like that on our sales staff,销售员工这么有魅力

76–these paintings should just fly off the walls. 我们的画定会卖得很快

77–No Tommy today? 今天不见汤米吗

78–We spoke this morning. 我们今早谈过了

79–Oh, yes? Was that on the phone是吗 是在电话里谈的

80–or did you roll over and tap him on the shoulder? 还是在床上翻身敲他肩膀

81–I suggested we take a break. 我建议我们暂时别再见面

82–My divorce lawyer feels an ongoing affair我的离婚律师认为和青少年搞婚外情

83–with a teenager could make me seem unsympathetic. 可能会让我显得没有同情心

84–You’ve hired a lawyer? 你聘请了律师

85–Bernie Morton. He did my first two divorces,伯尼·莫顿 我前两次离婚就是他受理的

86–so he knows what I like. 所以他知道我的喜好

87–No, no, no. We-we agreed we weren’t gonna get divorced不不 我们说好要在艾米婚礼后

88–until after Amy’s wedding. 才离婚的

89–We agreed not to announce it till then. 我们说的是在那之前不对外宣布

90–That doesn’t mean we can’t get the ball rolling. 不代表我们不能先办手续

91–B-But there’s so much coming at us in the next few weeks. 可接下来几周我们会有很多事

92–I mean, Amy’s Oklahoma in-laws are turning up tomorrow en masse. 艾米的俄克拉荷马亲戚明天会全体赶到

93–Oh, God. I’m dreading that dinner. 天哪 我怕极了那顿晚餐

94–I spoke to Brad’s mother for two minutes on the phone. 我和布拉德的母亲就通了两分钟电话

95— I already can’t stand her. – Exactly. -已经受不了她 -没错

96–If we’re fighting each other,如果我们还吵架

97–how will we have the energy to properly hate them? 怎么有精力去讨厌他们呢

98–After what you’ve put me through,你让我经历的那些事

99–I have more than enough rage to go around. 我的怒火多着是呢

100–All right. Clearly, we need counseling. 好吧 显然我们需要婚姻咨询

101–I mean, can we at least wait until after we’ve seen a therapist? 能至少等到我们见过婚姻咨询师后吗

102–It’s over. No more waiting. 结束了 不再等了

103–Accept it. 接受吧

104–Well. 好了

105–I guess I’ve helped enough for one day. See you at home. 我想今天帮得够多了 回家见

106–Did you see Taylor’s text? 你看到泰勒的短信了吗

107–Uh, no. I’ve been writing. 没有 我一直在写作

108–She got on an early flight. 她坐了早些的飞机

109–She’s gonna be here in a couple minutes. 一会儿就到家

110— Oh, okay. – So, um, I was wondering,-好 -我在想

111–when you want to tell her? 你要什么时候告诉她

112–Tell her… ? 告诉她什么

113–About last night? 关于昨晚

114–And how-how we fucked? 咱俩做爱的事

115–You-you want to mention that. 你想提这茬

116–Well, it happened, so we have to be honest about it, right? 毕竟发生了 我们得坦诚相对 对吗

117–Sure. Yeah. 嗯 当然

118— Great. Awesome. – Yeah. -很好 棒极了 -嗯

119–I do wonder, though, um, what-what do you think但我在想 你觉得

120–Taylor’s reaction will be when we tell her? 我们告诉她后她会怎样

121–I-I think she’ll be cool with it. 我觉得她不会介意

122–I mean, we’re in a throuple, she’s seen us have sex before. 我们是三人行关系 她也见过我们做爱

123–I-It’s– it won’t be a big deal. 没什么大不了

124–Mm. Interesting. That’s interesting. 有意思 很有意思

125–What? 怎么了

126–You think, you think she might get jealous? 你觉得她可能会嫉妒吗

127–Maybe. Maybe jealous, maybe furious. 也许 也许会嫉妒 也许会暴怒

128–I mean, likely furious. 很可能暴怒

129–Yeah, but don’t you think she’ll be angrier if we don’t tell her是的 但你不觉得如果我们不说

130–and then she finds out anyway? 她自己发现后会更生气吗

131–It– well, see? See, that’s where the ever-popular你看 这就是非常流行的

132–“Take it to our graves” philosophy would come into play. “带进坟墓”哲学派上用场的时候

133–You want to keep it a secret? 你想保密

134–I’ll be honest, it’s not my first inclination,老实说 这不是我的首选

135— but hearing you say it out loud, I like it. – Eli. -但听你这么一说 我喜欢 -伊莱

136–No. I… 不 我

137–We can’t. That-that feels wrong. 我们不能这样 感觉不对

138–That’s wrong. 那不对

139–All right, all right, all right. 好吧 好吧 好吧

140–You’re right. You’re right. 你说得对 你说得对

141–Anything less than full honesty is a betrayal. 非坦诚相待即背叛

142–Okay. 好吧

143–Here she is. 她来了

144— Make me proud. – Shit. -让我骄傲 -见鬼

145— Hi. – Hey, babe. How was the flight? -嗨 -宝贝 旅途怎样

146–Crying babies, bitchy flight attendants,哭闹的小孩 婊气冲天的空乘

147–they lost my suitcase and I hate Uber! 弄丢了我的行李箱 还有我讨厌优步

148–What have you guys been up to? 你们都干了什么

149–Uh… nothing much. 没什么

150–Yeah. Yeah. 嗯 没错

151–Just happy to have this one home. 只是见你回家很开心

152–What do you say we put you in a bath, huh? 不如给你泡个澡吧

153— Oh, my God. – You deserve it. Salt, no salt? -太好了 -你值得拥有 放浴盐吗

154— So much salt. – Salt it up. -多放点 -给你放满

155–Whatcha doing? 你干什么呢

156–I was just trying to think of a place我正想该把祖母的亚麻布

157–to store all of Nana’s linens. 都存放在哪里

158–If there’s ever a worldwide doily shortage,如果世界爆发餐垫短缺危机

159–we’ll be sitting pretty. 我们绝对高枕无忧

160–It is done. 大功告成

161–We are now officially unpacked. 正式全部开箱完毕

162–I thought you finished weeks ago. 我以为你几周前就完成了

163–You said you hated seeing all of the unpacked boxes lying around,你说不喜欢看到箱子放的到处都是

164–so I put them all in the attic. 所以我就把它们放进了阁楼

165–Every day, I would bring one down and empty it. 每天拿一个下来开箱整理

166–You lugged all these boxes to the attic? 你把所有箱子都搬进了阁楼

167–Just so I wouldn’t have to look at ’em? 就为了让我眼不见心不烦

168–It was nothing. 这没什么

169–You do so many things each day to please me. 你每天做那么多事取悦我

170–Things I don’t even notice. 我都没注意到的事

171–And I want to notice them, so I can thank you. 我想注意到 好谢谢你

172–I don’t need to be thanked. 我不想要感谢

173–You know,知道吗

174–I’ve been working a lot of late nights the past few months. 过去几个月我经常加班

175–This project I’ve been involved with, it’s almost over. 我在忙的那个项目 快完成了

176— It is? – Yeah. -是吗 -对

177–Once I’m done,一旦完成后

178–we’ll get back to a normal schedule. 我们就能回到正常时间表

179–I’ll be home in time for dinner, every night. 我会晚上准时回来吃饭 每晚都是

180–That would make me very happy. 那我会非常开心

181–So, we’re finally moved in. 我们终于搬进来了

182–How should we celebrate? 该怎么庆祝呢

183–Why not throw a party? 不如办个派对吧

184–Like a housewarming thing? 乔迁派对吗

185–Yes, we can invite all the neighbors. 对 我们可以把邻居都请来

186–There’s so many I haven’t met yet. 还有很多我没见过面呢

187–Oh. Let’s do it next Saturday. 那我们下周六办吧

188— That would be wonderful. – Fantastic. -太好了 -很好

189— You want me to throw this box away for you? – Oh, not just yet. -要我帮你把这箱子扔了吗 -先别扔

190–There’s still some photos in there. 里面还有些照片

191–I was going to put those in the cupboard upstairs. 我本来想把这些摆到楼上的橱柜里

192–Maybe we should leave this one out. 或许这一张该摆在外面

193–Really? 真的吗

194–You said it upset you. 你说过这张让你难过

195–Eh, that was a while ago. 那是以前的事了

196–It hurts to remember,想起来让人很心痛

197–but it’d be worse to forget. 但忘记更糟

198–You’re absolutely right. 你说得太对了

199–Simone, we’re going to be late. 萨蒙妮 我们要迟到了

200–I’m coming. Hold your horses. 来了 着什么急

201–Amy. 艾米

202–Are you coming with us to the dinner? 你和我们一起去吃晚饭吗

203–We assumed you’d be going with Brad and his family. 我们以为你会跟布拉德一家去

204–I was with them all day. I need a break. 我整天都跟他们在一起 我需要喘口气

205–Oh, are they really that bad? 他们真有那么难相处吗

206–Do you know much about tractors? 你了解拖拉机吗

207–Um, no. 不了解

208— You will by dessert. – I think you deserve a drink. -到上甜点时你就了解了 -你应该喝一杯

209–I’m sure Brad is very pleased你这么努力

210–that you’re making such an effort. 布拉德一定很高兴

211–Trust me, I’m sucking up like crazy. 相信我 我马屁拍到飞起

212–And if I make a good impression,如果我能留下好印象

213–his parents might buy us a house. 他父母可能会给我们买栋房子

214–A house? 房子啊

215–As a wedding gift? 作为结婚礼物吗

216–Darling, we really need to rethink those fondue forks. 亲爱的 我们送区区芝士火锅叉子可能不够

217–Their farm sits on millions of gallons of oil. 他们的农场下面埋有大量石油

218–So whatever you think of them, be nice. 所以不管你对他们有什么看法 都友好一点

219— I’m always nice. – Really nice. -我一向很友好 -要真心的

220–Not bitchy nice. 不是皮笑肉不笑这种

221–You’re tying my hands, but fine. 你”绑住我手脚”了 不过行吧

222–Don’t pick up. 别接

223— We’re late. – Uh, don’t worry,-我们迟到了 -别担心

224–we’ve got one of those newfangled machines我们装了那种新型的机器

225–that takes a message. 能留言

226–You know, I don’t know how we lived without it. 真不知道以前没有它时我们是怎么过的

227–Simone, Bernie Morton here. 萨蒙妮 我是伯尼·莫顿

228–I’m working on your divorce paperwork,我在填写你的离婚文件

229–but I still need some financial forms, so… 但我还需要一些财务表格

230–Bernie, it’s not a good time. 伯尼 现在不是时候

231–I’ll talk to you tomorrow. 我们明天再谈

232–You’re getting divorced again? 你又要离婚吗

233–Now, Amy… 艾米

234–Right before my wedding? 就在我婚礼之前

235–It won’t affect you. 不会影响你的

236–Brad’s parents are not going to buy me a house布拉德的父母如果认为养大我的女人

237–if they think I was raised by a woman她的婚姻比薄荷糖的效力还短

238–who’s never had a marriage last longer than a breath mint. 是绝对不会买房子送我的

239–You’re blaming me? 你还怪我

240–After three husbands, yes. 是的 因为你换了三个老公

241–What’s your excuse this time? 你这次又有什么借口

242–It’s a charming story. 这个故事很有意思

243–Y-Yes, well, we-we both have charming stories,没错 我俩都有有意思的故事

244–but I don’t want to bore you但我不想说一堆

245–with a lot of what we Brits call, um, tommyrot. 我们英国人所谓的”荒唐事” 让你无聊

246–Fine. 行吧

247–Let’s just go. 我们走吧

248–Tommyrot? Really, Karl? 荒唐事 你不是吧 卡尔

249–You’re hilarious. 你真可笑

250–At last, we agree on something. 我们终于意见一致了

251–Good morning. I’m Beth Ann Stanton,早上好 我是贝丝·安·斯坦顿

252–your new neighbor. 你的新邻居

253–My husband and I just moved in down the street. 我和我丈夫刚搬到附近

254–I-I know who you are. 我知道你是谁

255–Well, I hear your name is Mary. 我听说你叫玛丽

256–Mary Vlasin. 玛丽·弗拉辛

257–It’s nice to officially meet you. 终于见面了 真好

258–Mary! 玛丽

259–That your husband? 那是你丈夫吗

260–Uh, yes. Now’s not a good time. 是的 现在不太方便

261–I’ll be quick. 我很快就好

262–I have something for the two of you. 我有东西给你们

263–It’s the reason I dropped by. 我就是为此而来的

264–It’s an invitation. 是张邀请函

265–Rob and I are throwing a housewarming party on Saturday;我和罗伯周六要办乔迁派对

266–nothing fancy. Just finger food and beer. 没多隆重 就是小吃和啤酒

267–We’ll be having some old friends, and邀请了一些老朋友来

268–hopefully some new ones. 希望也有新朋友来

269–I can’t remember the last time I went to a party. 我都不记得上次参加派对是什么时候了

270–Mary! 玛丽

271–Uh, do you think you might be able to make it? 你觉得你们能来吗

272–I’m just doing a head count. 我就想统计下人数

273–I don’t know, um… 我说不好

274–I was coming. I was just, uh, talking to our new neighbor. 我本来要过去的 刚才在跟新邻居说话

275–Oh, hello there. 你好啊

276–I didn’t realize we had company. 我不知道有人来了

277–I’m Beth Ann Stanton. 我是贝丝·安·斯坦顿

278–I’ve just moved in down the street. 刚搬到附近

279–She invited us to, uh, a party. 她邀请我们去参加 派对

280–Oh. Just a little housewarming thing on Saturday. 只是周六有个小小的乔迁派对

281–Mary said she wasn’t sure you’d be able to… 玛丽说她不确定你们是否能

282–No, we’d love to come. 哪有 我们很乐意参加

283— Really? – Sure. -是吗 -当然了

284–You want us to bring anything, or… 需要我们带点什么吗 或者

285–No. No. 不用 不用

286–Just your lovely selves. 你们两个小可爱来就够了

287–Well, all righty, then. We’ll see you soon. 那好吧 到时见

288–Wonderful. 太好了

289–I’ll check with the ma? tre d’,我去问问领班

290–see if Brad’s family’s arrived. 看看布拉德的家人是否到了

291–Oh, my God. 我的天

292— It’s Hector. – Hector? -是赫克托 -赫克托

293–He was the best hairdresser I ever had. 他是我有过的最好的理发师

294–I mean, until he dropped me. 我是说 直到他不干了

295–Why did he drop you? 他为什么不干了

296–Who knows? One day, he just stopped scheduling appointments. 谁知道呢 有一天他就突然停止了预约

297–Well, I’m sure you did something to offend him. 你肯定做了什么冒犯他的事

298–Why would you assume that? 你为什么会这么想

299–Oh, right, I’m horrible. 对哦 我很讨人厌

300–Amy! 艾米

301–Patty. 佩蒂

302–Mom, this is Brad’s sister Patty. 妈 这是布拉德的姐姐佩蒂

303–Oh, it’s lovely to meet you. 很高兴认识你

304–Thank you. 谢谢

305–Oh, they’ve seated us in a private dining room. 他们把我们安排在私人包间里

306–Did you arrange that? 是你安排的吗

307–I did. I wanted to do something special for my new family. 是的 我想为我的新家人们做点什么特别的事

308–It’s a great idea. 真是个不错的主意

309–Now we can get as loud and crazy as we want. 现在我们可以随心所欲大吵大闹了

310–I don’t know if Amy told you,我不知道艾米是否告诉过你

311–but I know how to yodel. 我知道如何用约德尔唱法歌唱

312–No. 她没说过

313–I think I would have remembered that. 要是说过 我想我会记住的

314–Great, let’s get the party started. 太好了 让我们开始狂欢吧

315— Karl, everyone’s here. – Oh, good. -卡尔 大家都到了 -好

316— Hello. – Hi. -你好 -你好

317–Simone. 萨蒙妮

318–Hey, guys. 大伙儿好

319–Oh, here they are. 你们来啦

320–What a pleasure it is to finally meet you. 认识你们甚是荣幸

321–I’m Ruby and this is Dwight. 我是露比 他是德怀特

322— Charmed. – Well, hello, there. -幸会 -你们好

323–Sorry we’re late. 抱歉我们迟到了

324–Well, if you were busy making yourself beautiful,如果你是忙着在打扮自己

325–may I just say, mission accomplished. 请允许我说 任务完成了

326–Heel, Dwight. 你真坏 德怀特

327–I see I’m gonna have to watch my step around you. 看来我得防着点你了

328–I can’t tell you how thrilled we are that Amy’s marrying a young man我无法告诉你们艾米能嫁给一个像你们儿子

329–as admirable as your son. 这么令人敬佩的年轻人我们有多激动

330–That voice. 听听这声线

331–He’s like someone on PBS. 他就像是PBS电视台里的人

332–Now, who wants champagne? 谁想来点香槟

333–I’m sure we could all be persuaded. 大家都想吧

334–I could just listen to him talk all day long. 我能听他说上一整天

335–If you were married to him, you would. 如果你嫁给他 你会的

336–Well, Ruby and I are just as crazy about your daughter. 露比和我也很喜欢你们的女儿

337–The whole family is. 我们一家都是

338–Patty hasn’t shut up about her. 佩蒂不停地讲她

339–‘Cause I’m happy, okay? 因为我很开心 好吗

340–I’m finally getting a sister. 我终于有个妹妹了

341–Well, I’m thrilled to finally be a part of a big family. 很激动我能成为大家庭中的一员

342–I’ve always dreamed of hosting large family gatherings. 我总是梦想举办一场大型家庭聚会

343–You know what I dream about? 你们知道我的梦是什么吗

344–Grandkids. 抱孙子

345–Oh, I’ve had that dream. 我也梦到过

346–I always wake up screaming. 每次都尖叫着醒来

347–Now, why don’t you want grandkids? 你为什么不想抱孙子

348–Well, I’d have to tell people that I’m a grandmother. 那我就得告诉大家我当外婆了

349–And let’s face it, who’s gonna believe me? 看看我这面相 谁会相信我

350–Does anyone need more champagne? 还有人需要香槟吗

351–Oh, God, yes. Yes, absolutely. -天啊 需要 -需要 太需要了

352–Uh, I’m terribly sorry. Will you excuse me? 非常抱歉 我出去一下

353–I, uh, I desperately need to use the facilities. 我非常需要去”飞流直下三千尺”

354–Listen to him. 听听

355–He even makes taking a piss sound fancy. 撒尿都说得这么花里胡哨

356–It is done! I just wrote the words完成了 我刚写完

357–“Fade to black. “”消逝于黑暗中”

358–My script is complete! 我的剧本完成了

359–Eli! 伊莱

360–Oh, my God. Oh. 我的天哪

361— Honey, that’s amazing. – Yeah, it is. -宝贝 太棒了 -是的

362–You know what’s amazing? Somehow it all works. 你知道最棒的是什么吗 不知怎的全都通了

363–I mean, the characters, the plot, all of it. 我是说 角色 情节 一切

364–I mean, I probably used the word “Fuck”我可能用了”操”这个词

365–about 60 times too many, but that’s fixable. 六十多次 但是没关系

366–I mean, the point is: I may actually be a good writer. 重点是我也许真的能成为一个好编剧

367–Oh, I’m so proud of you. 我真为你骄傲

368–Oh, thank you. Thank you. 谢谢 谢谢

369–Oh, so I called Lamar,我给拉马尔打了电话

370–and he wants to take us all out to dinner tonight to celebrate. 然后他想请我们出去吃饭庆祝庆祝

371–Oh, that’d be great. 那太好了

372–We should go to La Serata. 我们应该去月夜餐厅

373— Ooh, molto bene. – Yeah. -很好 -没错

374–Not to change the subject,我并不想换话题

375–but I’m curious about something. 但有件事我很好奇

376–What’s up? 什么事

377–While I was away, did you two fuck? 我不在的时候 你们俩是不是睡了

378–I don’t know why, I just have a feeling. 不知道为什么 我就是有这种感觉

379–Am I crazy? 是我疯了吗

380–We absolutely fucked. 我们绝对睡了

381–Shit. Wow. Hmm. 天 真的啊 好吧

382–Are you upset? 你生气了吗

383–I’m not sure. 不好说

384–It’s not like you and I have never done it without Eli. 我俩又不是趁伊莱不在的时候没睡过

385–That’s true. 那倒也是

386–Okay. 好吧

387–Okay? 好吧

388–I mean, obviously I have some feelings显然我还有些感受

389–that I need to work through,需要平复

390–but this was… this was bound to happen, right? 但这是… 这是注定要发生的 对吧

391–At some point, since we’re all together now. 迟早的事 既然我们都住在一起了

392–And I love you both,而且我爱你们俩

393–so why… why would I not want you guys to get closer? 所以为何… 我为何不想让你俩再走近点呢

394–Yes, exactly, and I-I knew that if we were just open是啊 没错 我就知道如果我们能

395–and honest about the whole thing,开诚布公地谈论整件事的话

396–that it wouldn’t be a big deal. 会发现其实也没什么大不了的

397–Yeah. Well, thank you for telling me the truth. 是啊 谢谢你告诉我真相

398— It feels good to know. – Of course. Of course. -知道真相后的感觉真不错 -那是当然了

399–Oh, you know what, you should tell Lamar对了 你应该告诉拉马尔

400–that I know the manager at La Serata,我认识月夜餐厅的经理

401–so she can get us a good table. 她能帮我们预定一个好位置

402–Oh, yeah, yeah. 好啊 好啊

403–Totally. Great call. 行啊 行啊

404–I will, um… 我会…

405–I-I will, I will text Lamar right now. 我立刻传简讯给拉马尔

406–Okay. 好的

407–So I can tell Rob is still mad about the other night. 我能感觉到罗伯还在生那晚的气

408–He hasn’t called in days. 他已经多日没打给我了

409–I thought about calling him,我想过打给他

410–but I don’t want to seem desperate,但我不想让自己看起来太绝望

411–although I am a little bit,虽说我确实有点绝望

412–but he doesn’t need to know that. 但他不需要知道这些

413–Anyway… 不管怎样…

414–what do you think I should do? 你觉得我该怎么做

415–Hmm. What? 你说什么

416–Listen to me. 你看看我

417–I must be boring you to tears always talking about Rob. 我一直叨唠罗伯 你一定听烦了吧

418–No, I’m sorry. 不 不好意思

419–I was thinking about this woman I met today. 我刚才在想今天遇到的这个女人

420–I can’t get her out of my mind. 她在我脑海中挥之不去

421–Why? 为什么

422–I was at her door dropping something off,我去她家送东西

423–and, just, something wasn’t quite right. 感觉事情不太对

424–How do you mean? 怎么说

425–She was worried about her husband. 她很担心她丈夫

426–I could hear him calling for her. 我能听到他喊她

427–There was just something about his tone. 他的语气有些奇怪

428–It scared me. 着实吓到我了

429–Then he came to the door,然后他来开门

430–and he was charming. 看起来很有魅力

431–This woman, was she wearing a lot of makeup? 这个女人 她是不是画着浓妆

432–She was. 确实是

433–How did you know that? 你怎么知道的

434–He hits her. 他经常打她

435–You think? 你觉得是这样吗

436–No, he isn’t the type. He’s very successful. 不 他不是那种人 他事业很成功

437–My father was a doctor. 我父亲是名医生

438–I used to watch my mother apply makeup我过去常常看着我母亲用化妆品

439–to cover up her black eyes. 来遮盖她青肿的眼眶

440–Oh, no. 不会吧

441–She would smear green concealer to cover the bruise,她会先抹绿色的遮瑕膏来遮住淤青

442–and then she would apply a second layer of concealer然后再涂一层遮瑕

443–that matched her skin tone. 用以匹配她的肤色

444–And then she would do the same thing to the other side然后她会在另一半脸上再重复同样的操作

445–so that people wouldn’t notice the difference. 这样人们就看不出来差别了

446–That’s awful. 那也太惨了

447–No, here’s the awful part. 不 惨的在后面

448–My whole family knew what was going on. 我们全家都知道这件事

449–Aunts, uncles, cousins–我的姑婶 叔伯 堂兄们

450–they all knew what he was doing,他们都清楚他做了些什么

451–and they just looked the other way. 但是他们都视而不见

452–I hate people that look the other way. 我恨那些视而不见的人

453–And he told the owner he was willing to match他告诉店主无论吉布森兄弟开出什么价

454–any offer the Gibson twins could come up with. 他都愿意出同样的价格

455–And that’s how Dwight cornered the Tulsa County market德怀特就是这样垄断了塔尔萨县

456–for earth-moving machinery. 挖掘机市场的

457–The next thing that happened… 在那之后…

458–Please stop! 请停下

459–Until I find Karl. 等我找到卡尔再讲

460–He would hate to miss this amazing story. 他一定不会想错过这个精彩的故事

461–He has been in the gents’ room quite a while. 他在洗手间待了好久了

462–Uh, you want me to check on him? 你想让我去看看他是怎么回事吗

463–No. I-I’ve got this. 不用 我去就好

464— Ma’am, that’s the men’s room. – Oh, I know. -女士 那是男厕 -我知道

465–My husband isn’t hiding out in the ladies’ room. 我丈夫总不会躲在女厕吧

466–So nice to finally meet you, Lamar. 很开心我们终于见面了 拉马尔

467–I’ve heard so much about you. 我听了好多关于你的事

468–Heard a lot about you, too, pretty lady. 我也听说了很多你的事 美女

469–And I have so many questions. 我有好多问题

470— Please don’t ask them. – Come on. -求你别问 -拜托

471–I’m paying for this meal. All I want in exchange is今天是我请客 我唯一想要的回报

472–a few juicy details about your new lifestyle. 就是关于你们新生活方式的一些八卦

473–All right, dude, don’t embarrass me. 好吧 哥们 别让我难堪

474–I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t need to know. 我要是没必要知道我就不会问了

475–Why do you need to know? 你为什么需要知道

476–Truth is, I’ve been thinking about事实是 我一直在考虑

477–bringing another woman into my relationship with Delores. 往我和德洛丽丝的关系中再添一个女人

478–And she’s open to the idea? 她不介意吗

479–Absolutely not. 当然介意

480–All right, okay, all right. 好吧 好吧

481–Let’s talk about my script. 我们来谈谈我的剧本吧

482— Eli said that you think it’s good. – No. -伊莱说你觉得不错 -不

483–I think it’s brilliant. 我觉得棒极了

484— Okay, just tell me it’ll sell. – Oh, yes. -告诉我能卖出去 -当然

485–I already got four different producers interested. 已经有四个制片人感兴趣了

486–I’m expecting offers in the high six-figure range. 我估计出价能有六位数 接近一百万

487–Are you serious? 你认真的吗

488–I joke about sex, not money. 我只会开性的玩笑 从不开钱的

489–I-I’ve never had a script get that kind of reaction before. 我以前的剧本从没有过这样的反应

490–You’ve never written a script this commercial before. 你从没写过这样商业的剧本

491–And I guess we have you to thank for that. 我想我们得谢谢你

492–Stop. 别

493–What? 什么

494–It just–只是

495–Eli was having some problems with his story,伊莱有点写不下去

496–so I read the first 50 pages,所以我看了前50页的剧本

497–and I-I gave him a few ideas. 给了他一些点子

498–More than a few. I mean, she saved my ass is what she did. 不止一些 她可以说是救了我

499–That part at the end, where-where Eva,结尾那里 伊娃

500–she burns the place down and goes,她烧毁了那地方

501–like, full-blown arsonist on everybody? 然后烧死了所有人

502–Jade’s idea. 是洁德的点子

503–Cool. 酷

504–So, you let her read the script before it was finished? 所以你剧本还没写完就拿给她看

505–W-Well, yeah. 是的

506–‘Cause you never let me do that. 你从没让我提前看过

507–No– h-honey,不 亲爱的

508–my back was up against the wall on this. 这次我实在是被逼入绝境了

509— I mean… – I-I also,-我 -我还

510–I-I gave him some thoughts on the lead character. 我给了他一些关于主角的想法

511–You know, I have insight into the millennial female brain. 我很了解千禧一代的女生

512–And it shows. 能看出来

513–Eva is the-the best character he’s ever created. 伊娃是他笔下最棒的人物

514–I-I don’t know about that. 这我可说不好

515–I do. Trust me, Eli. 我可以 相信我 伊莱

516–Be good to Jade. She’s your muse. 好好待洁德 她是你的灵感女神

517— You might be right. – Oh, that’s ridiculous. -你也许是对的 -别胡说了

518–So, Jade, you ever think about doing any writing yourself? 洁德 你有想过自己写剧本吗

519–Um, yeah. I-I have,有过 我

520–I actually have a couple script ideas, yeah. 我其实有几个剧本的点子

521–Well, I would love to hear about them. 我很有兴趣听听

522— Really? – Yeah. -真的吗 -嗯

523— Um, excuse me for just one moment. – Yeah. -失陪一下 -好

524–Are you sure? 你确定吗

525–He’s always looking for my replacement, so please. 他总是在找我的替代者

526–What in God’s name? 你到底是怎么想的

527–Shit. We… 该死 我们

528–We got a bit carried away. 我们有点忘乎所以了

529–We haven’t seen each other in years. 我们很久没见过面了

530–Oh, my God. Is that why you dropped me as a client? 我的天 所以你才不给我理发了吗

531–Because you were screwing my husband! 因为你在上我老公

532–I couldn’t look you in the eye anymore. 我不能直视你的眼睛

533–It was impossible to trim your bangs. 没法给你剪刘海

534–I think you should leave now. 我想你该走了

535–For what it’s worth,不管有没有用

536–I love the layers. 我喜欢你头发的层次感

537–Go. 快滚

538–How could you? 你怎么能这样

539–You can’t be completely shocked. 你不至于这么吃惊吧

540–You knew perfectly well I slept with men. 你很清楚我和男人睡过

541–But with Hector? 可是和赫克托

542–You’re surprised that the man I slept with was your hairdresser? 你惊讶于我睡的男人是你的理发师

543–That is the gay sex equivalent of “The butler did it. “这就相当于同志性爱版的”是管家干的”

544–What the hell is going on? 你们在干什么

545–Nothing. We’re fine. 没什么 我们很好

546–We are not fine. 我们才不好

547–You would not believe how Karl betrayed me. 你不会相信卡尔如何背叛了我

548–I don’t care. 我不在乎

549–I’ve spent six months sucking up to the Clampetts,我拍了克莱皮特一家六个月的马屁

550–and you’re not gonna blow it for me in one night. 我不允许你们一夜之间给我毁了

551–Now move it! 赶紧出来

552–Come on. 走吧

553–Let’s not ruin her chances with unnecessary drama. 我们就别破坏她卷进不必要抓马的机会了

554–Fine. I’ll wait till we’re in divorce court. 行 我就等到我们上离婚法庭时再说

555–And what I do to you then我到时会做的事

556–will be very necessary. 就相当有必要了

557–Gretchen, Dale! Welcome to our little shindig. 格雷琴 戴尔 欢迎来到我们的聚会

558— Hi! – Thanks for having us. -你好 -谢谢邀请我们

559–Wow, those are some shorts. 天呐 你这短裤可真亮眼

560–Yeah. Bought ’em special for the party. Aren’t they great? 是啊 专门为派对买的 很棒吧

561–There’s food and drink in the dining room. 饭厅里有食物和饮品

562— Please help yourself. – Thank you. -请自便 -谢谢

563— See? She liked them. – That’s not what she said. -瞧吧 她喜欢我的短裤 -她可没这么说

564–Hey, Beth Ann. Got any requests? 你好啊 贝丝·安 对曲目有什么要求吗

565–Don’t play classical until I want people to leave. 别弹古典曲目 除非等到我想赶客的时候

566–Okay. 好吧

567–What did I tell you? No running in the house. 我是怎么跟你说的 不准在家里乱跑

568–But it’s not our house. 但这不是我们家啊

569–I swear to God, Benny. 我对天发誓 本尼

570–Come on. Nobody’s gonna vote for the guy after what happened in Cuba. 拜托 经过古巴那事 没人会投票给他的

571–Don’t matter. I can’t think of one scenario那不重要 无论如何我都坚定认为

572–where Kennedy doesn’t get a second term. 肯尼迪肯定会连任的

573–Never gonna happen. 那是不可能的

574–So you’re telling me you’ve never been for a ride in a Cadillac? 所以你从没乘过凯迪拉克吗

575–I’d be happy to take you around the block. 我很乐意带你兜兜风

576–Lenore, could you please help me in the kitchen? 莉诺 你能来厨房给我帮帮忙吗

577–Thank you so much. 真是太感谢了

578–Honey, Miles is bragging about his salary at Hughes Aircraft. 亲爱的 麦尔斯在吹嘘他在休斯飞机公司的薪水

579–Can I tell him how much I make? 我能告诉他我的薪水吗

580— Absolutely not. – Oh, come on. -绝对不要 -拜托

581–Cookies! 饼干

582–Are those deviled eggs? 那是魔鬼蛋吗

583–Help yourself. 请自便

584–Hi. You came. 嗨 你们来了

585–Of course. We wouldn’t miss it. 当然了 我们不会错过的

586–I’m sorry we’re late. 很抱歉我们迟到了

587–Don’t be silly. The party’s only just started. 别说傻话 派对才刚刚开始呢

588–Nice place you got here. 你这房子可真漂亮啊

589–We certainly like it. 我们的确很喜欢

590–Well, I didn’t want to come empty-handed, so… 我不想空手而来 所以…

591–You shouldn’t have. 你不必如此麻烦的

592–No, no. It was no trouble. I used a mix. 不 不麻烦 我用的是现成的糕点粉

593–Thank you again for inviting us. 再次感谢你邀请我们

594–Look, honey, it’s Dale Clark. 亲爱的 你看 那是戴尔·克拉克

595–I know him. We should go say hi. 我认识他 我们应该去打个招呼

596–Look at those shorts. 瞧瞧他的短裤

597–Taylor? Are you still in here? 泰勒 你还在吗

598–Taylor? 泰勒

599–There you are. 你在这儿啊

600–Are you okay? 你还好吧

601–The boys are starting to worry. 男人们都开始担心了

602–I’m fine. 我没事

603— Are you sure? – Yeah. -你确定吗 -是的

604–Doing my thing. I’ll be out in a minute. 在方便呢 马上就出来

605–Why are your pants on? 那你的裤子为什么没脱

606–Why are you being weird? 那你为什么这么奇怪

607–Sorry. 抱歉

608–Look, I understand if you’re upset. 听着 如果你生气了 我完全理解

609–Do you? 是吗

610–What happened with me and Eli我和伊莱之间发生的事

611–has obviously triggered some hurt feelings,显然触发了某些伤痛的感觉

612–and I totally get it. 我真的完全理解的

613–Jade, believe me when I say洁德 如果我说

614–I don’t give a fuck if you screwed my husband. 我完全不在乎你跟我丈夫上床的事 请你信我

615–Okay, so then what’s the problem? 好吧 那问题到底是什么

616–His muse? What kind of over-the-top undeserved bullshit is that? 他的灵感女神 那是什么狗屁话

617–Okay, he was just trying to be nice. 好吧 他只是想说些客气话而已

618–You didn’t save him. 你没有拯救他

619–You toss out a couple ideas你不过是抛出一些想法

620–and poured him coffee while he pulled an all-nighter. 在他熬夜时 给他倒倒咖啡而已

621–I am the one who spent the last two years过去两年 他把我们的生活毁得千疮百孔

622–cleaning up the mess he made of our lives. 收拾烂摊子的人是我

623— What did he do? – What didn’t he do? -他干什么了 -他什么没干

624–Speed, cocaine… 安非他命 可卡因

625–Christ, I can write you a list,老天呐 我都能写个清单出来

626–but this place closes at midnight. 但这地方半夜就打烊了

627–Jade, he’s an addict. 洁德 他是个瘾君子

628–He almost died. 他曾经差点死了

629–And he would’ve if I didn’t force him into rehab. 如果不是我强迫他戒毒 他已经死了

630–I-I didn’t know that. 我之前不知道这事

631–Well, how could you? 你怎么可能知道

632–I didn’t say anything because… 我什么都没说 因为…

633–I thought we were fine and… 我以为我们已经没事了  但是…

634–just having you here, it’s… 你来了以后 就…

635–What? 什么

636–Man, that’s just shining a light on the cracks in our relationship. 老天 这暴露出了我们之间的感情的裂缝

637— I don’t mean to… – I know. -我不是有意…  -我知道

638–It’s not your fault. 这不是你的错

639–You did nothing wrong. I’m just… 你没做错任何事 我只是…

640–I don’t know. 我也说不清

641–I’m just not sure我只是不太确定

642–the current living situation is working. 当前的共处形式是否可以成立

643–Are you saying you want me to go? 你的意思是你希望我离开吗

644–I don’t know what I’m saying. 我也不知道我是什么意思

645–I just don’t think this whole thing’s working. 我只是觉得 目前的这种关系是行不通的

646–Sheila! Sheila! Come on. 希拉 希拉 快来

647–What’re you doing? 你干什么

648–Don’t you hear? They’re playing “The Twist. “你没听到吗 他们在弹奏《扭扭舞》呢

649–That’s terrific. I’m eating pie. 真是太棒了 我在吃派呢

650–Forget about the pie. 别吃什么派了

651— Come on. I want to dance. – Well, here’s your partner. -快来 我想跳舞 -你的舞伴在这儿呢

652–She’s just like me, but smaller and stickier. 她就跟我一样 不过更小 更娇弱

653–Come on, honey, and after we’re done dancing,来吧 亲爱的 等我们跳完舞

654–Daddy’s gonna tell you about all the nice women爸爸要跟你讲讲那些

655–he should’ve married. 他本该娶的所有好女人

656–Hi. Joining us? 嗨 要来一起跳吗

657–Let’s see it. Lift your leg. 我看看 抬起腿

658— You okay there, Gretchen? – I broke my heel. -你还好吗 格雷琴 -我的高跟鞋跟断了

659–I’ll be right back, Mr. Astaire. 我马上回来 阿斯泰尔先生

660–You’re a killer. 你跳得太棒了

661–Well, she is. 她才是

662–Mary. 玛丽

663–May I have this dance? 可以邀请你跳支舞吗

664–No, I don’t think so. 不 算了吧

665–Aw, come on. Don’t make me dance alone. 拜托 别让我独自跳舞啊

666–Seriously, I have two left feet. 真的 我有两只左脚[不会跳舞]

667–Well, add them to mine and we’ll have four. 跟我的加一起我们就有四只脚了

668— Okay, just for a minute. – Yeah, now you’re talking. -好吧 就跳一下 -这就对了

669–Look at you go. 你跳得不错啊

670–Hands up! 抬起手

671–My mistake. Oh, you’re doing great. 我的错 你跳得很好

672–Come on. 过来

673— We were only dancing. – I said come on! -我们只是在跳舞 -我说了过来

674–Buddy. 伙计

675–There’s no need to be like this. 没有必要这样

676–You can cheat on your wife all you want,你可以随心所欲绿你妻子

677–but you’re not touching mine. 但是休想碰我妻子

678–Did you see that? 你看到了吗

679–Yeah. 是的

680–He just grabbed her and pulled her away in front of everyone. 他当着所有人的面把她抓走了

681–He was angry that she was dancing with me. 他很生气她在跟我跳舞

682–That’s no excuse. 这不是借口

683–They went into the study. 他们进书房去了

684–You need to make sure he’s not hurting her. 你得去确保他没有伤害她

685–Well? 怎么

686–What happens in their marriage is none of our business. 他们婚姻中的事情跟我们没有关系

687–Is that why we go to parties? 所以我们才去参加各种派对吗

688–So you can flirt with strange men? 好让你能跟陌生男人调情吗

689–People can hear you. 人们可以听到你

690–Or do you just enjoy humiliating me, huh? 或者是你就喜欢侮辱我

691–Do you mind? This is a private conversation. 能出去吗 这是私人对话

692–Look, I am so sorry if-if we are being too loud. 如果我们太吵了 我向你道歉

693–We’ll be out of here in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, okay? 我们很快就会离开 好吗

694–Look, this is not my fault. 听着 这不是我的错

695–She always drinks too much. 她总是喝太多

696–I’ve just set out some angel food cake in the dining room. 我刚刚在饭厅里摆上了一份天使蛋糕

697–Why don’t you go have a slice? 你们不去吃一块吗

698–No, thank you. 不了 谢谢

699–We’re going home. 我们要回家

700–Maybe you’d like to stay a little longer? 或许你想再多待一阵子

701–Give him a chance to cool off. 给他个冷静的机会

702–That’ll just make it worse. 这只会让事情变得更糟糕

703–Mary. 玛丽

704–It must be a wonderful thing能像你这样坚强

705–to be strong like you. 一定很棒吧

706–That’s the reason we became Southern Baptist. 所以我们才变成了美南浸信会教徒

707–Those Methodists were just a little too liberal for our taste. 循道宗教徒有点过于自由了 不合我们口味

708–Leave the bottle. 酒瓶就别拿走了

709–My darling, don’t you, uh,亲爱的 你不觉得

710–think you’ve had enough? 你喝得够多了吗

711–Of you? Yes. 对你 我确实是受够了

712–Of chardonnay? Never. 霞多丽吗 绝对不会

713–Patty! 佩蒂

714–Look at your new dress. 看看你的新裙子

715–Oh, darn. 该死

716–Amy helps me buy something chic艾米帮我买了时髦的衣服

717–and I ruin it first time out. 我第一次穿就把它弄脏了

718–We’ll just go shopping again tomorrow. 我们明天再去购物

719–For grease on silk, you want talcum powder. 你需要爽身粉来除掉丝绸上的油渍

720–There’s a travel size in the rental car. 租车里有个旅行装的

721–Okay. Excuse me. 好  失陪下

722–Brad tells us you two run an art gallery together. 布拉德跟我说你们俩一起开了艺术画廊

723–What’s that like? 感觉如何

724— Fun. – Challenging. -有趣 -很有挑战性

725–It’s a challenge, but a fun one. 是很有挑战性 但也很有趣

726–Unlike our marriage, which is purely a challenge. 不像我们的婚姻 完全就是挑战

727–Speaking of marriage,说起婚姻

728–I’m just curious, Simone,我很好奇 萨蒙妮

729–how many times have you been married? 你结了几次婚

730–Just three. Why? 就三次 怎么了

731–It’s just an innocent question, my love. 只不过是个无关痛痒的问题而已 亲爱的

732— I wasn’t talking to you. – I know. -我没在跟你说话 -我知道

733–Why are you so cross with him? 你为什么那么生他的气

734–I wasn’t cross. Was I cross? 我没有生气 我有生气吗

735–You were definitely cross. 你绝对生气了

736–Um, not that it’s any of my business, but… 当然了这不关我事 但是…

737–if I were twice divorced, then hooked a man like Karl,如果我离过两次婚 能遇到卡尔这样的男人

738–I’d treat him a little nicer. 我会更加善待他的

739–Now I’m curious about something, Ruby. 换到我好奇了 露比

740–How would you treat Karl if you walked into the bathroom如果你走进盥洗室里看到他跟男人接吻

741–and found him kissing another man? 你会怎么对待他呢

742–Bravo, Simone. 真棒 萨蒙妮

743–That’s right, sugar. 没错 甜心

744–Karl is gay. 卡尔是同性恋

745–Still have a crush on him? 还对他有感觉吗

746–Your stepdad is gay? 你继父是同性恋

747–I thought he was just English. 我以为他的谈吐举止是因为他是英国人呢

748–That’s why we’re getting divorced. 这就是我们离婚的原因

749–Dear God. Another divorce? 天哪 又要离婚

750–Not really the headline, Dwight. 这不是重点 德怀特

751–Oh, you poor, tragic woman. 你这个可怜的女人啊

752–I have suffered. It’s true. 我的确受过苦

753–I-I’m sorry, do not shed tears for Simone. 不好意思 别为西蒙娜难过了

754–She is receiving ample comfort in the arms她从她的情人那里

755–of her lover得到了足够的慰藉

756–Tommy Harte. 也就是汤米·哈特

757–What the fuck? 什么鬼

758–Shut up, Karl. 闭嘴 卡尔

759–You’re sleeping with Tommy? 你跟汤米上床了

760–Who, for the newcomers, is all of 18 years of age. 你们可能不知道 他才刚刚18岁

761–Oh, sweet suffering Jesus. 我的老天爷啊

762–British homos, teen lovers? 英国同性恋 青少年情人

763–What kind of spangled hell pit are you marrying into? 这是要结什么鬼亲家

764–Hey. Found the talcum powder. 我找到爽身粉了

765–Why is everyone so serious? 为什么大家都这么严肃

766–I never thought I’d see the day our family我从来没想到有一天我的家里

767–would have a homosexual in it. 会有一个同性恋

768–Brad, you swore you wouldn’t tell. 布拉德 你发誓不会说出去的

769–No, Patty, Patty, I-I… 不 佩蒂 佩蒂 我…

770–I-I don’t know what Brad told you,我不知道布拉德跟你说了什么

771–but my feelings for you are sisterly, not sexual. 但是我对你的感情是姐妹情 不是姬情

772–Oh, sweet suffering Jesus. 我的天老爷啊

773–Patty! 佩蒂

774–Oh, come back! 回来

775–Sweet baby, please say it’s not true. 亲爱的 这一定不是真的吧

776–She’s a lesbian. 她是同性恋

777–How did I miss that? 我怎么会没看出来

778–Anybody want an after-dinner cocktail? 有人要来一杯餐后鸡尾酒吗

779–Uh, not me. I have the worst headache. 我就不了 我现在头很疼

780–Why don’t you go on upstairs and lie down? 那你去楼上躺着吧

781–We can give you a little space tonight. 我们今晚就不打扰你了

782–That’d be nice. Thank you. 那太好了 谢谢

783–I’m gonna have me a scotch. You want one? 我要来杯苏格兰威士忌 你要吗

784–Jade? 洁德

785–How could you not tell me? 你为什么不告诉我

786–I’m not sure I know what you’re talking… 我不知道你指的是什么…

787–The pills, Eli. 那些药 伊莱

788–You’re an addict and you let me give you pills. 你有毒瘾还接受了我给你的药

789–Shit. 我去

790— How did you… – Taylor told me. -你是怎么…  -泰勒告诉我的

791–At dinner, in the bathroom. 晚餐的时候在卫生间告诉我的

792–Shit. She d–我去 她…

793–she doesn’t know that I took anything, though, right? 但她不知道我吃过什么吧

794–No. 不知道

795— Oh, thank Christ. – Not yet. -谢天谢地 -还不知道罢了

796–No. No. No, no, no, no, no. 不 不 不

797–What do you mean, “No”? 你这”不”是什么意思

798–I have to. This is too big. 我必须告诉她 这是件大事

799–Fuck. 我去

800–What am I gonna do? 我该怎么办

801–I mean, she’s already questioning our living arrangement. 她已经开始质疑我们目前的生活状况

802–If she finds out about this,如果她发现了的话

803–it doesn’t matter how she feels about me. I am out on the street. 不管她还对我还有什么感觉 我肯定要被赶出去

804–I don’t have anywhere to go, Eli. 我无处可去 伊莱

805–And Willow and Mischa are gone薇珞和米莎走了

806–and Duke is still out there. 但杜克还在

807–Listen. And I… Jade, Jade, listen-listen to me. 听着 洁德 洁德 听我说

808–That’s not gonna happen. Okay? I’m not gonna let that happen. 不会这样的 我不会让事情变成这样的

809— I need you here. – Why? -我需要你在这里 -为什么

810–Because I’m your muse or am I, am I just your dealer? 我是你的灵感女神还是你的毒贩

811–I’m-I’m done with the pills. Okay? 我已经戒掉了 好吗

812–Done. 戒了

813–So she doesn’t need to know. 她不需要知道

814–In that case, give them to me. 如果是那样的话 那还给我

815— What? – If you’re done with them,-什么 -如果你戒了的话

816–then there’s no reason that you can’t give them back. 就没有理由不把它们还回来了吧

817–So? 所以呢

818–Look, the thing is, one of the producers who’s interested但是现在感兴趣的制片人之一

819— wants a rewrite. – I knew it. -想要我改写 -我就知道

820–She’s got some really great ideas. 她有一些很棒的点子

821— Lamar says if I can turn out a draft by Friday… – Eli. -拉马尔说如果我可以在周五之前交稿的话…  -伊莱

822–All right, fine. 好的 好吧

823–Jesus, just take them… . 天哪 拿走吧…

824–Just, I’m-I’m-I’m so, I’m so, so close我离事业东山再起

825–to getting my career back. 只有一步之遥了

826–You can handle a few rewrites without them. 没有这些东西你也可以改写成功的

827–Yeah, all I know is that I used to be a writer是啊 我只知道我曾是个编剧

828–and an addict, and then I got clean,也是个瘾君子 然后我戒毒

829–and all of a sudden, I wasn’t a writer anymore. 突然之间 我就不再是编剧了

830–But if I can do this,但如果我这次做到了

831–if I can, if I can finish this thing如果我可以 可以完成这个剧本

832–and if I can get it to them on time,如果我可以按时把作品交上去的话

833–then, you know, I’m… 那我就…

834–I’m back. 我就能回归

835–I will be legit again,我就能再次走上巅峰

836–they will trust me again他们就会再次信任我

837–and the money that will follow, Jade… 然后就会有收入了 洁德…

838–… I can take care of you. 我就可以照顾你了

839–Please. 求你了

840–I need them. 我需要它们

841–And you promise you’ll take care of me? 你保证你会照顾我吗

842–I promise. 我保证

843–Let’s get to work on your movie. 我们去忙你的剧本吧

844–Christ, what an evening. 天 今晚真是”惊喜不断”啊

845–I’m exhausted. 我累死了

846–Oh, you’re not staying here tonight. 你今晚不能待在这儿

847–Is that so? 是吗

848–I want you to pack your things and leave, now. 我要你立刻收拾东西离开

849–Oh, knock it off, Simone. 少来了 萨蒙妮

850–I’m angry enough as it is. 我已经够生气了

851–You’re angry? My daughter may never speak to me again. 你生气 我女儿也许再也不会跟我说话

852–Oh, and whose fault is that? 那能怪谁呢

853–If you’d just kept your mouth shut instead of humiliating me. 你之前要是闭嘴而不是羞辱我就行了

854–I was provoked. 你把我激怒了

855–Oh, so there was no possible way you could suppress the impulse所以无论如何你也不可能抑制住

856–to blow up the entire evening? 你想破坏今晚的冲动了

857–Says the man who couldn’t stop himself你好意思说 你随时

858–from sneaking off to the men’s room for a quickie. 都想溜进男厕所去快速打一炮

859–Oh, fuck you! 去你妈的

860–I’ve spent my whole damn life controlling myself,我一辈子都在控制自己

861–hiding the central fact of my existence隐瞒我的本质

862–so I wouldn’t disappoint my family, my friends or my wife. 就为了不让我家人 朋友或妻子失望

863–Hector was the only person只有赫克托

864–who ever saw me for the man I truly am,能看清我真实的为人

865–not the one I was pretending to be. 而不是那个我假装的人

866–You have no idea what he meant to me. 你根本不知道他对我的意义

867–Stop romanticizing your grubby little fling. 别再浪漫化你肮脏的一时放纵

868–I loved him! 我爱过他

869–He asked me to run away with him. 他叫我跟他私奔

870–Um, but I-I had made a commitment to you,但我对你许下了承诺

871–so I chose to stay. 所以我选择留下

872–I am your wife. 我是你妻子

873–Am I supposed to be grateful that you didn’t walk out? 你没离开我难道要感激你吗

874–I just want you to see it from my perspective for once. 我只希望你能从我的角度来看这事 哪怕就一次

875–Just think想想

876–about what it may have cost me to honor the vow I made to you. 我为了信守我对你的誓言而失去了什么

877–So no, Simone, I do not expect you所以不 萨蒙妮 我不指望你

878–to be grateful for the sacrifice I made,感激我所做出的牺牲

879–but for fuck’s sake, at least acknowledge it. 可是你好歹承认吧

880–I am going to bed. 我要去睡了

881–Not in the guest room. 不去客房睡

882–In our room, in our bed. 我要去我们的房间 在我们的床上睡

883–You sleep where you like. 你想在哪睡都行

884–The Thompsons just left. 汤普森一家刚走

885–Said to thank you for a lovely time. 让我替他们谢谢你的热情招待

886–So, you’re not talking to me. 不跟我说话了

887–What am I supposed to say? 我要说什么

888–It was a party. 那是个派对

889–I wasn’t gonna cause a scene. 我不会闹出什么幺蛾子的

890–He hurt her, right in front of you,他伤害了她 就在你面前

891–and you did nothing. 你却袖手旁观

892–What was I supposed to do? Hit him? 我能做什么 打他吗

893–I mean, I’m sure our guests would have loved that. 我们的客人肯定会喜欢我那么做的

894–You could have at least confronted him. 你本可以跟他对峙的

895–Reminded him that kind of behavior is unacceptable. 让他知道那种行为是不能接受的

896–The guy had been drinking. 他喝了酒

897–I-I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt her. 他肯定不是有意伤害她的

898–This is not the first time he’s gotten rough with her. 这不是他第一次对她动手了

899–How do you know that? 你怎么知道

900–She had several bruises on her arm. 她手臂上有好几处淤伤

901–That’s why she’s wearing long sleeves on such a hot day. 所以她才在这么热的天里穿长袖

902–If it’s that bad, why doesn’t she leave him? 如果有那么糟的话 她怎么不离开他

903–And where would she go, Rob? Here? 她能去哪 罗伯 这里吗

904–Will you let her sleep on our sofa? 你愿意让她睡我们家沙发吗

905–Jesus, Beth Ann, I don’t know. 老天 贝丝·安 我不知道

906–And what if Ralph comes banging on our door万一拉尔夫在半夜

907–in the middle of the night to try to drag her back? 来猛敲我们家门 想拖她回去呢

908–Would you have the balls to stand up to him then? 你会有种和他对抗吗

909–Don’t use that kind of language. 别用这种语言

910–Of course you wouldn’t. You would just slink away你当然不会了 你只会像个懦夫一样

911–like the coward you are! 偷偷溜走

912–Okay! 够了

913–He’s not the perfect husband. 他不是完美丈夫

914–It’s not my job to judge him! 轮不到我对他评头论足

915–Would you like the neighbors coming in here你想要邻居到我们家来

916–and judging you for not being the perfect mother? 因为你不是完美母亲而对你评头论足吗

917–I’m just saying, leave it alone. 我意思是 别管了

918–I didn’t know you were still here. 我不知道你还在这儿

919–I was just upstairs. 我刚在楼上

920–Just… picking up some trash. 收拾垃圾

921–So you heard everything? 所以你都听到了

922–Yeah. 嗯

923–What was that all about? 你们在吵什么

924–Honey. 亲爱的

925–It’s okay. 没事

926–You can talk to me. 你可以跟我说

927–Whatever it is, I don’t judge. 不管是什么 我不会评判你

928–Our daughter died because of me. 我们的女儿因我而死

929–I’m the one who’s responsible. 闯祸的是我

930–Simone. 萨蒙妮

931–What are you doing here? 你来干什么

932–I need to know. Do you love him? 我得知道 你爱他吗

933–I do. 爱

934–Okay, then invite me in. 那就邀请我进屋

935–We have a lot to talk about. 我们有很多要谈的

致命女人第二季 » 第一季第六集中英对照剧本



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